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Cheapest International Courier Shipping Services for Your Products

Finding the cheapest international courier shipping is not a problem with Jetkrate. You can send parcels to your family, friends, and customers residing in different countries. Sending packages overseas is easy with our prime international couriers offering fair rates, speedy shipment, and exceptional package services.

International Courier Services: Send Your Parcel at the Cheapest Rate

We have two major international courier services available at this time, which are FedEx and DHL Express. These are the most trusted shipping couriers internationally for their affordable rates and reasonable delivery time. Plus, they each offer insurance coverage for your packages. You can reach out to our customer service team for more information about the ranges.

FedEx International Priority

Our premium courier for shipping parcels, featuring fast transit time, tracking information, multi-piece delivery, and insurance.

Delivery target: 3-5 business days
Destination: 200+ countries
Maximum Weight: Up to 30 kgs

FedEx International Economy

Our standard courier for sending parcels/packages, which offers customary transport period, tracking data, insurance, and multi-piece shipment.

Delivery target: 4-6 business days
Destination: 200+ countries
Maximum Weight: Up to 30 kgs

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DHL, your trusted international shipping courier

DHL Express Worldwide

Our cost-effective courier for shipping packages with a quick delivery time, tracking details, multi-piece feature, and insurance coverage.

Delivery target: 2-3 business days
Destination: 200+ countries
Maximum Weight: Up to 30 kgs

Please keep in mind that transit times are estimates only and may change depending on various factors, such as weather, destination, and customs delays. All cheap international couriers will also require a signature on parcel delivery to ensure that packages are sent correctly.

What if I want to send packages that are over 30 kgs?

You can still use Jetkrate for shipping parcels with a weight of more than 30 kgs. However, we consider these packages bulk or oversized items that require special handling by our experts. Moreover, big parcels may need extra packaging and services that will result in additional costs.

If you are sending packages that are over 30 kgs, please contact our customer service directly to obtain your detailed quotation.

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Where Do We Ship Packages Internationally? 

Our international shipping reaches over 200 countries worldwide. No matter whether you need shipment in Canada, Australia anywhere on the globe we will send your package to your desired destination within the estimated timeframe. Even we can help ship from the UK to other EU countries maintaining all the Brexit regulations. Here are our major global shipping clients:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia

Also you can use our UK parcel forwarding service for shopping like local and ship wordlwide from the UK. If you have any parcels to send to other parts of the world, all you need to do is check our country list to ensure that we provide services to that specific location.

How much will it cost me to send international packages?

Packages sent by aircraft are priced based on their volumetric weight or the space your parcels occupy in an airplane. Your package's destination and preferred courier also affect your shipping cost. Here is an example of our cheapest international shipping cost:

The cost of sending a laptop weighing 2 kgs with dimensions of 40x35x10 cm from New Zealand to Canada using DHL Express Worldwide is only NZD $75.13.

For concrete international shipping rates, please check our pricing and use our free shipping calculator. Our pricing is reliable as our experts update prices in real-time according to the rate of your chosen courier and Jetkrate fees at that time. However, please take note that prices may slightly differ at the time of our dispatch. 

This change is affected by the actual weight of your package. When we receive your package in our warehouse, we will weigh and measure your parcel to charge you accordingly.

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Packaging Tips for International Shipping

We handle and transport all packages equally. We do not give special treatment to items that are fragile, sensitive to temperature, or items with insufficient packaging. Therefore, it would be best if your parcel is wrapped appropriately before dispatch.

For detailed packaging tips, please check our supporting article.

We offer package repacking services. If you want us to repack and consolidate your parcels, you can simply select the "Combine & Repack" option in your inbox. When our team receives your request, we will open your package and inspect every item to ensure that we can repack it. Please note that we do not repack all items. You can check our repacking services page. 

We also consolidate packages to reduce your global shipping expenses. Consolidating parcels means that we will combine your multiple orders into one box so that couriers will treat your parcel as a single shipment. However, please keep in mind that the items will retain their original packages, even if we consolidate them.

For more information about package consolidation, please read the service page.

Legal Documentation

The most crucial factor you need to consider for international shipping is legal documentation. All information must be accurate and correct to pass the customs. When sending packages overseas, please ensure that all details, such as the sender's full name and address, receiver's full name and address, contact numbers, package ticket, customs declaration, and consignment information, are included to avoid delays and package losses. 

provide detail information while sending parcel internationally
make sure your parcel type is not in the prohibited list

Prohibited Items

We do not ship items that are prohibited by law. If we suspect that your package may be restricted, we have the right to open and inspect it. Please remember that we do not issue refund postage costs for prohibited items. So, always be cautious when sending parcels.

Ignorance of the prohibited items doesn't exempt you from the corresponding consequences, as it is your obligation as the importer or sender to check the nature of the items to be sent. You can check the details of our prohibited items here. 

Duties and Taxes

Tax and duty are required whenever you are importing items as every country's way of preserving their security and economy. All countries impose different tax and duty charges. For this reason, it is essential for you to know how much the duties and taxes are, corresponding to the country where you send your parcels. The receiving end can pay duties and taxes on a cash on delivery basis.

It is your responsibility as the importer to disclose all the information about your package. We will only rely on your disclosure. So, please be honest. If your parcel gets lost on the way, we cannot give you your requested value if it doesn't match your first statement. 

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