Cheapest International Parcel Shipping To Germany From NZ

Many shops do not accept shipping to Germany from NZ, which makes international buyers disappointed and frustrated. Fortunately, you still have a choice to get your desired items when you can't convince the seller to ship the products to your location. Start receiving packages straight from New Zealand through Jetkrate. Just order the things you need, and we'll do the shipping for you.

Our Partners For International Shipping Service From New Zealand to Germany

We offer various cheapest international shipping methods for our clients in Germany, but as of now, we are limited to only three facilities. As soon as we launch our other warehouses in New Zealand, we will add more package shipping services to cater to every client's preference and budget.

FedEx International Priority

With FedEx International Priority, you can start shipping to Germany from NZ for as low as NZD 83.68. Its estimated delivery time is five business days. You can expect delivery after a few more days upon your parcel's arrival in Germany. Track your package's location using the tracking details given to you.

FedEx International Economy

At FedEx International Economy, your parcel's transit time is seven business days. It will take longer than their International Priority, but its cost is also cheaper. You can start buying and shipping straight from New Zealand at a minimum international shipping rate of NZD 75.58. Additionally, you can locate your package in real-time with the tracking information sent to your account.

DHL Express Worldwide

The cheapest international parcel service among the three is this DHL Express Worldwide. You can enjoy shipping packages to Germany for a low cost, NZD 59.40. Moreover, your parcel needs six business days to arrive in your territory. Remember to track your package using the provided details.

All of our international shipping services include multi-piece packages, tracking information, and insurance coverage. You can choose whatever facility you prefer comfortably. We assure you that you will receive your parcels accordingly. If you want, you can use our free tool to estimate the shipping cost.


Send Your Parcel To Germany At Low Cost From NZ

If you're worried about paying a hefty amount for shipping, you can always try our free shipping calculator online. You can enter your package's dimensions and get a free estimate. However, if you're unsure of your parcel's exact size, you can simply choose an item on our list, and we will compute the shipping cost for you.

Buy Your Product From New Zealand And Ship To Germany

Most New Zealand stores do not accept some overseas credit cards or payment methods. This immediately discourages many buyers, causing them to abandon their cart and never return. Based on our in-depth analysis, we formulated a shopping system where you can let us buy the item on your behalf. All you need to do is tell us the details of the products you want to purchase and pay us the item's amount. Once done, we will arrange the shipping according to your preference.


Why Trust Your Packages With Our International Shipping Service To Germany?

You don't need to worry about shipping to Germany when you buy from a New Zealand store online. We can assist you with the shipping, and all you need to do is relax and locate your parcel at your own convenience. Jetkrate has received various compliments from our previous clients, and we want all international buyers to have the same satisfying experience.

Receiving Parcels

We automatically send our clients an email confirmation every time we receive an order in our warehouse. You will not be frustrated while waiting or guessing whether your parcel is on the way or not. We are dedicated to making your shopping and shipping convenient and hassle-free. So, rest assured that we will notify you about your package's movements.

Quality Checking

As soon as we receive your parcel, we can open it up and confirm if the item is correct or not. This is optional, and we will never do it if you don't want us to do so. Many clients prefer this perk because it helps customers determine whether to file for a return or not. Local returns are much cheaper than international returns. Additionally, it lessens the hassle of returning the package by yourself. We will send the photograph through email.


Consolidating Packages

We will combine multiple items in one package to reduce your shipping cost upon your request. We will inform you whether we can consolidate the parcels or not. Thus, it would be best to coordinate with us if you are interested in this benefit. 


You can request to repack all your orders to lessen your shipping cost. However, not all items are eligible for repacking. So, always ask our representatives for the terms and conditions for repacking.

Tracking Parcels

We will always give our clients unique tracking information, which you can use to locate your parcels at any time. This will ensure you that your package is not lost and is indeed coming your way.

Please do not hesitate to reach out when you have questions or concerns regarding our services. You can always talk to our customer support via Live Chat any time during business days. You can also email us at or fill out our web form. We will always find time to answer all your messages and assist you in the best way we can.