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Shipping from the UK to Italy is Now More Affordable and Efficient Than Ever

Tired of searching for affordable shipping from the UK to Italy? Big goodbye to your concerns with Jetkrate! As one of the leading international mail forwarders, we offer fast, efficient, and secure UK-to-Italy shipping services.

Whether you need to ship a single package, bulk packages, pallet shipping, or luggage shipping, Jetkrate can fulfill all your shipping needs.

Why Trust Jetkrate for Shipping from the UK to Italy?

Here are some of the top reasons why customers choose us for all of their UK-to-Italy shipping needs –
Deliveries to Italy

FedEx International Priority

We work with well-known shipping partners like FedEx and DHL for improved efficiency.

Fast and Efficient

With one of the lowest turnaround times and a variety of shipping plans to choose from, Jetkrate offers an enhanced level of convenience.

Transparent and Affordable

Our shipping fee is highly competitive with zero hidden charges.

Instant Estimate

Visit our shipping pricing calculator for an instant estimate based on your destination and goods.

World-Class Customer Support

Contact us via Live Chat or email to get instant answers to all your queries.

Consolidated Shipping

Ship multiple items and save on shipping fees with our consolidated shipping service.

Cost of Shipping to Italy

How Does Jetkrate’s UK-to-Italy Shipping Work?

Here’s a quick overview of our shipping from the UK to Italy service –

Consolidated Shipping

Customers can create a free Jetkrate account by providing basic details like their name, email address, and location.

Receive UK Warehouse Address

Upon account creation; customers receive the address of our UK warehouse.

Shop from UK Stores

Customers shop from UK stores and enter our UK warehouse address when checking out.
Cost of Shipping to Italy

Package Arrives at Our UK Warehouse

The package then arrives at our UK warehouse and we send a confirmation email to the customer.

Customers Place a Shipping Order

Log in to the Jetkrate account and choose a shipping plan. Pay the applicable shipping fee and enter your Italy address.

Package Ships from UK Warehouse

Once the payment is confirmed, we ship the product to the customer’s Italy address.

At the time of placing the shipping order, customers can also choose from a wide range of additional services like Consolidated Shipping, Package Repacking, and Photography Proof.

If the UK store you want to shop from does not accept international payments, you can also use our shopping concierge service.

What are the Shipping Plans Offered by Jetkrate?

Our shipping plans are as follows –

FedEx International Priority

FedEx International Priority is the most costly of our options and takes five business days for the shipment to arrive in the customer’s country. Clients who use this courier will often obtain a tracking number, as well as other shipping information, to help them locate their parcels more quickly and accurately. Customers can opt to insure their packages for an additional fee.

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy is a lower-priced delivery option than FedEx International Priority, but it offers the same benefits and perks, such as tracking information and insurance. However, this service takes the longest of the three. The transit time to this location is eight business days. This option is better for those who don’t immediately need the items they ordered.

DHL Express Worldwide

This choice is the most affordable service we provide. It is also the quickest method. DHL Express parcels generally arrive in another nation within two business days, and clients get their items within three to five working days. Customers can also add insurance to their products and use the tracking ID provided to identify the current location of their package.

We also offer custom shipping services if none of the available plans suit your requirements. You can contact us to discuss your custom shipping requirements.

Do Customers Have to Pay Customs Duty and Taxes?

Depending on the tax laws, customers will have to pay the applicable customs duty and applicable taxes. There are heavy fines and even criminal proceedings can be initiated against anyone trying to evade taxes.

The customs duty and/or taxes will be payable on a Cash on Delivery (COD) basis. For domestic deliveries, the taxes can be paid online when paying for the shipping services. Visit Jetkrate’s FAQ page for answers to other common queries.


International Shipping Redefined with Jetkrate

Your search for trusted, fast, and affordable shipping from the UK to Italy ends with Jetkrate. If you like to purchase genuine products from UK stores, you can get them delivered to your Italy address with utmost convenience with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for a free Jetkrate account and start shopping.
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