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How do I return items to the seller?

Jetkrate helps you to return an item to the seller that you have purchased from.

You need to check the seller’s return policies and obtain a ‘return authorisation’ reference number (if applicable) and possibly also a returns label (typically for returns from Jetkrate to the seller). We can then help to arrange return shipping of the item.

For domestic returns

“Domestic returns” refers to returns from our warehouse– e.g., if we discover the item is damaged, or if it is something that can’t be shipped (see FAQ). It involves that the seller is based in the same country than the warehouse in which your shipment is.

We charge an administrative handling fee of NZD $10 (or £5 or €5) and plus the cost of return domestic courier if you are unable to provide a returns label. Payments need to be done via PayPal to or debit/credit card.

Once a payment is made and the online return form is submitted, allow 2 business days for the return to be processed.

For international returns

Due to the international shipping involved, you are not able to “exchange” items in the sense that you can simply adjust your order. If you wish to swap the item for another, you have the option of returning the item directly to the seller, arranging your own shipping from your country back to the seller OR have Jetkrate arrange the return for you.

If you would like Jetkrate to arrange the return for you, you’ll need to contact us so we can provide you with an estimate of the return charges and arrange for DHL to pick up your package. Shipping charges will vary depending on the country and the package size and weight. If a free domestic return label is included with your purchases, Jetkrate will use this to save you domestic courier charges from the Jetkrate warehouse to the seller.

All you need to do is to send a return request to, including the complete following information:

  1. your Jetkrate account number (Suite number or JKRT number).
  2. the PayPal payment reference number,
  3. the amount paid via PayPal,
  4. the seller’s return RMA reference (if applicable)
  5. the seller’s name
  6. the delivery address that the return needs to be sent to.
Please note that shipping charges, duty, tax and other charges will also apply to the shipment of the replacement items. You may be able to get a refund of any duty/tax paid on the initial shipment that is returned; check with your country’s Customs Authority. However, depending on your country and the value of the goods, the necessary administrative charges may exceed the amount of duty and tax paid. Shipping charges on the initial shipment are not refundable.
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