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Best of the Best: Top 15 Online Shops in the UK

The Internet has transformed people’s spending habits, with online shops in the UK and across the world enjoying a slice of this change. In 2020, more than two billion people bought goods and paid for services online. The total e-retail sales worldwide reached over £64.2 billion in that same year.

The UK is a hotspot for some of the globe’s top retail stores. Whether you want to buy Nespresso pods, clothes, furniture, or vinyl records online, you can shop for virtually anything. Also, you don’t have to be in the neighborhood to buy from UK shops. You can shop online from anywhere in the world.

However, you might have issues like shipping restrictions in your country. The remedy: trust Jetkrate to accept your items, consolidate them in a package, and ship them to you in one go. With us, you can have the pick of the best UK online stores today!

15 best online shops in the UK

Online shopping enjoys massive popularity in the UK—you can buy good, quality, and affordable products if you know where to look. Here is a rundown of the leading e-commerce stores in the country. From one-stop shops to specialty stores, you can find everything you need in the e-shops on this list!

Amazon UK

Amazon has taken the world by storm and captured the UK shoppers’ hearts. On arguably the most popular e-commerce website, almost everything is available from designer clothes to electronics to novelty items. Amazon UK offers free shipping vouchers and other deals that provide plenty of opportunities to save on your purchases.Varietys of item can be found here even the rare items like postal stamps can be bought in Amazon UK.

Perhaps the site’s most remarkable addition is the UK-based brand Primark, which before only offered in-store purchases. Having their products available on Amazon allows international shoppers to buy the brand’s quality, low-priced items.


With over 800+ retail stores in the UK and Ireland, Argos is surely one of the biggest brands that successfully brought its business to the virtual markets. This store has a great selection of brands like Bose, LEGO, Beats, Samsung, Nespresso, and more. The site has some 60,000 products for sale, making this e-shop one of the biggest in the game, too.

Argos is a household name for providing top-notch products and services. They have a great availability of stocks to boot! It’s one of the country’s most reliable e-stores next to the likes of Amazon and eBay

eBay UK

Another worldwide e-commerce powerhouse that gained traction in the United Kingdom is eBay UK. The website has several product categories to choose from whether it’s homeware, fashion, and even groceries. 

eBay UK is a huge platform that will have the items you need, plus discounts and shipping vouchers for a more enjoyable shopping experience.


The all-native, British fashion and cosmetics staple ASOS is among the best online stores in the country. It sells more than 850 local and international brands on top of its in-house clothing and accessories selections. 

ASOS is a hit among young adults and teenagers who want fashionable items at a great price.


Boots pharmacies are basically everywhere in the UK and Ireland. This pharmacy made it even more accessible to shop for high-quality products from their online store. You can also buy makeup and cosmetics, perfumes, and over-the-counter medicines on their website.

The extensive range of health, wellness, and beauty offerings of Boots make the site a hotspot for shoppers, both local and foreign. It has more than 2,200 retail stores and is fondly called the “nation’s chemist” for its superb selection.


Currys PC World

As the name suggests, Currys PC World is a British go-to for appliances and electronics. You can visit the website to find a great range of TVs, cameras, laptops, and other gadgets. The shop boasts reserve-online and self-collect services, making it convenient to shop on the site.

Marks & Spencer

Multinational retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) offers high-end clothes and accessories, as well as home decor, furniture, gift items, and luxury food products. This e-commerce store is among the top choices for online shoppers because of its superb collections and free delivery on purchases over £50.

M&S is one of the most successful brands that branched into different industries like banking, optical, and energy. This shop has several international branches, but you might have a better chance of buying the latest products and great deals if you shop the UK stores.

Marks & Spencer


The UK’s third-largest retailer Tesco has 3,400 stores nationwide, making it a popular supermarket chain in the country. This shop is among the best food, drink, and grocery e-commerce sites in the UK. It’s no surprise that the brand attracts an estimated traffic of about 25.5 million monthly visits.


Next is another multinational retail chain that has an excellent selection of clothing, footwear, and homeware. We keep it on our list of the best online shops in the UK because many local and foreign shoppers trust the outstanding quality of Next’s products. However, if you’re mainly looking for houseware to upgrade your interior, you can check out these best homeware deals in UK that might match your style.

The site has a “Clearance” section that you can visit for some discounted items and great deals. It’s so popular that this retail giant managed to establish around 200 stores across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia!


In business for over 200 years, Debenhams is already one of the most trusted names in the market. There are plenty of products available on the site such as clothes, kid items, furniture, and more. It’s no wonder the store receives around 14.2 million site visits per month! 

With this shop, it’s ideal to shop using a local UK address rather than shipping your purchases internationally. The site offers the “Never Knowingly Undersold” guarantee, which means that you get the best prices for the items you want.


Do you need items for your next home improvement plan? You can find your next furniture, decor, or tools at Homebase, a leading home and garden store in the UK. It’s a great choice for shoppers planning to renovate their house or undertake a new lawn project.

JD Sports

If you want to shop around for trainers or leggings for your workout sessions, you can head over to the JD Sports online store. It boasts a superb selection of fitness brands like Adidas and Nike, plus some local names that produce top-of-the-line sports items.

You can purchase brand-new athletic accessories and apparel at great prices when you check the site’s “Clearance” tab. You might just score a nice pair of shoes at a discounted price, bringing you more savings even when you shop internationally!


Another leading UK home improvement online store is Wickes, where you can find materials and tools for your next project. You can find different products like flooring, lumber, paint, appliances, and tools that help you create your dream house.

You can also consult with Wickes experts regarding your project through the free design service. If you want more product offers and discount vouchers, try subscribing to the shop’s emailing list!


Asda is owned by Walmart, a famous US retail giant, and it’s no wonder that this online store is a one-stop solution for shoppers. This site has a vast array of product selections, including fresh groceries and items from George Clothing and George Home.

This store is family-friendly and boasts highly rated food items. If you want to taste some local delicacies, you can never go wrong when you shop with Asda.

John Lewis & Partners

Department store chain John Lewis & Partners is a British favorite given its high-end collections such as home and garden improvement, lifestyle, clothing, and even skincare. If you love unique tea caddies, you’d be delighted to shop for this item and more from the store.

Using Jetkrate is ideal if you want to shop at John Lewis because not all the products are available for international delivery. The store also offers free delivery and “Click and Collect” services—there are several options for the savvy shopper! 

Challenges of online shopping

Some of the UK stores cannot ship to certain countries. Foreign shoppers may also see unavailable items . It’s frustrating, especially if you find out about these issues as you’re ready to check out. Not to mention, there is the matter of shipping fees and customs clearances. How will you handle it all?

Choose Jetkrate

What can Jetkrate do for you? We are a package consolidation and shipping firm that allows anyone to conveniently purchase from the best online shops in the UK. You only need to register for a free account to receive an international forwarding address that you can use when you checkout.

 We will receive and store the items you bought in our UK warehouse. Your products can stay until you’ve completed your shopping for free for as long as 30 days. We will then consolidate all your purchases into a package and send the parcel to your address at a reasonable price!

Wherever you are in the world, you can bank on Jetkrate to send your purchases to you in one go. You’re in full control of your shopping, and we’ll take care of safe and reliable shipping!

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