Manage Your Products in New Zealand With Our Online Parcel Management System

manage your products in new zealand from your location

How Our Online Parcel Management in New Zealand Will Help You

Online parcel management in New Zealand is the most recommended feature of Jetkrate. Jetkrate is all about getting things done. We carry parcels for companies and individuals anywhere in the world. We also assist clients in doing business by delivering and receiving shipments from them. Our company is transforming and expanding to satisfy the changing demands of our consumers.

Forwarding parcels can be pretty challenging, especially if you have to do it yourself. You need to buy the items to ship, pack them accordingly, drop them off at a shipping outlet, and complete all legal paperwork. Alternatively, if you use Jetkrate’s parcel forwarding service, you can send parcels globally with just a tap.

You don’t even have to leave your home, unlike conventional package shipping. You can shop from any store in New Zealand and let us receive the parcel for you using your specific New Zealand address. You can choose whether to proceed with the shipment or store packages in your Jetkrate Package Inbox until all orders have arrived.

online parcel management: from buying to delivery of the product

Online Parcel Management vs. Online Mail Management

Online parcel management in New Zealand is similar to online mail management. The only difference is you are managing packages instead of mail. Jetkrate’s interface also resembles your typical Yahoo mail or Google mail template, making it easier to access.  

Jetkrate’s online management tool is the easiest way to track your packages. Many customers are fond of this tool because they don’t have to go outside their house to the post office or a courier outlet to locate their parcels. You can also quickly request our package repacking service through this feature without sending us an email or using the Live Chat button.

How Do You Utilize Jetkrate's Online Parcel Management System in New Zealand?

Ideally, customers want to send parcels without sweating and tiring themselves out. So, we transformed this idea into reality and created an online parcel management software where you can organize all your packages in the comfort of your home. 

How can you gain access to such privilege? Follow the simple instructions below:

manage your products in new zealand from your location

Jetkrate Account Creation

Sign up for a free account with Jetkrate. Wait for a confirmation message to be sent to your email address, and input your desired password. Once done, you can log in to your Jetkrate account.

FedEx International Priority

When someone first logs in to an account, the website will automatically direct new users to their profile page. You have to complete this step to get access to your package inbox. Here, you are required to enter your complete shipping address and billing address. This step identifies your current location.

Purchase from New Zealand Stores

Upon completing your Jetkrate account registration and verification, you can start buying from your preferred merchants from New Zealand. Always use your New Zealand address for every purchase.

Check Your Package Inbox

After your purchase, we will send you an email when your parcel arrives at our warehouse. From there, you can use Jetkrate’s online parcel management system. You can check your package inbox to sort all your orders. Each order has separate labels, and you can tick your desired request.  If you want us to ship your package right away, then choose the Ship button. Please select the corresponding command on the screen for packages that need repacking, consolidating, or parcel photographic services.

Look for the Shipment Tab

You can see all your packages that we have sent for transit in your Shipment tab. You can locate your parcels through the tracking number information included in this section. Your package’s movements are recorded to ensure everything is in order.

Wait for Your Order to Arrive

Once we release your package from our warehouse, all you need to do is track your parcel and wait for its arrival.

What if I want to send packages that are over 30 kgs?

  • It is your duty to maintain safe packaging when shipping an item to avoid harm to the shipment and injuries to those receiving it. You can be held responsible for your negligence if the packaging is inadequate. So, before you ship any product recognize various types of packaging and packaging materials for safe packaging.
  • Use your own materials or pick from our selection of packing materials to bundle your products.
  • To use inner packaging/cushioning, tie cushioning products around both sides of the item and wrap it enough times so that you can’t see the outline. In the package or pocket, the object should not be able to move about.
  • Straw, sawdust, wood shavings, or any other plant substance should not be used as packing or filler.
  • For external packaging of products of medium size and weight, cardboard cartons are usually appropriate. 
  • For second-hand packaging, you should not use second-hand fruit and vegetable cartons, meat packets, egg cartons, or fertilizer bags that have historically been used to transport animal or plant material or soil.
  • To seal parcels/packages, use solid, self-adhesive tape. Choose a tape with a width of at least 38 mm. 
  • For multiple objects, bundle the items together in one container that can be individually lined and cushioned to keep the items from rubbing against each other.
  • Internal cushioning is used for heavy goods to deter movement during shipping, which could affect the outer packaging.
  • Check if your item is forbidden or limited before sending it; see Prohibited and restricted goods for more details.
terms & conditions of our online parcel management solution

General Terms and Conditions of Our Online Parcel Management Solution

  • Goals for parcel delivery – The target arrival is just a roadmap, and we cannot promise that your item will arrive within the time frame. It can take longer to deliver to and from rural or remote areas.
  • Postage is needed – The requisite postage is the amount of postage that Jekrate needs to transport the package. The price you pay in-store can differ from what you see online. The postage and requirements that must be used are subject to modification.
  • Coverage for failure or injury and products that are banned or limited – Make sure the item is safe to send and will be protected if it goes missing or is destroyed before shipment. Additionally, you must understand the coverage for injury or harm, as well as the things that are prohibited or disallowed.
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