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Shipping from New Zealand to Italy

Quick and Affordable Shipping from the UK to France

Are you in need of reliable shipping from the UK to France? Look no further! Jetkrate is your trusted partner for all your UK-to-France shipping needs, offering a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. Whether you want to ship a single product or need bulk shipping, we’ve got you covered.

At Jetkrate, we understand the importance of reliable, efficient, and affordable shipping services, especially when it comes to international destinations like France. With years of industry experience, we have perfected our processes to ensure your UK shipments reach their destination in France safely and on time.

What is Jetkrate’s UK-to-France Shipping Service?

Jetkrate is a leading international mail forwarding platform. Products purchased from UK stores can be sent to our UK warehouse from where we’ll ship them to your location in France. We also offer various additional services such as Consolidated Shipping and Shopping Concierge to offer enhanced convenience to our customers.

With a simple 3-step shipping process and the lowest turnaround time, we’ve revolutionized UK-to-France shipping and made it more efficient and reliable.
Pallet Shipping from New Zealand to France

Why Use Jetkrate for Shipping from the UK to France?

Here are some of the reasons to choose Jetkrate as your shipping partner

FedEx International Priority

Our shipping from the UK to France is competitively priced. We understand affordability is a primary consideration for the customers and have ensured our shipping charges are one of the lowest in the industry. But while the rates are cost-effective, we don’t compromise on service quality.

Lowest Turnaround Time

Over the years, we’ve standardized our shipping process to prevent any significant downtime and ship packages in the least possible time. Our shipping partners, FedEx and DHL, are two of the leading names in the industry and support our objectives to ensure the lowest turnaround time.

Insurance and Package Tracking

We are as concerned about the safety of your package as you are. For complete peace of mind, we offer shipping insurance up to the value of the package for every order we ship. Depending on the shipping plan you choose, you can also access package live tracking services.

Various Shipping Services to Choose From

Apart from single and consolidated packages, we also offer other shipping services like Pallet Shipping, Cargo Shipping, and Luggage Shipping between the UK and France. So, no matter what your shipping requirements are, Jetkrate can fulfill them efficiently.

What is the Shipping Cost for the UK to France Shipping?

When shipping from the UK to France, the shipping fee will depend on the shipping plan you select, the item/product you’re shipping, and the dimensions. We offer Express and Economy plans via our shipping partners FedEx and DHL.

You can check out our Pricing tool to get an instant estimate based on your destination and the product you want to ship. We also offer custom shipping solutions if none of the available shipping services match your requirements. Contact us to learn more about our custom plans.


What is JetKrate’s 30-Day Warehouse Storage Service?

A lot of our customers shop for multiple products from various UK stores. As the shipping policies of these stores vary, not all of the products reach our warehouse at the same time. Thus, we offer Consolidated Shipping service with 30 days of free warehouse storage.

With this facility, we store customer packages at our warehouse free of cost for up to 30 days. Once all the products reach the warehouse, we then ship them together.


International Shipping Now More Affordable with Jetkrate

Fast deliveries and affordable services are what you expect when shipping from the UK to France. We meet and exceed these expectations to ensure our customers experience a new world of international shipping.

Register for a free Jetkrate account today and start shopping from your favorite UK stores today.

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