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Guide to Discount and Voucher Websites in the UK

Just when you think every shopping feat has been discovered, voucher websites in the UK are quickly dominating the market trends. These sites offer discount codes and coupons that apply to a wide variety of products. You can choose one that matches your desired item so that you can buy the item at a lesser price.

The good news is that you can use these vouchers even if you’re not in the UK. Jetkrate offers package consolidation services that let you shop and apply discount coupons in various UK online stores. Once you sign up, you can use a free UK forwarding address during checkout. 

You can shop all you want and have your products stored at the Jetkrate warehouse for 30 days for free until you’ve completed your purchases. Then, we will consolidate all the items in one package and ship one parcel to you!

What are coupons?

Vouchers or coupons are simply codes that you can redeem at a store in exchange for a cash value, discount on the product, or other deals. Voucher sites are where you can find several of these coupons that you can use when shopping online. 

For example, you want to purchase a bed cushion from Next. If you try to search online, you might find a voucher that lets you get a 50% discount on the item. You only need to enter the code (i.e., format: ABC123) on the space indicated on the store’s checkout page. If valid in this case, you will be able to buy the item at half the price.

Coupon sites aren’t usually for charity. That means they make a profit through affiliate marketing schemes. The site earns money whenever a user clicks their link and uses a coupon code from the website.

Best voucher websites in the UK

Here’s a list of the top coupon sites where you can get amazing deals and vouchers for your next purchase at any online store in the UK.

Voucher codes

Shoppers in the UK can tell you that Voucher Codes is among the topnotchers on this list because it offers plenty of exclusive discounts for its customers. These vouchers can give you bigger savings when you want to shop online. The site offers vouchers to over 5,000 retail, restaurant, and leisure brands across the country.

You might find the vouchers posted on the page helpful when you’re planning to buy several items at the same time. It’s not only the shoppers who benefit from Voucher Codes. Retailers also get the chance to be featured in the site’s newsletters and homepage. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

What users also like with this website is that it’s easy to use and navigate. It’s no surprise that their mobile app has more than 4 million downloads and counting. Over 8 million people have signed up for an account. It’s one of the largest names for discount vouchers today.


Hot UK deals

Hot UK Deals is the biggest bargain-hunting community where you will find countless deals and user-submitted codes, too. While not all codes work all the time, you might stumble upon a voucher that provides a huge slash off the item price, free shipping, or best-value freebies with your order.

The site gets updated regularly (every few hours or so), making it a great place to search for a quick deal. The community can then rate vouchers, so it’s easier to identify which ones are worth getting or are duds. You can trust the site’s 330,000+ members to point you to the right deals.


With 2,200 retailers on the list, Groupon UK does not have any shortage of voucher collections. You can find more than 8,200 codes that you can choose from to get the biggest discounts on your orders. You can check the “shopping” tab for the latest deals. If you want to discover exclusive offers and vouchers, head to the site’s “discount codes” tab.

From fashion to technology to automotive and more, there’s a perfect voucher for your purchase. You can get discounts from some of the biggest brands in the UK like Amazon, ASOS, Morphe, and more. 

My Voucher Codes

The second-largest voucher resource in the country is My Voucher Codes, which boasts over 6 million members and 1.3 million app downloads. This site posts discount codes for a wide variety of brands and retailers (3,000 and counting). The website has useful pages like “Exclusives” and “Top 50” that can help you narrow down your choices.

You might not find insane deals and vouchers like 80% discounts here, but you can trust the site to bring you spectacular savings the more you use their deals. You can check out their website if you’re planning to shop at Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, and more.


Wowcher is a fast-growing coupon site thanks to its proactive marketing strategies. When you sign up, you will receive an email that contains daily deals exclusive to their members. The website offers a free subscription to their service and provides a great selection of deals from virtually every niche, including home, electronics, and beauty.

 This site gives an extra treat to UK shoppers with in-person redeemable deals for travel and beauty. There’s a tiny catch, however—deals are typically based on group buying. That means if not many people sign up for the deal, then the code becomes null and void.

GrabHub UK

One of the country’s emerging free voucher sites is GrabHub UK. It’s the place where you can get plenty of useful promos and coupons for your next purchase in an online UK store. The site strives to deliver maximum discount codes to help you check out your orders and save a significant sum of money in the process.

Although it’s not as big as other sites on the list, GrabHub boasts its careful consideration of stores included on the platform. The team chooses retailers and brands that offer quality-conscious products and excellent customer interaction. Some of the affiliated names include Amazon, Shein, Tesco, and Allbeauty.

Tips and tricks for voucher sites

If you’re shopping from outside the UK, you can use this guide to help you choose the right voucher website for you.

Shop during UK sales

Much like shopping anywhere, you should know specific dates that can guarantee good deals and discounts. For example, brands typically make Boxing Day sales, summer sales, and New Year’s deals that deliver huge savings for shoppers. Some stores celebrate their anniversary with coupons and discounted items, too. 

Before you shop, check the online store’s clearance sales, and weigh your options so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Sign up for emails and newsletters

Most of these voucher websites send codes via their emailing list. You can take advantage of exclusive deals if you sign up for their regular newsletters. These emails update you on what’s new and which live codes you can use when shopping. 

Some retailers also offer special deals for their subscribers. These discounts are typically limited-time offers, so make sure to catch them before they expire!

Use price trackers

If you have your eye on a certain item but can’t purchase it yet because it’s too expensive for your liking, then you can use a price tracker website to know when the price drops to its lowest. Monitoring the price allows you to determine when’s the best time to buy the product.

Websites like Alertr send an email to notify you whenever your desired item is on sale. It’s a highly effective way to buy the product you want at a great price.

Get rewarded for your loyalty

Several UK retailers and affiliated brands have a loyalty scheme for their avid followers. Whenever you shop frequently, you can build up loyalty points, which may equal discounts, freebies, or free shipping for your future orders. Before buying, read the brand’s guidelines on loyalty points and how you can redeem them.

Consolidate your purchases

International shipping is not only time-consuming but can also be expensive, so you must play it smart. If you need to shop at several UK stores, you can use Jetkrate to consolidate your items into one package before having the parcel delivered to your address. This way, you can receive all your purchases in one go.

What’s great about this service from Jetkrate is that you have full control of how we will ship the package to you. You have several shipping, customs declarations, and insurance coverage options, plus a parcel photography service that shows you what the inside of your package looks like before we send it to you.

The takeaway

Voucher websites in the UK are what a shopping-savvy person can take advantage of to get huge savings on purchases. There’s always room for a bargain when it comes to shopping. You can use this guide to explore and find worthy deals and coupons that will delight the little Scrooge in you. Also, make sure to seek Jetkrate’s outstanding package consolidation and forwarding services so that you can make the most out of your shopping experience!

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