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Parcel forwarding from NZ is among the most sought-after services by international customers as many New Zealand stores offer limited shipping. However, with Jetkrate, you won't be able to miss all the promotions from your desired NZ stores because we've got your shipping covered.

How Does Our International Parcel Forwarding From New Zealand Works?

Shopping is quick, but shipping may be challenging. So, we made shipping easier for International customers outside New Zealand with our parcel forwarding services from NZ. How do we do that?

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You will receive your New Zealand shipping address once you completed your registration.

Start shopping in your preferred New Zealand stores

When you already have the address, you can now add items to your cart. Start shopping to your heart's content and let us know how, when, and where to ship your package. We'll hold onto your parcels until you give us a heads up to deliver them to your destination.

Check your email

We will send you an email once we receive your order. So, make sure to use an updated email address.

Wait for Product delivery day

For multiple items, we will consolidate all your packages for cost-effectiveness. Consolidation still has terms and conditions applied. We will ship your parcels when given a thumbs-up, and all you need to do 

Worldwide Parcel Destinations

Our International Package forwarding service can ship your products to 200+ countries, including the United States of America,CanadaAustralia, United Kingdom, and Germany. You don't have to worry about shipping because we'll make sure to deliver your parcel wherever you are in the globe.

international parcel forwarding service from nz

Parcel Forwarding Services From New Zealand

We want our clients to hassle-free shopping. So, we provide various parcel forwarding services that meet each customer's needs. Check out and choose your preferred international shipping facilities.

FedEx International Priority

The most expensive yet the most preferred forwarding service is FedEx International Priority. This accepts multi-piece parcels and offers insurance at an additional cost. You will also know where your package is through the given tracking number. The estimated transit time is five business days. However, this may shorten or lengthen depending on your exact location. 

FedEx International Economy

Another trusted FedEx service we offer is the FedEx International Economy. This is pricier than DHL Express but cheaper than FedEx International Priority. So, if you prefer FedEx as your courier, but you are on a tight budget, you can choose this shipping. However, you can expect your package to be delivered within eight business days, which is longer than other services. This facility, on the other hand, gives a tracking number to clients and accepts multi-piece shipping. You can also opt for insurance at an extra cost.

FedEx International Priority

This is the cheapest yet the fastest shipping service we provide our clients. The estimated transit time through this courier is two business days. However, this may differ based on your exact location. You can also track your parcel through their given tracking number. Moreover, DHL express accepts multi-piece parcels with insurance for an extra cost. Nevertheless, choosing DHL Express is an excellent means of shipping, especially if you are in a rush. 
As of the moment, we offer only these services. We will have more forwarding services as soon as we start our operation in our other warehouses in New Zealand. In the meantime, we ensure all our clients that these services are safe and effective to promote satisfying and secure shipping. 

How Much Will Forwarding A Parcel Cost?

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