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Top 15 Best Cosmetics Wholesalers in the UK

Cosmetics is one of the most popular niches that will always be in demand and hence you need to look out for the top cosmetics wholesalers in the UK to kick start your own business. People have always wanted to put their best foot forward and there will always be new cosmetics and colors trending worldwide. 

Despite the pandemic affecting the economy, the retail sector in the UK was valued at 403 billion GBP contributing 5% to the annual GDP in 2020. With the consumer sentiment remaining strong despite the pandemic, it is safe to conclude that the retail market in the UK has opportunities to grow in 2021.  

For a beauty store to function seamlessly there ought to be a steady supply of beauty products in the store at all times. Since you aren’t making the product yourself, you need to look for trusted wholesalers in the UK for steady supplies of the trending products. This is when you need to turn to the best wholesale cosmetics supplier who can cater to your business needs. 

If you are keen on entering the retail market in the UK, then this blog will introduce you to the best wholesale cosmetics UK suppliers you can collaborate with to start your own makeup line.

Cherry Cosmetics

Based in Leicester, Cherry Wholesale Cosmetics is a leading supplier of health and beauty products and fragrances in the UK. They offer branded skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty products at the lowest prices possible. Their focus is not just on the products but also on ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The company understands that purchasing cosmetics can be a difficult task. This is why they make the entire process smooth by creating a trustworthy and friendly environment for the buyers. They sell products that are 100% original and safe to use. 

Products: Face powder, highlighter, bronzer, skincare, lipstick, mascara, foundation, haircare 


Why should you consider Cherry Cosmetics?

A wide range of cosmetic products
Trustworthy and friendly customer service
100% genuine products
Branded customer products at the lowest prices possible

Apollo Accessories Ltd.

Apollo Accessories has been active in the wholesale market for a really long time. The company has experimented with numerous wholesale supplies and is one of the trusted cosmetics wholesalers in the UK.

The company has also launched an online store that was entirely dedicated to the sale of wholesale makeup and cosmetics way back in 1989 when the technology wasn’t much advanced. Fortunately, they put a lot of thought into developing the online store and offer unparalleled services to their customers from all over the world.

The best thing about Apollo Accessories is that their inventory is always stocked with the best makeup products. Also, the company provides the best customer service possible. They ship worldwide too and sell products at the lowest prices possible. If you are on a hunt for high-end makeup wholesale UK, then you cannot go wrong with choosing Apollo Accessories.

Products: Eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, cleansers, palettes, toners, serums, oils, fashion, giftware, and more

Why should you consider Apollo Accessories Ltd.?

Has been in the industry for over three decades
One of the first sources for market traders, online retailers in the UK and Europe
Specialize in quality cosmetics and fashion accessories  
Promise friendly customer service at competitive prices 
A trusted UK and international online wholesaler, distributor, and supplier 

Shure Cosmetics

Shure Cosmetics is a leading wholesale fragrance and cosmetics supplier in London. The company has been running a successful mail-order business for several years. It has now turned to an internet gateway to take its wholesale business online. If you are keen on running a cosmetics store, then you can shop from the comfort of your home with Shure Cosmetics.

The wholesaler understands the demands of their customers and is delighted to provide a wide range of cosmetics at reasonable prices. Wholesale customers looking for branded cosmetics at the lowest feasible prices as well as speedy delivery can turn to Shure Cosmetics, one of the best online beauty stores in the UK.

Products: Bronzers, cleansers, oils, highlighters, masks, exfoliators, toners, tools, brushes, fine perfumes, budget fragrances, and more


Why should you consider Shure Cosmetics?

London-based supplier of cosmetics and fragrances
Easy to navigate online portal for placing wholesale orders
Offer top value for money and a good range of cosmetics 
Branded cosmetics at the lowest possible prices
Quick delivery and excellent customer service

Fizzy Peach

Fizzy Peach is a reputed name in the wholesale market in the UK. The company has been offering branded cosmetics to the general public at extremely low prices and has also emerged as the best wholesale cosmetics UK supplier. The company aims to provide a better experience to the suppliers, traders, and others. It ensures complete transparency in its process. You can rest assured that your purchase is a genuine one. The company ensures the authenticity of all its products. They also promise same-day dispatch if you place your order before 2pm. 

