Best Place to Buy Vinyl Records Online in the UK

Best Place to Buy Vinyl Records Online in the UK

Do you know the best place to buy vinyl records online UK? With the United Kingdom known for its music, there are countless online record stores where you can find all music genres for inspiration and expand your record collection. Finding the best online platform for vinyl records in the UK is challenging. If your search brought you here, you are at the perfect place to discover the best spot to buy records online. We will help you find reliable online stores to order from and get your purchase delivered.

Interestingly, when you shop at UK Stores with your UK delivery address, you get offers for different collections. However, if you are new to the music industry and don’t know anything about vinyl records, don't worry; we will share some insight about it.

What is a Vinyl Record?

Let us start with the fundamental question. What are vinyl records? These are rotating disks like compact discs used to store music. They are analog storage devices with modulated spiral grooves measuring 7 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches in diameter. Previously, vinyl records were called gramophone, disc, or records. 

For decades, record shops in the UK have been at the center of British culture. It cut across small shops, operated by genuine music fans, to the affiliation most had with top British artists, including David Bowie, the Beatles, and Elton John. 

7 best places to buy vinyl records online UK 

There are many reliable online vinyl store UK merchants if you love vinyl records and are a music enthusiast. We make it simple for you to locate the records you are looking for from a UK online retailer and have these items mailed to you safely. You can just run your Vinyl records, have your Nespresso Pods—brew a cup of coffee, and get relaxed.

Our list gives you access to UK online stores, which provide a wide selection of records, including recent releases, vintage and used albums, rare and limited editions, and genres you might not have heard of before. Let’s start with the best place to buy vinyl records online UK.

7 best places to buy vinyl records online UK

Rough Trade 

Fans of records, especially vinyl albums, can search and find music on the Rough Trade website Initially, Rough Trade mainly focused on alternative and underground music, especially the post-punk genre.

Every type of music you can imagine is now available in their online store, from classical to hip-hop. You can choose the type of music you want to listen to using their filter feature. Additionally, they offer pre-order choices, exclusives, and a membership that grants access to exclusive deals.

They have strong links to business and a genuine love of excellent music. This is not a website selling knockoff vinyl; rather, it is a carefully curated list of pre-orders, new releases, and exclusives with insightful assessments of the albums and the chance to listen to tracks in advance to help you decide. Rough Trade is an excellent option if you are searching for where to buy vinyl records online UK stores.

Normal Records

Norman Records is one of the most reliable online destinations for vinyl music, as seen by its more than 22,000 raving customer reviews. Early in the 1990s, a one-man band started generating hand-sourced lists of records and mailing them to consumers in the Leeds area. Today, that one-man band has transformed into a highly regarded online vinyl retailer that sends over 5000 packages every month worldwide.

While some online music stores copy and paste record company promotional remarks, these people objectively analyze albums and provide frequent tips and functions on the site to assist customers in finding new music. 

Thousands of records are available, including new releases, pre-order specials, best-sellers, and re-issue vinyl. You'll likely uncover something fresh for your record library with a simple search tool and options like their regular vinyl update and selected releases.


Juno claims to be the world's biggest dance music retailer, with over 45,000 titles in stock. The shop is located in London; however, it offers an extensive online collection that sells vinyl records. Juno launched in 1996 as one of the first international online record stores and has since grown to become the world's largest dance music and equipment retailer.

With over 50,000 titles in store, it is the mecca for every aspiring DJ or dance music enthusiast. However, Juno's selection continues beyond dance music; the label continually expands into other genres.

The website offers 500 new releases weekly, focusing on dance music and carrying various other genres like metal, indie, and experimental. The website solely promotes the music currently in stock to keep things simple, but new releases can also be pre-ordered. We recommend Juno as one of the best place to buy vinyl records online UK.



Discogs combine a marketplace where you can buy hard-to-find recordings from other users with a personal inventory of your own record collection. Prices for super-rare vinyl are expensive, but a reliable place to start your music library. 

Discogs is unquestionably the most popular website for vinyl collectors to display their collections, with over 600,000 supporters since its launch in 2000. The website contains over 15 million releases, representing 8 million musicians and 1.7 million labels in its database. Anything that you can't find here is rare. In addition to vinyl, Discogs now offers CDs, cassettes, and other musical products for sale.


Co-founder Steve Oliver started musicMagpie in his garage in 2007, initially as a marketplace for buying and selling used CDs. Since then, it has grown to be a market leader in consumer technology reselling, but it still has its roots in music and deals in CDs and vinyl.

The store began selling vinyl in 2014, and over the years, it has benefited from the boom in vinyl sales. You will indeed find what you want at an affordable price. Although it can’t compete with other vinyl records UK online store, it is still worth checking out. 

Vinyl Tap

You can buy pre-owned vinyl recordings on the Vinyl Tap platform. The platform has a unique grading system that is specific to each record. For instance, VG represents records in good condition, whereas EX denotes excellent condition. 

There are two grades: one for the vinyl's outside sleeve and one for the actual record. The record only comes in a sleeve if there is only one grade. They provide every type of music you can imagine, from jazz to rock, and even have a unique collection of colored vinyl that is collectible.

Despite the site's size, you can quickly locate what you're looking for, whether it's a new release, a pre-order, or something that's already in stock, thanks to a helpful artist search feature and the option to explore by genre.

That's not all, though. Various used records are available at Vinyl Tap, and each one is carefully rated so you know exactly what you're receiving. Ordering is easy, and it is stated if your selection is in stock or is "available to order," which indicates that it will be obtained from their supplier catalogs.

Vinyl Net


Last on our list of the best place to buy vinyl records online UK is Vinyl Net. A collection of distinct record dealers that are passionate about all things vinyl maintains this website. They offer thousands of recordings in their inventory that span all genres.

Vinyl Net is one of the best online vinyl store UK for used vinyl. It provides a fantastic discount, for instance, 5% off a £50 purchase. You can check it out if you are searching for the best place to buy vinyl records online in the UK.  

Why buy vinyl online?

UK websites are an excellent choice if you are searching for the best online record store UK. Many music genres and styles are available today, far more so than in the past while shopping at actual stores. There are a ton of reliable websites that provide all kinds of music.

You may find various types of vinyl online, including new, used, limited edition, rare, and even out-of-print vinyl. The enthusiastic individuals who run each of these internet stores make finding records simple. You can trade in your used albums and discover new music on the web portals, which offer search choices by genre, title, band, or label.


Where can I find vinyl records online?

Amazon. It would be difficult to omit Amazon from a list of all the internet retailers for vinyl albums. They offer a wide range, and their prices are reasonable. Additionally, Prime members often receive delivery in 1-2 days.

How much does vinyl cost on average in the UK?

According to the most recent information from ERA's quarterly study, vinyl records now cost an average of £20.31, with devoted collectors buying at least 19 LPs annually.

In the UK, how common are vinyl records?

In the UK, 5.5 million vinyl records were sold in 2022, the most since 1990.


Why not visit some of the best place to buy vinyl records online UK if you want to buy records online? You will definitely locate the music you are looking for, and you could discover something new! Thanks to subscription services that guarantee new music will arrive at your door each month, you may continue to add records to your collection without ever leaving your house.