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International Product Shipping Service To UK From NZ

Seamless Shipping from the UK to New Zealand with Jetkrate

Searching for shipping from the UK to New Zealand? Jetkrate has got you covered. If you are located in New Zealand but love shopping from top UK brands and stores, we can eliminate all the hassles of inconvenient and expensive shipping with our reliable and cost-effective services.

Why Jetkrate for Shipping from the UK to New Zealand?

As one of the most reputed global mail forwarding companies, Jetkrate offers highly efficient and secure international shipping services. Here are some of the reasons to use our UK to New Zealand shipping services –
International Parcel Shipping Service To UK
International Parcel Shipping Service

Highly Convenient Shipping Services

Shipping from the UK to New Zealand with Jetkrate is a convenient and straightforward process. When shopping from a UK retailer, enter our warehouse address as your shipping address. Once your product/s reaches our warehouse, we’ll forward it to your New Zealand address. If you’ve shopped for multiple products, we can also consolidate and send everything at once.

Trusted Delivery Partners

Jetkrate only works with the best in the industry. With shipping partners like FedEx and DHL, customers can rest assured all their packages will arrive on time and in perfect condition. We also offer Express, Priority, and Bulk shipping services to ensure customers can conveniently choose a service according to their requirements.

Transparent Pricing

We offer transparent pricing with zero hidden fees or charges. We also have a dedicated Jetkrate Pricing page where customers can choose the destination, product, or dimensions to get an instant estimate of the shipping charges. So, whether you’re shopping for high-end apparel, the latest gadgets, or any other large item from the UK, Jetkrate will ship them to you in New Zealand at affordable prices.

Free Storage for 30 Days

Shopping for multiple products from various UK retailers? We offer free storage services for up to 30 days to ensure all your products arrive at our UK warehouse from where they can be shipped together to your New Zealand address. Our consolidated shipping from the UK to New Zealand helps save you money and time.
Product Shipping Cost To Send From NZ To UK

How to Use Jetkrate for Shipping from the UK to the USA?

Currently, we offer 3 UK-to-New Zealand shipping services through our shipping partners FedEx and DHL. They are-
  1. FedEx International Priority – Starting at NZD 83.68 (Est. Delivery- 4 business days)
  2. FedEx International Economy – Starting at NZD 75.58 (Est. Delivery- 5 business days)
  3. DHL Express Worldwide – Starting at NZD 59.40 (Est. Delivery- 4 business days)
All three shipping services come with optional shipping insurance which customers can purchase at the time of paying for the services.

How to Use Jetkrate to Ship Products from the UK to New Zealand?

Follow these 3 simple steps to book our UK to New Zealand shipping services –
Your Local New Zealand Address

Register for a New Jetkrate Account

Sign up for a new account for free.

Start Shopping

We’ll provide you with a shipping address of our UK warehouse which you can enter as your delivery address when shopping from UK stores.

Place NZ Shipping Order

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your product/s arrives at our UK warehouse. Select the shipping service and make the payment online to place your order. After receiving payment confirmation we’ll repackage your product and send it to your New Zealand address.

Convenient and Timely UK to New Zealand Shipping with Jetkrate

Jetkrate is an efficient and cost-effective solution to ship products from the UK to New Zealand. If you want to shop for UK products that are not available in New Zealand, Jetkrate can deliver them for you without any hassles.
Product Delivery

Contact Jetkrate Today To Deliver Your Parcel To USA

Contact us to learn more about our services or use our Live Chat feature to connect with one of our customer support representatives.

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