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Welcome to Jetkrate’s Partner Program!

Jetkrate is a leading package forwarding service on an exciting journey to expand our global footprint. With a rapidly growing customer base and cutting-edge technology, we are actively seeking the right partners to join us in revolutionising the package forwarding industry. If you have a commercial address, expertise in logistics, and are interested in bringing Jetkrate to your country, we want to hear from you!

Why Partner with Jetkrate

Boost Your Revenue: Increase your revenue by processing Jetkrate customer packages.

Leverage Our Brand: Benefit from Jetkrate’s established brand and loyal customer base.

Cutting-Edge Technology:  Access Jetkrate’s bespoke software and technology for seamless operations.

No Marketing Costs: We handle the marketing, driving more customers to you without any additional cost.

Minimal Investment: Grow your business with minimal investment and risk.

What We Look for in a Partner

Commercial Address: Your warehouse must be located at a commercial address.

Experience: You should have experience in freight, logistics, package forwarding, or similar industries.

Courier Accounts: Existing accounts with major couriers are a plus.

Capacity: Ensure your warehouse can handle the volume and storage requirements.

Reliability: A proven track record of reliability and professionalism.

Scalability: Ability to scale operations as Jetkrate grows.

Technological Capability: Basic IT infrastructure to integrate with our system.

How It Works

Initial Contact: Fill out the application form.

Assessment: We will review your application and assess your suitability.

Discussion: We will schedule a call or meeting to discuss the partnership.

Agreement: Finalise terms and sign the partnership agreement.

Training and Onboarding: Receive training and support from Jetkrate.

Go Live: Start processing packages for Jetkrate customers.

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