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Fast, Reliable, and Hassle-Free Shipping from the UK to Canada

Are you looking for the best product shipping from the UK to Canada? Look no further! Jetkrate is your one-stop solution for fast, reliable, and cost-effective UK-to-Canada shipping services. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your UK products reach you in Canada on time and in perfect condition.

Shop from your favorite UK brands and stores and get your products delivered to your doorstep in Canada with Jetkrate.

Why Jetkrate When Shipping from the UK to Canada?

Here are some of the reasons why customers trust us with their UK-to-Canada shipping needs –

Fast and Reliable

We understand you want your products delivered to you at the earliest. We work with some of the most reputable shipping partners like FedEx and DHL to provide our customers with a variety of shipping options to choose from. No matter if you’re located in Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, or Montreal; you’ll receive your products from the UK in the least possible time.

Affordable Shipping

We offer Express and Economy shipping services that are competitively priced to ensure our customers don’t end up paying more in shipping fees than they’ve spent on purchasing the products. Moreover, we also offer Consolidated Shipping services, allowing customers to get multiple products shipped together to significantly reduce the shipping fees.


Insured Shipping Service

Every package shipped by Jetkrate is insured up to the value customer declares in the customs declaration. If at all the items arrive damaged, customers can claim insurance up to the declared value. The insurance adds an extra layer of security, allowing customers to shop for high-end products from the UK without worrying about any loss due to damage.

Image Proof and Repackaging Service

Customers can also opt for image proof service wherein our warehouse staff will open the package received at our warehouse, click a picture of the product, and send it to the registered email address as proof of how it has been received. There is also a repackaging service where our staff will repackage the package content before shipping it to Canada.

UK to Canada Shipping Plans

To help customers select a shipping plan as per their requirements, we offer a few different services. They are-

FedEx International Priority

FedEx International Priority takes five business days for the shipment to arrive in the customer’s country. Clients who use this courier will often obtain a tracking number, as well as other shipping information, to help them locate their parcels more quickly and accurately. Customers can opt to insure their packages for an additional fee.

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy is a cheaper delivery option than FedEx International Priority, but it offers the same benefits and perks, such as tracking information and insurance. This service, however, takes the longest of our courier options. The transit time to the chosen location is eight business days. This option is better for those shoppers who don’t immediately need the items they ordered.

DHL Express Worldwide

This courier is the most affordable service Jetkrate provides. It is also the quickest method. DHL Express parcels can arrive in another nation within two business days, and clients receive their items within three to five working days. Customers can also add insurance to their products. They may use the tracking ID provided to identify the current location of their package, too.

Customers can visit our Pricing page and enter details like Destination along with Item Name or Dimensions to get an instant estimate of the shipping charges.

How to Use JetKrate to Ship Products from the UK to Canada?

Using Jetkrate for shipping from the UK to Canada is a simple 3-step process. Take a look –

Free Account Registration

Register for a free Jetkrate account to receive our UK warehouse address.

Shop from UK Stores

When checking out from an online UK store, enter our UK warehouse address.

Place Order

Log in to your Jetkrate account, select a shipping plan, and pay the shipping fee.

After receiving the payment confirmation, your package will be shipped from our UK facility to your address in Canada within one business day. Before placing your orders, ensure you check our Prohibited Items page to avoid any discrepancies.

UK to Canada Shipping Simplified with Jetkrate

Many of the UK stores don’t offer international shipping services to Canada. But with Jetkrate, you can conveniently shop from your favorite UK stores and get the products shipped to your address in Canada at affordable prices.

Register for a free Jetkrate account today and bid goodbye to the hassles of shipping from the UK to Canada. If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can get in touch with our customer support representative through Live Chat or by filling out the Contact Us form.
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