How Jetkrate works

Are you looking to buy goods from New Zealand stores but aren’t able to because stores don’t ship to your international address?

Jetkrate are the experts in getting your New Zealand online store orders to you, anywhere, anytime. We work with you to receive your orders, consolidate if required, and provide you with the best shipping options for your needs. You have full control over how we ship your package to your shipping address including choice of packaging, shipping options, customs declaration and insurance cover. It’s as if you’re posting the package yourself!


So how does it work?

Get started.

Simply sign up to receive your local Jetkrate shipping address.


Shop on New Zealand online stores.

Shop on top New Zealand online stores and make the most of the savings on offer, then simply check out using the Jetkrate shipping address we’ve sent you. If you know the dimensions and weight of your package in advance, you can use the shipping calculator here to get an idea of your shipping costs.

Tell us how you want to ship & save.

Once we receive your package we’ll email you. We can hold onto your packages until your shopping is complete and consolidate them into one cost effective package.


You’re in control. Save on Shipping

We’ll send off your consolidated package with the shipping option you prefer and complete the export documentation and customs declaration with the information you’ve provided us. Your package will be insured for the value you declare on the customs declaration.



With our partnerships with all major shipping partners in New Zealand, you can rest be assured that you’ll get the best service right from the point we send your package to the point that you receive it. Most Jetkrate customers receive their packages in just 5-6 working days!