All You Need To Know About Shipping To Canada

Many customers send us questions asking if we are shipping to Canada. Some New Zealand stores do not ship directly to Canada, but this should not stop you from buying the things you need or want from them. Thus, Jetkrate offers shipping services that help every individual living in Canada receive the items available in New Zealand stores.

Shipping to Canada Made Easy With Jetkrate

We want to keep things simple here in Jetkrate. So, our team created a system where clients can manage their parcels remotely. All you need to do is register an account with us and start shopping from your favorite New Zealand stores online. Your Jetkrate account contains a local New Zealand address that you will input in your shipping details when you order from a New Zealand store.
You can use that address every time you want to buy from a New Zealand store. We will inform you by email if there is a need to change your local address. Just keep shopping, and we will continue receiving your orders on your behalf. When we receive your parcels, we can open them for you to check for damages or issues so that you can file for a return.

How do we ship to Canada?

Many clients keep asking us about how we process shipping to Canada. As of this time, our only available couriers are FedEx and DHL Express. They are reliable and affordable. Additionally, they offer customers parcel insurance at an extra cost. They also accept multi-piece packages, making them efficient and less expensive.

Once our warehouse receives your item, we will sort them according to the country's destination and preferred shipping facility for faster and accurate shipment. After sorting, we will process the shipment according to the customer's preference.

FedEx International Priority

This is an expensive shipping method, but it is faster than FedEx International Economy. Its estimated transit time is five business days. You can expect your delivery within the following days. You may also use the tracking information to learn where your parcel is currently located.

FedEx International Economy

Another facility from FedEx is their International Economy, which is similar to FedEx International Priority. However, this is cheaper and provides a longer transit time, which is usually eight business days. Like the above method, tracking information is also available to locate parcels quickly and accurately.

DHL Express Worldwide

This is the cheapest shipping service we offer. Its transit time is also the fastest of all methods. For customers living in Canada, you can expect your parcel to arrive in your country within two business days. All you need to do is wait for a few more days for delivery. There is also a tracking number or ID that you can easily follow up on your parcel. 
No matter what shipping facility you choose, we will handle all parcels equally. Moreover, we ensure that we will deliver them to your doorstep wherever you are in Canada.

Is it expensive to ship to Canada?

Another common question by our clients is if it is expensive to ship to Canada. Shipping to Canada is affordable, and with Jetkrate, the minimum cost would be NZD 45.79. Price differs based on the items to be shipped or the package dimensions. You can request a consolidation for a cheaper shipping cost, and we would be happy to do it for you if it is possible.

Why would you choose Jetkrate?

We built Jetkrate to assist international customers in buying and shipping straight from New Zealand. We sympathize with buyers who limit themselves in obtaining products they need or want because the New Zealand store doesn't ship to their countries. So, why would you choose Jetkrate?

Fast Shipment

We work quickly and accurately to ensure that our buyers always receive their parcels on time. We know how frustrating it is when your package takes a lifetime to be delivered. So, we provide services that will only take delivery several days.

Best Shipping Fees

We constantly monitor the latest shipment pricing to release all our buyers' most accurate and affordable fees. We wouldn't want you to shoulder a higher price than the total amount of what you bought. So, we always do our best to give you the best shipping fees.

Hassle-free Shipment

Jetkrate offers flexibility. We will deliver your items at your desired method, time, and location. We also recommend consolidating packages to lessen your shipping cost. After shopping, you don't have to do anything aside from waiting for delivery riders to knock at your doorstep.

Free Shipping Cost Estimation

It is beneficial to know how much you will spend on shipping your items from New Zealand beforehand. Therefore, we offer all our clients a free estimation of shipping fees on our website. We have a free shipping calculator that will help you determine the price. Just input your package dimensions or pick what item you need to be delivered, and we'll do the calculations for you.

Reliable Customer Support

We work twenty-four hours a day to give all our clients the best shipping services from New Zealand. In line with that, all our customer representatives are available the whole day during business hours to help you with your concerns. We also respond to email inquiries during business hours. 

Get in Touch with Jetkrate Now

We aim to keep buyers from worrying about their shipment. It gets challenging to find the most reliable company for shipping to Canada, but we assure you that we will do our best to keep up with your expectations. We, at Jetkrate, want to extend our helping hand to provide every buyer a fair chance of having his wanted or needed item. Hence, we always open our line for our dear customers.
You can get in touch with us any time of the day when you have questions or concerns. Please email us at or fill out our web form. You can also talk to our agents via Live Chat twenty-four hours a day on working days for faster transactions.