Shipping Large Items Internationally

Shipping Large Items Internationally? Here’s How Jetkrate Can Help

Jetkrate can handle all sorts of international shipping of large items; bulky goods shipped globally, from large appliances to household furniture to car parts. We have Euro pallets and containers to house large items and ship them via road, sea, or air freight.

We have partnerships with freight forwarders, hauliers, sea freighters, and shipping companies to ensure your consignments reach their destination safely at affordable rates.

Easier Shipping of Large Items from UK and New Zealand 

Jetkrate makes it easier to shop for goods in the UK or New Zealand (NZ) and deliver them to your address. Because we have well-equipped warehouses in both countries, you’ll be able to buy anything in UK or NZ stores, such as furniture or gym equipment, and then have your goods kept ready in the warehouses for shipping.  
Getting started with Jetkrate is pretty simple:

  • Sign up for a Jetkrate account free of charge, and get a UK or NZ postal address. 
  • Start shopping at your favourite stores in the UK or NZ and have your shopping delivered to your Jetkrate UK or NZ address.
  • We’ll keep the goods at our warehouse and allow you to finish your shopping.
  • We will repack and consolidate the items with multiple orders to remove extra packaging and help cut down on shipping costs. 
  • After preparing your shipment and determining the costs, we’ll share a quotation and begin shipping once you’ve paid for your shipment.

Once your goods leave our warehouse and are with the shipping vendor, we’ll share the tracking details to help you monitor your consignment in real-time. 


Which Shipping Method Is Ideal for Heavy Consignments?

Depending on the weight of a package, ground shipping is often the most preferred method. For these shipments, we pack the large bulky items in trucks for the drivers to transport them via the road. It’s the most cost-effective method of transporting items that are not suited for transportation by air.

Ground service is mainly ideal for domestic shipping. However, the transit time is longer than the expedited shipping services, which take between 1 to 5 business days. If your shipment isn’t time-sensitive, you can immensely cut down on shipping costs by choosing longer delivery timelines.

Sea freight is a better choice when the destination is across continents, such as Europe to North America. Shipping by air is ideal for perishable or fragile goods that are not excessively bulky. 

What’s the Weight Classification for Large Items?

Jetkrate works with trusted ground, sea, and air freight companies to handle different classes of bulky goods. Some of the reputable names we partner with include UPS, DHL, TNT, and DPD.

The options for shipping large items include:

  •  Custom shipping via the road, sea, and air freight.
  •  Standard and custom Euro pallets.
  •  20-foot containers. 
  •  40-foot containers. 

There isn’t a weight limit for items that fall under the “large items” class. However, an item that needs transportation on a pallet is classified as large. As such, this type of item may incur additional costs, depending on its dimensions and services.

Consignments more than 24 kg are within the class of heavy goods. Items weighing more than 500 kg are classified as oversize and will require specializations to transport them.

Weight Classification for Large Items

How Safe Are My Large Items While in Transit?

Jetkrate offers flexible insurance plans to safeguard your large consignments while in transit. You’ll have full control over the insurance coverage, customs declarations, and shipping services provided to avoid any surprise charges when your package is ready for shipping to your country. 

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Large Items?

With our shipping cost calculator, you can know upfront how much it will cost you to ship bulky items under the above options. The cost will vary depending on what you’re shipping and the destination. The cost calculator won’t give you an exact amount but will display a rough estimate for budgeting purposes.

We’ll help you get an accurate cost for shipping your heavy, bulky items through our customer support. Our team will negotiate the shipping amount with freight companies to find you the most affordable prices. 

If the freight costs are higher than your budget, we often recommend clients choose a longer transit time if they don’t mind waiting. With our warehouses in NZ and UK, you can cut down the costs of storing your goods if shipping to or from these countries.


What Heavy Items Can You Ship?

Whether shipping for business or personal reasons, our range of affordable shipping services can save you a great deal of money. Jetkrate ships a broad category of large and heavy items, which include:

  • Gym equipment.
  • Clothing.
  • Automotive tyres and parts. 
  • Household furniture.
  • Machinery.
  • Motorcycles. 
  • Mobile Parts (Example: Lithium Batteries)

If shopping for small items, you can consolidate your goods in large numbers to help you save on shipping costs. The combined goods will then form a large package, which we can deliver to your address.

At times, it’s possible to underestimate the size and weight of your package. If the package is heavier than you thought, Jetkrate will not add hidden extra charges to your initial cost. Instead, we will give you a quote for your goods’ excess weight or dimensions before adding the price to your overall initial cost.

To Where Can You Ship Your Large Items?

Jetkrate partners with shipping vendors and freight forwarders to ensure that we can ship your large goods anywhere, including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, and more. If you have doubts about where we can ship to, reach out to our customer support with your queries for assistance.