Get A New Zealand Shipping Address To Send Your Product To A Warehouse

Are you looking for a New Zealand shipping address because your favorite New Zealand store doesn't ship to your location? Good thing you landed on this page. Jetkrate is the leading international package forwarding company. We allow you to shop conveniently from premier New Zealand outlets and deliver the packages to your desired destination. 

New Zealand Warehouse Shipping Address, When and Where Can You Use It?

Many New Zealand stores don't ship parcels to certain countries, which dismayed thousands of global customers. Hence, Jetkrate created this platform so that you can shop and send packages at the comfort of your home. We provide an address that you can use every time you shop from any New Zealand outlet that doesn't ship products to your hometown.

So, what is a New Zealand shipping address? It is the address of our warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand, where we will receive your packages and store them for as long as 30 days. Although all our customers use the same address, each customer is given a distinctive suite number for easy identification. Thus, ensure to include the suite number when you order from New Zealand shops. 

You can use this address in any online shop where direct shipping is unavailable. Always remember to use your New Zealand address as your shipping address, not your own home address, when checking out your orders. Here is an example of a personal address in Jetkrate:


Name: John Doe
Street: Suite 12345 7 Patrick Street
City: Auckland
County/State: Onehunga
Postcode/ZIP: 1061
Country: New Zealand

new zealand shipping address

We will open new addresses for all our customers in different states of New Zealand when we start operating our other warehouses in the country.

How To Get The Warehouse Shipping Address In New Zealand?

Now that you know the essence of having your own New Zealand address, you may wonder how you can get one. With Jetkrate, obtaining a New Zealand address is straightforward. Here are the simple steps you can follow to get started:

sign up to get warehouse shipping address

1. Sign up for an account.

Registration in Jetkrate is free. All you need to do is sign up using your Google or Facebook account. You can also enter your full name, email address, and country manually. After that, we will send a confirmation email where you will input your desired password. Once done, you can now proceed to the second step. 

2.    Log in to your account. 

Enter your account details - registered email address and password. You will be redirected to your "My Addresses page" upon logging in. On this page, you are required to input your shipping address and billing address to get access to your Package inbox.

Note: Shipping Address on this part refers to the exact address you want us, Jetkrate, to send your parcels after receiving them in our New Zealand warehouse. The billing address is where we will send your bill.

log in to get the shipping address in nz
get the shipping address to send your parcel to nz warehouse

3. Go to your account dashboard. 

There are two ways to view your New Zealand Address. First, when you successfully logged in to your account, you will see your name with an address next to it at the top of the web page. This address will be your New Zealand address. Another way to find this address is to go to your account dashboard. 

To access your dashboard, simply click or tap the three parallel lines on the right corner of the page beside the bell icon that contains your messages. Choose "Profile," then click "Warehouse Addresses." Here you will see your name, New Zealand warehouse shipping address, and phone number, which the retailer can call regarding your package delivery.

The only difference between the two options is in the dashboard, you will be able to see the breakdown of your address. This helps you fill-up the form precisely by entering the exact details needed for the street, city, state, ZIP, and country. So, if you are unsure how to fill your checkout form, it would be best to refer to your dashboard.

Benefits Of Using Jetkrate

See how easy it is to shop from your favorite stores online with Jetkrate? Plus, we also offer various services for all our customers who need help with shopping and forwarding packages. Let us show you a brief overview of all our provided services. 

International Parcel Forwarding

Our main service is forwarding parcel internationally. With this service, we receive your packages in our warehouse and hold on to them in your suite, which is your warehouse shipping address in New Zealand until you say it is good for shipment. We store parcels, charge-free, for 30 days at a start. However, you can extend this duration for another 30 days by paying 5 New Zealand Dollars per day.

You are entirely in control of your package. We will send you a confirmation that your parcel has been delivered to our warehouse. Choose whether we ship it directly or store it in our warehouse for a certain period. After that, we will send your package via DHL Express, FedEx Priority, or FedEx Economy, whichever you prefer. 

You will also receive a notification once your package is out for shipment. Track your parcel globally using the details provided in your account. After that, wait for the delivery day to successfully receive your order. 

fedex shipping service to deliver your product
product repackaging service for you

Package Repacking

Another service we provide is package repacking. Some international stores place an item in a large container, causing additional charges during delivery. So, we offer you this service so that we can transfer your orders in smaller boxes to reduce your shipping cost.

Parcel Consolidation

Next in our services is parcel consolidation. We will combine your packages into one delivery to lessen your shipping expenses. We will do this service upon your request.

consolidate your product and save money
shipping your product by a truck

Reliable Shipping Duration and Fee

The shipping fee may change in real-time because we want all our customers to experience the most affordable shipment services. Moreover, we ensure that all parcels are shipped securely and quickly, depending on your chosen courier.

Shopping Concierge

For international customers whose credit cards are not accepted by New Zealand merchants, we also offer a shopping concierge service. All you need to do is indicate your order details and pay us directly. We will do the shopping on your behalf and forward the parcel afterward. 

Always remember that terms and conditions still apply to our services. So, check our website for information or contact us directly.

shopping concierge service: we will shop for you