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International Product Shipping Service To UK From NZ

Affordable International Product Shipping Service To UK From NZ

Do you have questions about shipping to UK from NZ? If you’ve answered yes, then carry on reading to ease any doubts you’ve ever had about shipments heading to the United Kingdom. Earlier on when a shop in New Zealand didn’t ship to your country, you were left with no option but to drop your order. With Jetkrate, this is no longer a problem. We will work to receive your purchases and get them sent onto you in the UK in one easy cost effective shipment.

International Parcel Shipping Service To UK From New Zealand

At the time of writing this article, Jetkrate provides three shipping servies to choose from. These being, DHL Express, FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy. All three providers provide fast, secured, and affordable services for receiving your goods. We assure you worldwide support, whether you want a shipment to Germany or to Australia we will always be there for you.

International Parcel Shipping Service To UK
International Parcel Shipping Service

FedEx International Priority

Starting at NZD 83.68, you can ship products straight from New Zealand to the United Kingdom with FedEx International Priority. This service includes tracking information so that customers can quickly locate their shipments and is insured with the option of purchasing additional insurance. The estimated transit time for this service from NZ to UK is four business days.

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy provides the same service as FedEx International Priority with a slightly increased transit time at a more economical price. FedEx International Economy starts at NZD 75.58. The estimated transit time for this service from NZ to UK is five business days. Customers may also track their shipments using the provided tracking information and purchase additional insurance if needed.

DHL Express Worldwide

With prices starting at $59.40, DHL Express Worldwide comes in providing a balance between priority shipping and value for money. As with other services, DHL also provide customers with tracking information and you may purchase additional insurance if required. The estimated transit time for this service from NZ to UK is also four business days.
Product Shipping Cost To Send From NZ To UK

Product Shipping Cost To Send From NZ To UK

If you’re wondering about the cost of shipping to UK, you can use our free shipping calculator online. You can enter your package dimensions, if you know them, or simply select preset options to get an idea of what it may cost to ship similar items. Moreover, we ensure that we provide our customers the choice of selecting a service that suits their need. With services starting as low as NZD 59.40, you can start buying and shipping direct from New Zealand.

Things To Consider For International Shipping From NZ To UK

Before you start shopping, there’s a few things that you should be aware of when using Jetkrate for shipping your parcels to the United Kingdom.
Your Local New Zealand Address

Your Local New Zealand Address

When you sign up with Jetkrate, you’ll be emailed your very own forwarding address in New Zealand. This will be the address you’ll want to use when checking out on New Zealand stores. Jetkrate will receive your shopping and notify you within 1 business day of receiving your package.

Updated Contact Information

Jetkrate send important updates from time to time which includes updates such as package deliveries and tracking information. To ensure you don’t miss out on these, please make sure that your contact information, such as email address, phone numbers, and addresses are up to date.

DHL Express Worldwide

DHL Express Worldwide offers a great balance between service and value. Parcels delivered through the DHL Express network typically arrive in the country within two business days, and clients receive them within three to five working days. As with the other services, you are provided with a tracking number and rcan choose to purchase additional insurance for your shipments.

Prohibited Items

Jetkrate do not ship restricted items such as ammunition, flammable liquids, and explosives. You may check the complete list in our prohibited items section.

Package Consolidation

If you intend on shopping from several stores at once, you can request that we combine multiple parcels into single shipment to cut off your shipping costs of up to 80%.


We offer repacking services for our customers. Stores often ship items in large boxes as domestic shipping generally goes by the scale weight of the package. This can lead to increased shipping costs when using international services that factor in volumetric weight. At your request,  Jetkrate can open your package and send pictures to you. If you would like our package repacking service, we will gladly do this for you saving you from paying to ship empty space.

Get Started With Our Shipping Service Today

Experience our exceptional shipping to UK from NZ with the three easy steps.
Account Sign-up Jetkrate

Account Sign-up

It is essential to register an account to receive your very own New Zealand forwarding address. Your Jetkrate account will be your method to manage your parcels virtually.

Start Shopping

Getting started with Jetkrate is as easy as signing up, receiving your Jetkrate address and then using it straight away to start shopping on online stores. As your purchases arrive at our warehouse, we’ll notify you within 1 business day of receiving the item.

Please keep in mind that it may take a few days for the store you have shopped from to process and dispatch your order to your Jetkrate address.

Product Delivery


When an item is delivered to your Jetkrate address, you can login to your Package Inbox and let us know whether you’d like to dispatch it straight away to your address overseas. If you’d rather Jetkrate hold onto it, Jetkrate will store your package free for up to 30 days while you complete any other shopping you wish to do.

When you tell us, we can combine and repack all your shopping across multiple stores into one easy cost effective package and send it to you at your address in the United Kingdom. 

For any questions or concerns, Jetkrate customer service and Live Chat will be there with you every step of the way. 

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