Products: Mists, perfumes, blushes, concealers, foundations, nails, and more

Why should you consider Fizzy Peach?

Trusted wholesale suppliers in the UK 
Quick shipping services to the buyers 
Offer a range of branded products 
Ensures complete transparency in the process

Colourzone Wholesale

The company is one of the leading sellers of cosmetics and makeup tools. It offers a range of products that cater to everything a retailer or a makeup artist would want to own. If you are looking for quality products at wholesale rates, then this online beauty retailers in the UK could be your final destination for all your cosmetic and makeup needs.

The company offers a wide range of wholesale cosmetics products and tools. You can shop for everything from brushes to eyeshadows for personal and professional use. They offer the latest products from the reputed brands and they update their stock on a daily basis. 

Products: Gel, Foundation, Lipstick, Mascara, skincare, haircare, makeup, and more  


Why should you consider Colourzone Wholesale?

Offers a wide range of branded wholesale makeup and cosmetics
They sell the latest products from reputed brands 
New stock arrives on a daily basis 
Find top collections from high street to high-end brands

Beauty Box

Established over 4 decades ago, Beauty Box is a family-run business that has tasted massive success in the past few years. The company is managed by trustworthy, loyal people who hold great values and business ethics. The company gives top emphasis to customer service, supplying quality products, value for money, and low prices.

The price Beauty Box offers is better in comparison to most wholesalers in the UK. All the products they have in stock are authentic and of the highest quality. Their service is outstanding and they also ship products quickly. All these qualities make them one of the top cosmetics wholesalers in the UK. 

Products: haircare, cosmetics, makeup, accessories, makeup tools, and more

Why should you consider Beauty Box?

Has been in operation for over four decades 
Run by trustworthy people who adhere to business ethics
Top-notch customer service
Supply quality products at low prices

Born Pretty

This US-based company has warehouses both in the UK and the US. It supplies cosmetics and fragrances at wholesale prices. You can grab massive discounts from them if you manage to make a purchase during the clearance sale.  All the products offered by them are affordable and of premium quality. The best thing is that the company ships the products for free of cost. 

Products: Nail art, false eyelashes, fragrances, accessories, face makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, and more.

Why should you consider Born Pretty?

 Has warehouses both in the UK and the US
Offer massive discounts during the clearance sale 
Affordable prices and premium quality 
Free shipping offered over purchases

Clearance King

This family-run business imports and wholesales a variety of fast-selling branded and unbranded goods to the trade. They have over six decades of experience in the industry. Their operations are based on the values of transparency, honesty, and professionalism. Its aim is to offer the best value products without compromising the quality and customer service. They are one of the most trustable wholesalers in the industry.

Products: Skincare, cosmetics, hair care, accessories, and more 

Why should you consider Clearance King?

Family-run business importing a variety of branded and unbranded goods 
60 years of experience in the industry 
Promise best value products without compromising the quality 
Unparalleled customer service
One of the most trusted wholesalers in the industry

Very Cosmetics

Very Cosmetics is a trusted wholesale cosmetics supplier in the UK. They sell a wide range of beauty products at affordable prices. Their products range from lips, eyes, face, nails care, and nail polishes. They sell high street brands including Rimmel London, Max Factor, NYX, Maybelline, L’Oréal, and more. They update stock on an everyday basis and also try to improve their product range on a periodic basis. 

Products: Makeup, Eye makeup, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, powder, lip liners, gift sets, and more

Why should you consider Very Cosmetics?

Sell at competitive prices 
Thrive to update their stock on an everyday basis 
Diversified product range 
Ensure fair prices across all of the products


Ellisons is the leading cosmetic wholesalers in the UK to hair and beauty professionals. They sell a selection of trusted brands to spas, salons, and businesses all over the world. Established in 1930, they have been using their knowledge and experience to provide their customers with the latest innovations. They sell exclusive brands and promise exceptional service to the buyers. 

