International Parcel Shipping To Germany From New Zealand

Efficient and Fast Shipping from the UK to Germany

Struggling with shipping from the UK to Germany? Jetkrate can help. It is not uncommon for online stores in the UK to not offer international shipping to Germany. Does that mean you cannot shop from your favorite UK store in Germany? With Jetkrate you can. Simply get your products shipped to our local UK warehouse and we’ll handle the rest.

How Does Jetkrate Work?

Jetkrate is a leading international mail forwarding company. We simplify international shipping and make it highly affordable for our customers. We work with trusted shipping partners like FedEx and DHL to ensure all the customer packages reach them in Germany on time.

We also offer a host of additional services, including Package Repacking, Consolidated Shipments, Shopping Concierge, and Image Proof to simplify UK-to-Germany shipping for our customers.

Why Choose Jetkrate When Shipping from the UK to Germany?

Here are some of the reasons why customers trust our shipping services -

Efficient and Reliable

Over the years, Jetkrate has established a strong international delivery network. Whether you are in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or any other German city, rest assured your package from the UK will reach you at the earliest. We offer a variety of shipping plans through our shipping partners FedEx and DHL to fulfill each shipping order.

Affordable UK to Germany Shipping

Affordable shipping is one of our top USPs. Our competitive UK-to-Germany shipping prices with zero compromise on service quality have made us the go-to shipping solution for our customers in Germany. For complete transparency, we also have a Pricing page where customers can get an instant estimate based on their location and goods.

Hassle-Free Shipping

Placing your orders for shipping from the UK to Germany is a simple 3-step process with Jetkrate. We constantly keep you updated from the moment your package reaches our UK facility to when it is shipped to Germany. Live tracking service is also available with some of the shipping plans to ensure you can easily check the shipping status.

24x7 Customer Support

As a leading international shipping company with customers across countries and time zones, we are always available to answer your queries. Our knowledgeable customer support representatives will resolve each of our queries through Live Chat be it day or night. You can also visit our Contact Us page to send your queries and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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 How to Place a UK to Germany Shipping Order with Jetkrate?

Follow these simple steps -

Register for a Free Jetkrate Account

Visit our website and register for a free account. Unlike many other mail forwarders, we don’t charge any ongoing subscription fee for creating an account.

Shop from UK Stores

On creating the account, you’ll receive the postal address of our UK warehouse. When checking out from any UK store, enter our warehouse address as your delivery address.

Order Confirmation

We send an email notification upon receiving your package. You can then log in to your Jetkrate account, select your package, choose a shipping plan, and pay the shipping fee online. Upon payment confirmation, we’ll send the package to your Germany address within one business day.  

Our UK to Germany Shipping Plans

Choose from these UK-to-Germany shipping plans -

FedEx International Priority

FedEx International Priority takes five business days for the shipment to arrive in the customer's country. Clients who use this courier will often obtain a tracking number, as well as other shipping information, to help them locate their parcels more quickly and accurately. Customers can opt to insure their packages for an additional fee.

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy is a cheaper delivery option than FedEx International Priority, but it offers the same benefits and perks, such as tracking information and insurance. This service, however, takes the longest of our courier options. The transit time to the chosen location is eight business days. This option is better for those shoppers who don’t immediately need the items they ordered.

DHL Express Worldwide

This courier is the most affordable service Jetkrate provides. It is also the quickest method. DHL Express parcels can arrive in another nation within two business days, and clients receive their items within three to five working days. Customers can also add insurance to their products. They may use the tracking ID provided to identify the current location of their package, too.

Buy Your Product from New Zealand and Ship to Germany

Get Your UK Packages Delivered to Germany with Jetkrate

Jetkrate is a hassle-free solution for affordable shipping from the UK to Germany. With multiple shipping plans, 24x7 customer support, shipping insurance, and a host of additional services, customers can experience UK-to-Germany shipping like never before with Jetkrate.

If you’re in Germany, register for a free Jetkrate account today and shop to your heart’s content from your favorite UK stores.
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