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Where to buy Sylvanian Families in the UK?

Where to buy Sylvanian Families in the UK?

People across the world have come to love Sylvanian Families, and for those in England, there is one question: where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK? This unique toy has been in existence for years. According to the information, three ideas were considered when creating Sylvanian Families. “Sylvan” signifies “living in the forest”—nature, love, and family! Wow!

These toys were originally designed in Japan in 1985 and are still useful today for imparting important life lessons to children and adults. The term “flocking toys” refers to the soft feel of the toys.

Sylvania is the land of love and nature, and it serves as the backdrop for Sylvanian Families. Children can learn valuable social skills, how to share, and even vital family values by stepping into an imaginative world created by the toys.

Students can draft their own stories and gain additional knowledge about what it takes to be a good friend or member of a family. You may build a full town in Sylvania with the various family sets that come with various animals, houses for the families, stores, and furnishings like sofas and tables to put inside the homes and shops.

Where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK?

While Sylvanian Families may be found worldwide, the UK has all these adorable toy families in stock. You should start exploring overseas, notably at UK Sylvanian Families retailers, if you or your kids wish to collect every member of the Sylvanian Family.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself here because of your search for where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK, you are at the right place. In this section, we will explore where to buy Sylvan family toys at cheapest price.

Amazon UK

A wide selection of Sylvanian Family toys is available on Amazon UK. They do offer worldwide shipping, but the costs can be excessive. On Amazon UK, you may purchase individual family members or sets, and using the search feature makes it simple to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Enter your local address to find out whether Amazon UK ships to you and how much delivery will cost. However, if you’d want to spend less, input the free UK shipping address information when you want to buy Sylvanian families in the UK.

Amazon UK

Sylvanian Families

When you think of where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK, there is no perfect place to point to other than visiting the manufacturer’s website. For a wide selection of Sylvanian Family products at retail rates, check out the official Sylvanian Families UK Store. Before beginning your purchase, you must create a free online account to add toys to your cart.

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, and PayPal are among the payment methods accepted at the Official Store. Since the Official Store only ships to the UK, you may send your packages anywhere on the globe with a reputable parcel forwarding service, all from the convenience of your own free shipping address.

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys is a UK-based business. They have a wide selection of beloved toys from the area, such as a complete line of Sylvanian Families and their coordinating accessories.

You must first establish your payment method and register for a free account to place an order with Smyths Toys. You can then begin mixing and matching Sylvanian Families (as well as other toys) in your shopping basket before checking out. Smyths Toy is where to buy cheap Sylvanian families as they have stores across the United Kingdom.

Wigwam Toys

It’s hard not to mention Wigwam Toys when looking for where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK. Wigwam Toys is based in East Sussex and carries toys from well-known designers, regional firms, and foreign producers. Look for discounts and unique offers on your favorite Sylvanian Families toys. They frequently run promotions. Interestingly, Wigwam is the cheapest place to buy Sylvanian families from UK.


Because of its vast selection of goods, Argos is a popular online shop in the UK. They provide toys, of course, along with apparel, appliances, furniture, and home and garden supplies. They offer over thirty Sylvanian Families goods, so they have an excellent selection of playsets and different family members to pick from. Create a free account on Argos and buy Sylvanian family accessories without stress.


Cost of Sylvanian Families

Now you know where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK, the next important thing to consider is the cost. What you purchase will determine how much these cute Sylvanian animals’ cost. Individual furniture pieces are more reasonably priced and cost only a few pounds, but family collections and limited-edition items are pricier. The prices you might anticipate paying in the UK for these toys resembling anthropomorphic animals will differ based on where you buy them.

Available Sylvanian Families in the UK

Any of the above-mentioned stores in the UK has the entire line of Sylvanian Families sets. Each family consists of a mother, a father, and a few infants or kids; typically, four characters are included in the fee.

  • Elephant Family
  • Hamster Family
  • Hedgehog Family
  • Kangaroo Family
  • Monkey Family
  • Red Panda Family
  • Various Bear Families
  • Various Cat Families
  • Various Dog Families
  • Various Mouse Families
  • Various Otter Families
  • Various Rabbit Families
  • Walnut Squirrel Family
  • Woolly Alpaca Family

How to Care for Your Sylvanian Families?

The Sylvanian Family is one of the most well-liked toys that people like to collect. Many collectors have fallen in love with these little sculptures of cute anthropomorphic animals, to the point that some sets, figures, and furniture items have gained significant value and rarity among the community.

Sylvanian Family figurines need to be stored, cleaned, and given regular attention just like any other collection. In this aspect, we will look at some simple ways to keep your Sylvanian Family animal in shape.

Keep Them in A Spoil-Free Environment

Collections need to be stored in dry, dark, and cool environments. Every Sylvanian Family figure has a suede-like flocked surface. When held and viewed, the texture of the material is fuzzy and velvety. Flocked toys have one drawback, though: they easily gather dirt and dust.

Thus, think about keeping your figurines in a display case to keep them safe. Sets of furniture and structures are also available in Sylvanian Family Australia collections. These items benefit from having a clear container or a shelf coated with glass. Encased in the case, they will remain dust-free, pristine, and unaltered for extended periods.

Keep Them in A Spoil-Free Environment

Keep the Boxes Safe

For good reasons, a lot of toys and figurine collectors keep the packaging. Particularly for toys, boxes frequently include insightful information about the object. Some might also have instructions for maintenance.

A special code is assigned to each figure or set inside Sylvanian Family boxes. Tracking the codes on each item will enable you to catalog your collection fully. When a piece gets lost and needs to be replaced, you can also use the code as a reference.

Why Sylvanian Families Are Limited to Particular Regions?

The creation of Sylvanian Families, which began in Japan in 1985, has affected the world. To acquire the complete set, you must search abroad and visit foreign e-commerce sites, as these toys are distributed in more than 50 countries. You can find different figures, accessories, and furnishings throughout the world, as they come in varied sizes and shapes.

Only Europe, Japan, and the UK can purchase some Sylvanian Family sets. Even there, you can acquire Sylvanian Families that are unique to Mexico (known as “Lindos Ternurines”). Additionally, Limited Edition sets are exclusive to certain nations and may only be acquired online.


Why do Sylvanian Families cost so much money?

Even if some things might appear pricey, there’s usually a good explanation. Antique Sylvanian Families products, particularly rare pieces, are already costly to acquire; add worldwide shipping, taxes, and other charges to the cost.

Are There Unique Sylvania Families?

Most Sylvanian Families Rare, Retired, and Limited-Edition products are brand-new, but a small number are preowned, elusive Sylvanian Families treasures. These will be identified in the item title, along with a thorough description. Because of their uniqueness, you can buy Sylvanian families supermarket gift set for your loved ones.

Can an 11-year-old use a Sylvanian family?

Although Sylvanian Families is meant for kids three and up, it’s a timeless toy that appeals to all ages, from young kids just starting to make friends to older kids getting ready to start high school to nostalgic adults who remember the characters from their childhood.

Which Sylvanian family is the rarest?

To commemorate Sylvanian Families’ fifth anniversary in Japan, 100 exquisite white bunnies were released in 1989. Being the first white rabbit family ever released, they are among the rarest families ever found.


If you’re wondering where to buy Sylvanian families in the UK, we’ve covered everything you need. Remarkably, these figures are important for raising children. Sylvanian Families have won over collectors’ and children’s hearts for over 35 years. Nestled in the picturesque world of Sylvania, these charming animal miniatures provide a special fusion of creative exploration and painstakingly detailed craftsmanship.

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