Sell to anyone, anywhere in the world and leave the international shipping to Jetkrate!

Expand your Business Globally with Jetkrate


Jetkrate can help your NZ or UK retail business take its sales global with our international repacking, consolidation and shipping solution with NO cost to your business!

Our customs expertise, logistics capabilities and shipping options make Jetkrate the #1 choice in NZ and UK for businesses wanting to access international markets without all the hassle that come with international shipping such as dealing with taxes, duties, repackaging and customs paper work.

Ready to get started? Simply let your international customers know they can ‘Ship with Jetkrate’!


Ship with Jetkrate Buttons Overview

‘Ship with Jetkrate’ Buttons lets your prospect customers know that they can purchase their products from anywhere in the world through a simplified and secure purchasing experience.

At Jetkrate, We make it easier for both shoppers and businesses to trade by removing the hurdles associated with international shipping. We take care of your repacking, consolidation, and customs paperwork while providing your customers with a cost-effective solution to receiving your products.

Try the buttons

Click any of the ‘Ship with Jetkrate’ buttons to the right to experience the customer journey as they leave your website momentarily to setup their personal forwarding address in NZ or UK.



Add the buttons to your website

Now that you’ve seen the ‘Ship with Jetkrate’ buttons in action, add the button code to your website. Your website developer will need to copy and paste the HTML code on the right into your website.

To change the colour and size of the button to suit your website, you may pick the version that suits your site best by replacing the path '/btns/blue/lg/jetblue-lg-3x-int-shipping.png' with the path of the version you desire. You may browse the complete list of button colours, sizes and their associated paths here

You may wish to include this button on your Checkout page, or even your About Us or Contact Us pages to show your customers that they can purchase your products via Jetkrate.



<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="225" height="58" /></a>


How the buttons work

Before you begin, here’s a walkthrough of how the ‘Ship with Jetkrate’ buttons work:

  1. You add the ‘Ship with Jetkrate’ button to your web page.
  2. Your buyer clicks the button.
  3. The button opens a new browser window on top of your website, introducing Jetkrate.
  4. The buyer is then able to sign up for their own personal forwarding address in NZ or UK.
  5. The buyer uses their forwarding address in NZ or UK to then complete the purchase on your website.
  6. You send the buyer’s purchase to us, and we send it onto the buyer.

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