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Buy Stamps Online UK

Where to Buy Stamps Online UK: The Definite Guide

Looking for where to buy stamps online UK? The fact that communication has taken a different approach today makes the stamps seem like a relic. We are living in the digital age where instant messaging and emails have established dominance over traditional communication forms. As such, it’s easy to deduce that the humble postage stamps are a thing of the past.

Far from it; stamps still contribute immensely to commerce and communication today. Whether you’re a collector looking for rare stamps or simply need postage for your mail, buying stamps online in the UK is a convenient option. UK Online platforms offer a plethora of options for acquiring stamps, catering to both the practical and collector’s needs but so many options can make you confused as well. So, in this definitive guide, we’re going to answer the question of where to buy stamps in the UK without moving from the comfort of your seat.

The Nostalgia of Postage Stamps

Nostalgia of Postage Stamps

Stamps have come a long way, dating back to 1840 when the first stamp was introduced. Penny Black, the first adhesive stamp was a small black postage stamp that featured Queen Victoria’s profile. Its design is attributed to Sir Rowland Hill, and it revolutionized the postal systems to ensure letters were posted more efficiently.

Postage stamps symbolize tradition, connection, and anticipation of getting a message from a dear one. Even in today’s modern world, the beauty of postage stamps still endures. While it’s still possible to buy stamps from a local post office, the worldwide web has made it more convenient than ever to acquire postage stamps UK. 

The UK stamps portraying the rich heritage of Great Britain are one of the most sought-after collectibles in the world. If looking for these stamps to give your letters a unique personalised touch, there are plenty of online UK marketplaces to purchase them.  With just a few clicks, you can buy and have postage stamps delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. This is a perfect blend of the past’s charm and modern convenience. 

With Jetkrate, you can get a registered UK address where your purchased stamps can be delivered. Jetkrate will bundle all your purchases into a single package and ship it to you anywhere in the world. 

Best Online Stores to buy stamps in UK

While there may be not so many online stores that sell postage stamps, we have researched the reputable ones that still do. Here are the top 10 best online stores to buy postage stamps UK. So, let’s get to it!

1. The Royal Mail Website

Worried about where to buy stamps in UK? The Royal Mail website stands out as one of the most trusted sources for buying postage stamps online. The UK’s iconic postage service has a long-standing tradition of offering quality stamps in the UK. As everything moves online, the postage service also availed an online store to allow the purchase of stamps.

The Royal Mail website offers all types of stamps. Whether after a first-class stamp, commemorative stamp, or an international stamp, you’ll find it on the official Royal Mail website

2. Amazon UK

Apart from the Royal Mail, online retailers on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon UK website, also offer an online platform to buy stamps in UK. If wondering “where to buy stamps near me” simply head to the UK variants of Amazon, and search for postage stamps.

The advantage of buying stamps on Amazon UK is that you get offers from many different vendors with user reviews to help you make informed decisions. The vast selection of products on Amazon UK makes it an ideal go-to destination whether looking for commemorative stamps or ordinary business stamps. This is one of the best online stores in UK

3. eBay UK

Like Amazon, eBay also has a wide selection of postage stamps from different independent vendors. However, eBay also has individual sellers and this makes it easier to come across vintage stamps from collectors. The platform follows an auction-style listing format, meaning that you’re likely to pay more or less for a postage stamp depending on the bids on an item. 

The risky bit of buying your postage stamps from eBay is that some of the listings may have quality, shipping, and return issues. 

4. Etsy

Etsy Ecommerce

Etsy is yet another popular e-commerce platform for independent sellers where you can buy stamps online. The online retailers offer a variety of postage stamps, from limited-edition collector’s stamps to bulk packs ideal for businesses. Like Amazon, this e-commerce platform adds a modern touch to your stamp-purchasing adventure. 

On Etsy, you can browse and compare offers from different shops in the comfort of your seat. If wondering, “Where can you buy postage stamps online”, Etsy has unique offerings from dedicated collectors and enthusiasts. You’re more likely to purchase a valuable collectible stamp from an individual or small business seller on Etsy. 

