Shipping From New Zealand To India

Jetkrate is the Best Shipping Method from New Zealand to India

At Jetkrate, we focus on sending locally-made products from New Zealand to India. In just a few steps, your favorite items and most-loved brands are accessible. To ship from New Zealand to India, all you need to do is sign up, shop, and wait for your order to arrive. Continue reading this article to learn more about Jetkrate’s services as we open routes to India.

Perks of Choosing Jetkrate When Shipping From New Zealand to India

Because we consider our customers our top priority, Jetkrate provides deals and offers for you to get the best shipping service available.

Affordable Shipping Rates

Jetkrate understands how difficult it is to purchase a product internationally because the shipping rates are costly, sometimes more expensive than the product itself. Hence, Jetkrate offers its customers fair shipping costs and the ability to ship multiple items in one shipment. Our company also considers and adjusts real-time to guarantee the best and lowest deal that we can offer.

Quick Transit

Most logistics firms take weeks, if not months, to transport goods and products from one nation to another. This process becomes inconvenient for the client, since they must wait a long period for their order to arrive. To prevent this waiting period, Jetkrate carefully chose partner facilities that can deliver within a few days or a week. We assure our clients that their orders will be delivered on time with maximum care.


Jetkrate offers its customers the option of insuring their packages and orders for peace of mind and to reduce unexpected costs throughought the delivery process.

Free Estimation

free shipping cost calculator is available on Jetkrate’s website to help clients and potential customers estimate how much they are going to pay if they purchase an item from a particular store in New Zealand to send to their location in India. This calculator is very helpful for our users, giving them a glimpse of how much money they need to prepare. Then, the customers can determine whether or not they should push through with the purchase, given the cost of delivering the package.


Because our business puts the customers’ interests first, Jetkrate employees can take a picture of your product and send that photo to the intended recipient to double check that it is the right product and without any defects. The business also allows consolidation of items to help reduce shipping costs.

Customer Support

Jetkrate’s Live Chat is open and ready for requests and inquiries. This feature is available to all of our current and potential consumers worldwide. Furthermore, the Live Chat team swiftly reacts to messages and emails to cater to our clients’ requests as fast and conveniently as possible.

Shipping with Jetkrate

We implement standard operating procedures for shipping goods to any part of the world in the same way for every country and route. Jetkrate ensures that the excellence and quality we uphold is the same experience for every customer we serve. Because our company offers convenience and efficiency, ordering online and internationally has never been so easy.


Account Registration

The first step is to sign up for an account on the Jetkrate website. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Shop Till You Drop

After registering, the customer will receive a local New Zealand address to use when placing online orders at New Zealand retailers. Using the address, users may confidently add all of the products they wish to purchase to their shopping basket.

Email Confirmation

Customers will be notified through email once Jetkrate’s warehouse has received their orders. Customers may place products on hold for free for 30 days while they continue to explore and buy at other retailers, allowing us to collect the items so they save on shipping costs.

Delivery Day

As soon as the customer accepts the shipping, Jetkrate will deliver their parcel to its final destination right away. We advise customers ensure up-to-date contact information to avoid parcel loss or return-to-sender situations.

Jetkrate's Shipping Facilities

Jetkrate promises its clients that their packages will be treated properly and safely in transport to your destination.

FedEx International Priority

FedEx International Priority takes five business days for the shipment to arrive in the customer’s country. Clients who use this courier will often obtain a tracking number, as well as other shipping information, to help them locate their parcels more quickly and accurately. Customers can opt to insure their packages for an additional fee.

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy is a cheaper delivery option than FedEx International Priority, but it offers the same benefits and perks, such as tracking information and insurance. This service, however, takes the longest of our courier options. The transit time to the chosen location is eight business days. This option is better for those shoppers who don’t immediately need the items they ordered.

DHL Express Worldwide

This courier is the most affordable service Jetkrate provides. It is also the quickest method. DHL Express parcels can arrive in another nation within two business days, and clients receive their items within three to five working days. Customers can also add insurance to their products. They may use the tracking ID provided to identify the current location of their package, too.

Contact Jetkrate Today

To discuss any of Jetkrate’s services, reach out to us through our email at An online form is also available for any questions and concerns. Alternatively, customers can directly speak with our customer specialists, available via Live Chat. Jetkrate awaits you!
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