Products: Facial masks, cleansers, toners, cuticle remover, nail kit, spa kit, and more


Why should you consider Ellisons?

Promise an excellent online shopping experience 
They sell a wide range of professional hair and beauty supplies 
They assign dedicated personal account management for their business clients

Mirage Cosmetics

They are one of the leading cosmetic distributors and wholesalers in the UK. They provide an easy-to-navigate website for their wholesale customers so that they can access a huge range of affordable cosmetics, makeup, beauty accessories, and hair dye. 

They have a strong network throughout Europe and promise bespoke solutions to their clients. The directors managing the company have a combined 60 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. They are also a proud member of the exclusive UK and European distributors of professional eyelash and nail care brand Amazing Shine.

Products: fragrance, eye makeup, eyelashes, hair accessories, lip makeup, haircare, and more 

Why should you consider Mirage Cosmetics?

Ensure 100% customer satisfaction
Sell products from exclusive brands 
A trusted platform for wholesale cosmetics, makeup, and hair dye supplies

Honeypot Cosmetics

Established in 1981, Honeypot Cosmetics is a leading UK-based distributor of branded skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, sun care, and accessories. They stock over 1,000 different product lines and each product line is available in a number of styles, colors, and variants. They strive to grow their stock lines and to stay updated with the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Products: fragrances, sun care, skincare, makeup, gift sets, and accessories 

Why should you consider Honeypot Cosmetics?

They have a large selection of budget cosmetics and fragrances which go hand in hand with our branded offerings 
Export to many countries around the world 
Shipping quotes offered for most countries
Instant quotations are offered through the site 
Dispatch within one working day

Aurora Cosmetics

Aurora Cosmetics is one of the trusted makeup wholesale suppliers in the UK. It has years of experience in selling branded authentic wholesale make-up suppliers. They sell only genuine wholesale cosmetics, skincare products, branded makeup, and more.

Products: skincare, branded cosmetic goods, makeup, fragrances, and more


Why should you consider Aurora Cosmetics?

Large selection of products 
Authentic products from top brands 
One of the trusted cosmetics wholesalers in the UK

Wholesale Branded Cosmetics

The company is a UK-based retailer offering branded cosmetics and high-street makeup to both the general public and wholesalers. They provide almost 80% off on the normal price range. Their remarkable low prices support small businesses looking to re-sell products with a higher profit margin.

Products: High-end makeup, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, nail polish, lip gloss, and more 

Why should you consider Branded Cosmetics?

Remarkably low prices on products 
They stock all the latest and the newest cosmetics on the market 
One of the largest online beauty retailers in the UK selling at wholesale rates

H&B Supplies

The company started in 1981 as a supplier and distributor of branded fine fragrances in the UK. However, its offerings diversified over time and they started skincare and cosmetics products as well along with their initial offerings. The company is popular for supplying cosmetics at competitive prices.

Products: High-end fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, haircare 

Why should you consider H&B Supplies?

Trusted cosmetics wholesalers 
Have decades of experience in the industry 
Provide live accurate data of your current orders promising full batch traceability


Where can I buy cosmetic products online in the UK?

Many online wholesalers are selling authentic makeup and cosmetics goods online at reasonable prices. This post has covered all the leading wholesalers and almost all of them have an online presence.  

Almost all the wholesalers listed above have an online store. You can check out their offerings to check if you can find what you are looking for. 

Almost all vendors have their platform. You can check if they are selling their products through their dedicated app or not. 

In a recent survey carried out in 2019 by Prodege MR, online shopping is quite popular among UK customers. Almost 61.6 percent of respondents said they purchase cosmetics via online channels regularly.  

Yes, it is okay to purchase makeup and cosmetics online from uk provided you know that the platform can be trusted. If you are not sure, then check out our list of the top 15 best cosmetics wholesalers in the UK.

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