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Jetkrate is composed of professionals at coordinating the delivery of all types of commodities, from a single document to a whole container and everything in between. Saving time and money is understated as a critical to a company's success. Jetkrate pledges to accomplish both - without sacrificing service quality. We connect our clients with the industry's most reputable logistics companies, who will supply them with a quick quote and the best pricing for shipping services from New Zealand to France.

New Zealand to France shipping

There are different alternatives depending on the availability of the sorting of products needed to export packages to France, which are detailed below. However, we can always customize a deal to fit our client's needs.


Pallet shipping from New Zealand to France.

Pallet shipping from New Zealand to France is one of the most frequent ways to transport big quantities of parcels or heavy products. The cost of shipping pallets is determined on the route the clients choose, as well as the quantity and size of the pallets, so it is important to double-check the dimension limits before making an order. Jetkrate's shipping engine can provide an immediate, obligation-free quote now. Then, after preparing the pallets for delivery, leave the rest to our dependable logistics partners. In addition, the business provides storage and warehousing services. Clients may check the dedicated website for additional information on palletized shipping.

Luggage shipping from New Zealand to France

Jetkrate's platform makes booking ordinary or fast baggage shipment from New Zealand to France straightforward by providing clients with an instant pricing for their selected route. Please keep in mind that the client must pack their luggage in a cardboard box on international routes, otherwise the courier may reject delivery. Cardboard boxes also offer additional protection for valuable items; therefore, they are always a smart option. Bags may easily be sent inside most EU member nations, but clients will need to wrap it in plastic film and erase all previous labels. Clients may check the dedicated website for additional information about shipping baggage.


Cargo shipping from New Zealand to France

It is no longer difficult to ship a parcel from New Zealand to France. Jetkrate has built a platform for regular and expedited international shipping so clients can get a quote and book a service in only a few clicks. We can meet any shipping need by utilizing only the best logistical services available from world-class partners who will deliver the shipments as quickly as possible. Our affordable prices and easy-to-use dashboard are available to both private and corporate clients who want to transport goods in all shapes and sizes to nearly anywhere in the world.

What is the cost of shipping a package from New Zealand to France?

The cost of shipping a package from New Zealand to France is determined on the service chosen. The shipper can select between normal shipment and expedited or direct transit depending on the urgency of the delivery. Instantly calculate the total cost of shipping a package from New Zealand to France with our booking engine. The shipping cost for specific services and itineraries will be determined separately for each request. In such circumstances, our logistics specialists will develop a customized offer in the quickest time possible, providing the best service at the cheapest possible price. From New Zealand to France, it's as low as $59.40!


When shipping from New Zealand to France, how much is customs duty?

When shipping from New Zealand to France, the amount of customs tax clients have to pay is determined by the products they’re sending, their stated value, and each country's regulations. When the cargo arrives at its destination, it will be subjected to a custom clearing procedure, during which officials will examine the contents and accompanying papers to determine the cost of the customs duty, if applicable. The recipient or client will be responsible for the payment of customs costs directly to the logistics provider.

When shipping from New Zealand to France, how long does it take?

The amount of time to ship from New Zealand to France is determined by the shipping provider the clients will use. When using a direct delivery service, the package travels without stops and in the lowest amount of time feasible. A groupage service, on the other hand, takes longer because the package may travel through many warehouses along the way. Jetkrate's Express Service provides an exceptionally rapid and global delivery service, with deliveries taking only 24-72 hours anywhere in the globe.


Things to take into remember when booking at Jetkrate:


Express shipping service

  • When Express shipping is picked, our system will automatically identify the logistics partner that will make the delivery based on the clients’ choices throughout the transaction process. The client will receive an email with the name of the logistics company they have chosen.
  • The client will fill out a certain information throughout the ordering process that will be used to generate a proforma invoice. The proforma invoice will be sent through email. Please print it out and give it to the delivery person.
  • The client will receive the email with the tracking number assigned to your shipment as well as the waybill shortly after placing their order (shipping label). The waybill must be printed and handed over to the courier driver.
  • Remove any previous labels from the package and make sure it has a level, clean surface on which the courier can place the waybill.
  • It is important to remember that putting tape over the waybill is not encouraged since it will make scanning harder and cause transit delays.
  • The courier driver will call the client by phone to schedule a pickup time. Likewise, the courier will call the receiver to arrange a delivery time. Therefore, make sure that communication lines are open so that someone can answer the call. If the courier driver is unable to contact the client, the pickup or delivery will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • Contact Jetkrate staff if the client wishes to get insurance for their shipment. The price is calculated depending on the value of the shipment's contents. On request, other insurance choices are also available.

Standard shipping service

  • As soon as the client entered their choices during the booking process, Jetkrate’s clever algorithm will choose the best courier for the delivery.
  • The client will receive the email with the tracking number attached and the name of the chosen logistics company after payment and booking confirmation.
  • The client may need to print the shipping label or they may not, depending on the country of collection and the logistics company they choose. They will also receive this information by email.
  • If the courier driver needs any more information regarding the time of pickup or the location of the address, they may contact the client (applicable just for local numbers).

Pallet shipping service

Pallet storage services

  • Services for storing pallets
  • Trusted logistics firms provide warehousing solutions.
  • Pallet storage services for loads of any size or form, available on a short- or long-term basis.
  • Individual requests are organized into fulfillment solutions.

Express pallet delivery

  • For certain routes and services, same-day collection is possible.
  • For time-sensitive transactions, choose expedited pallet delivery solutions.
  • In Europe, direct pallet delivery by FTL or Van service is available.

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