Shopping at UK Stores? Jetkrate’s UK Warehouse is Now Open

The online stores in the UK have some of the most coveted items in global eCommerce. If you’ve been searching for a way to shop in those stores and have your package delivered in as little as 2 days, Jetkrate just made it easier. 

Jetkrate initially facilitated international shoppers to shop and ship their goods from New Zealand only. With the introduction of our UK warehouse, you can now shop in the UK and have your package delivered right to your doorstep. 

Your Favourite UK Store Doesn’t Deliver to Your Country?

One of the greatest challenges that shoppers face when buying UK items is shipping to their home destination. Not all online stores will do deliveries outside their country or individual shipping becomes expensive. With Jetkrate, shop at your favourite stores, regardless of whether they ship to your country, and we’ll handle all the logistics. 

Jetkrate partners with the biggest global forwarding companies to do deliveries in every corner of the world. 


Don’t Have a UK Address? No Problem!

Typically, when shopping from an online store, you’d state your billing and shipping address. Jetkrate makes it possible to shop from multiple online stores across the United Kingdom even without a physical UK address. 

After signing up, Jetkrate will give you a UK postal address to receive your goods. The best bit is that you won’t have to share any formal documents to get the address. Jetkrate facilitates everything for you, so all you need to do is start shopping! 

Jetkrate’s UK Warehouse

With the introduction of our UK warehouse, we’ll receive and keep your goods from any online store in the UK. We’ll keep your items for free for up to 30 days as you continue to shop. 

This allows you to shop from several stores and combine them in a single package, to save on shipping costs.

Every new package we receive will add to your shipment. When done with your shopping, we’ll combine everything into a single package and have it delivered to your country address. 


Features of our UK Warehouse

With many shoppers flooding the UK stores, storage can sometimes be in very high demand, especially during the festivities. We understand this well; that’s why the warehouse offers excellent features to ensure we meet shoppers’ needs. 


Large Storage Space

Jetkrate’s UK warehouse has loads of space, so you can shop as many items as you want before you choose to ship.

Goods Protection

Apart from treating every package with the care it needs, proper security measures are in place to ensure nothing is misplaced or stolen. The entire warehouse is under CCTV protection and secured.

Every package is important to Jetkrate, regardless of its value. Jetkrate treats every delivered item as its own so goods handled by our UK Team can range from a few pounds to more than £1,000 in a single shipment.

Repacking and Package Confidentiality 

If you like to send confidential packages, Jetkrate’s UK warehouse can facilitate. Your goods will be concealed in non-revealing packages. During the transport and delivery to your local country address, noone will be able to see the contents of your package.

Jetkrate aims to reduce the shipping charges for it’s clients as much as possible by offering repackaging services. This aims at eliminating oversized boxes, excessive padding, and other packaging nuisances to make your final package smaller and lighter and better value overall. 

Choice of Multiple global Couriers

Jetkrate deals with several globally recognized courier service providers with affordable shipping costs. 

No Surprise costs

It can be annoying to shop and then learn later that there are scrupulous charges you have to pay to receive your goods. With Jetkrate, you’ll never encounter any hidden charges. All costs are clearly stated. For every service not listed, you’ll receive a quote. 


Any Limits to Package Quantity?

If you run a business in your country and often shop in large quantities, you don’t have to worry about package quantity limitations. You can have hundreds of packages of different sizes delivered to our UK warehouse in one go. Jetkrate will process all commercial purchases, store as long as needed, and ship directly to your country. 

This feature, combined with the 30-day free storage allowance, comes in handy for business owners who shop in the UK. You can restock your shop in a single go and save on shipping and storage costs. Another excellent feature for eCommerce traders is that we can have the goods shipped directly to your clients’ addresses as required.

Also, if you have multiple outlets in your country and would like different packages at our UK warehouse delivered to the various addresses, it’s possible. For every package delivered at our warehouse, you can specify the delivery address in your country, no problem!

Many business customers use this option to avoid the local expenses of delivering the goods from a central outlet to the rest of the stores elsewhere.