Worried About Goods Safety? Here’s Jetkrate’s Protect and Guarantee Cover

While it’s not a typical occurrence, shipped goods can get damaged while on transit, and when it happens, most shoppers assume that it’s the courier’s blunder. But the fact is, there are so many situations where courier companies have little to no influence. 

Jetkrate understands this challenge; that’s why we have measures in place to safeguard your goods from damage or theft. Whether shopping in New Zealand or the UK, our Protect Plus feature guarantees protection against damages and losses. 

We’re always extra cautious with our clients’ goods and treat them as our own. But what happens when your goods are damaged during transportation? We’ll highlight this question and several other concerns shoppers usually have before entrusting their goods to us. 

What Causes Damages To Goods During Transportation?

After your goods have left our warehouse and you receive the expected delivery date, we work hard to ensure we beat the deadline. We entrust the shipping processes to reputable courier companies to handle the goods with great caution throughout the journey. 

The packages pass through many points and hands until the delivery trucks finally deliver them to your address. Even though it’s easier to blame the courier for the damages or loss, several other situations can cause such unfortunate occurrences. 

Road conditions 

Drivers at times have to deal with situations where road hazard indications are missing. Accidents can also occur from unforeseen circumstances, such as an animal crossing the road, unavailable lane markers, poor road conditions, unmarked bumps. 

The delivery truck can also encounter other reckless drivers on the road and may be forced to make sudden turns to avoid accidents.  

Courier Warehousing challenges 

While warehouses are built to high standard levels, some occurrences like calamities may cause damage to goods during storage. However, we only use highly reputable courier service companies to ensure such incidents never have to happen.   

Sorting and Loading onto trucks 

Courier service providers use mechanical equipment to load goods onto trucks. Due to human error, damages can occur in the process. 

Some of the causes of damages are beyond Jetkrate’s control. However, we ensure that all goods are correctly packaged and protected against physical mishandling during transportation. 


What Should You Do If The Delivered Goods Are Damaged?

On the rare occasion that you receive your package with signs of damage or loss, we strongly recommend opening it while the delivery team is present.  The courier company will request you to submit a report on the delivery. As such, write a description of the damage and take photos for evidence. 

The report is vital to assist you in making a claim.  Jetkrate will also need the photos and more details about the damage to process your claim. We’ll describe the process of making a claim in a short while. 

Introducing the Package Protect Plus Guarantee Cover

While damage or misplacement of goods rarely occurs with our services, it’s always good to be ready for any occurrence. Our Protect Plus cover offers protection against losses or damage of goods. This protection package will cover the total value of your goods when requesting our shipping service. 

The limit to how much the Protection Plus guarantee covers is dependent on the value of goods declared for customs purposes and shipping costs. Jetkrate operates with the highest levels of integrity and standards. When buying this guarantee, we’ll share a quotation with you so that you’re aware of what and how much you’ll be paying. 


What’s Covered, What’s Not?

Our Protect Plus offers protection guarantee for goods whose value can go up to £5,000. This guarantee also covers the cost of sending you a replacement if your claim is accepted. If compensation in the form of money is given, Protect Plus will also cover it, together with the costs of sending you the original package.   

Some of the exclusions not covered by Protect Plus include:

  •  Damage or loss that occurred before your goods were received at our address.
  •  Damage or loss resulting from courier’s shipping delays. 
  •  Damage or loss before paying for Protect Plus in full.
  •  Damages from manufacturing faults. 
  •  Damages that have no evidence or proof. 
  •  Damage or loss resulting from transportation without tracking service. 

What Happens When Goods are Damaged or Misplaced?

Every client with the Protect Plus guarantee is entitled to claim for damages or losses with Jetkrate. With our warehouse and shipping service, damages and losses are a rare occurrence. However, we’ll quickly resolve the issue so your plans with the package are not derailed should it happen. 

Damaged Consignment

If the delivery is done with the package damaged or has signs of damage, contact our customer support team through our website or phone. Launch your complaint within 24 hours of receiving the package. 

Write a note and a description of the damage on the receipt with which the goods were delivered. Also, take clear visible pictures of the damaged package. You’ll then have to submit a duly filled claim form accompanied with the proof of damage.

Make sure to submit proof of the value of the goods in the form of supplier receipts or invoices. The contents of the package and original packaging should also be available when submitting your claim.

Missing Consignment

When goods are set for shipping, you’ll always receive an expected delivery date, tracking number, and other details about your consignment. Should 48 hours lapse after the delivery date, feel free to reach us via our contact form on our site or phone. But also check the local customs clearance terms and timelines to be sure that your package is actually missing.  

Jetkrate requires you to submit a claim for lost consignment within seven days after the scheduled delivery date. After filling the claim form, you should return it within 14 days from the date of submitting a lost consignment claim. 


What’s Next After Submitting Your Claim? 

Jetkrate will investigate your claim after receiving it. The assessment timeline will be dependent on the consignment’s value but won’t go past six weeks from the claim submission date. For approved claims, we will do a repair, replacement, or compensation. 

If Jetkrate chooses to compensate, you will be compensated at the price declared on the original customs declaration, or the fair market price for the replacement of the goods - whichever of the two is lower. As such, we highly recommend that you check and confirm that the value of goods stated on the invoice or receipt is okay before shipping.

While waiting for feedback after submitting your claim, you can check its status by contacting our customer support service with details of your claim.