Repacking Service to Consolidate Your Products & Save Money

Retailers often pack domestic packages with excessive padding and oversized boxes. The reason for this is because many domestic shipping services ship by scale weight as opposed to volumetric weight – and so many retailers reuse boxes and apply excess packaging to prevent damage to your package during transit. Unfortunately, this can mean that these packages when shipped internationally can end up leading to some very big costs. In reality, these big boxes and excessive packaging is not always necessary to protect your purchase and in many cases we can help you out by repacking your item for shipment.

How Our Repackaging Service Works

When you’ve received a new package in your package inbox, simply indicate that you’d like us to combine and repack your package by selecting the ‘Combine & Repack’ option. If you do select this, we will ofcourse need to open your packages to repack it.

Once repacking service team receive your order at our warehouse our experts will open and inspect your package. If consolidation process is safe, we’ll repack your order before emailing you with confirmed shipping costs to your destination address. Learn more on how consolidation of shipments save you money.

Which Products We Don't Repack for Shipping

To ensure safe delivery to your destination address, our repackaging service team don’t repack all items that come to us. Our exceptions list includes fragile and gift wrapped items. More on prohibited items that we dont repack.