5. Stamp Community Forum

Every stamp enthusiast or collector understands the great value that the Stamp Community Forum adds to the world of postage stamps. This valuable online resource is not only a discussion forum, but it also shares opportunities for members to purchase, sell, or trade postage stamps. 

This community-driven platform is a nice place to get high-quality postage stamps as most of the members are enthusiastic collectors. But still, like any other online forum, always

6. Stamp Fair & Auction Diary

The Stamp Fair & Auction Diary is another popular online community with a strong dedication to stamp collection and auctioneering. The site offers up-to-date information about the upcoming stamp auctions in the UK.  Apart from connecting like-minded collectors, the Stamp Fair & Auction Diary also offers a platform where members can buy collectible stamps. If wondering where to buy stamps in London or anywhere in the UK, go to the website and search for auctions coming up or happening in your location.

The organization is a rich resource for philately where you can also learn more about collectible stamps.  Anything you could ever think of about stamps, from news magazines, trade associations, online catalogues, and auctioneers, to collectors is also available on the website

7. eBid UK

eBid is another marketplace that works in the same fashion as eBay to connect buyers and sellers. Sellers on the platform can list their postage stamps for sale, allowing collectors, enthusiasts, and philatelists to purchase their preferred stamps. 

It stands out for offering a wide selection of stamps, from individual stamps, first-day covers, and postal history items, to stamp collections, and more. When selling their stamps, sellers can either choose the auction-style or fixed-price listing. The auction-style listing tends to be highly competitive as collectors and enthusiasts compete for sought-after postage stamps UK. 

8. Facebook Marketplace

Are you wondering “where to buy stamps near me?” The Facebook Marketplace is one of the best online marketplaces to connect with individual sellers. The sellers can filter the geographical area where they want the posting to appear. This makes it easier to connect with sellers within your locality and buy the stamps. 

Using the search functionality, you can find specific types of postage stamps using keywords like stamp collections, commemorative stamps, or postage stamps. The user ratings and reviews also help buyers make informed purchase decisions by selecting highly rated sellers. Facebook market place is a very effective marketplace nowadays whether you want buy single item or youu can find wholesale supplier for your business as well.

9. Spink

Auction houses are prominent marketplaces where you can buy stamps. Spink stands out as an auction house that also offers a live online platform for collectors to place their bids on sought-after stamps. This site often holds stamp auctions from the ordinary types to the vintage types.

Spink is not only limited to the UK, but it also hosts online bids for other countries as well, including the US, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, and China. This gives you a wider reach for high-quality collectibles and postage stamps from around the world. The fact that the bids are highly regulated, you’re sure to find antique stamps worth a lot of money. 

10. Catawiki

Catawiki is an online marketplace that specializes in collectibles that also feature stamp listings. It’s renowned for dealing with rare items, and this makes it an ideal platform if looking for where to buy stamps online UK. Collectors and philatelists can find a wide variety of stamps on Catawiki.

This platform does not operate like traditional e-commerce platforms, instead, collectibles are sold through curated auctions. The stamps are featured in specialise auctions to ensure that sellers and collectors can target a specific audience of stamp buyers. 


Postage stamps are still popular in this day and age, despite the takeover of communication by instant messaging and emails. There are plenty of reliable sources to buy stamps online in UK. The Royal Mail website is a trusted platform with a rich history of offering stamps in the UK for years. Apart from this, e-commerce giants such as Amazon UK and eBay UK also feature a wide selection of stamp listings to choose from. While purchase don’t forget to enter discount and voucher code in these UK stores. use  Apart from the commonly known platforms, collectors looking for where to buy stamps online UK can also reach out to dedicated philatelic websites like Stamp Fair & Auction Diary. 

Whether you’re after rare collectibles or standard postage, these sites offer a variety of sought-after stamps in the UK. Shop your favourite stamps from these online platforms and let Jetkrate ship them to your destination anywhere in the world. 

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