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How to buy clothes from the UK using Jetkrate

How to Buy Clothes from the UK Using Jetkrate

The United Kingdom is home to many iconic clothing brands such as Admiral Sportswear, Alfred Dunhill, AllSaints and more. Some of the world’s best-known clothing stores include Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, and the most well-known department store in the world, Harrods.

While residents in the UK can take advantage of these brands and other clothing stores, both online and in-store, customers living outside of the UK have limited options. Everyone knows that shipping from the UK to other countries is very restricted. And it is even increased more after Brexit. So, you should know the criteria for shipping from the UK to Europe after Brexit if you are a resident of another EU country

Many of the most popular clothing stores and brands don’t ship outside of the UK or have shipping restrictions that may only ship to certain countries. Fortunately for people living outside of the UK, there is a simpler and more streamlined way to buy clothes from the UK called Jetkrate.

What is Jetkrate?

Jetkrate is a warehouse and parcel consolidation center that allows people living outside of the UK to bypass international shipping restrictions with one simple operation. One of the biggest advantages of Jetkrate is that we provide a UK address in our warehouse so that overseas customers have a UK shipping address for all their clothing purchases.

Our company provides a suite address for our customers, which allows UK retailers to ship to them. This process allows you to have your parcel sent to our warehouse and pay local shipping and handling charges with your initial purchase.

Process of Using Jetkrate

Think of Jetkrate as that friend or relative you have living in the UK, only a lot quicker and much more efficient.

To take full advantage of shopping for clothes in the UK, you simply need to sign up for a free account with Jetkrate. Once you have provided all your details, Jetkrate will assign you a suite number. This location is your UK address, which you will provide at the checkout to each UK retailer. When the retailer delivers your purchase locally to the Jetkrate warehouse, we store the parcel at your allocated suite.

When you are ready to have your order delivered to you, you pay Jetkrate to deliver your packages. Jetkrate uses FedEx and other major shipping companies to have your parcels delivered; this is how Jetkrate works.

We also provide all the relevant customs declarations required by law.

Why use Jetkrate?

Jetkrate provides you with 30 days of free warehouse storage. This period provides you with lots of time to shop across multiple retailers. You’ll be able to take advantage of any sales or promotions happening at your favourite stores. By consolidating your packages you only pay for one shipment. This service can save you up to 80% in shipping costs.


Disadvantages of Not Using Jetkrate Service

Many online retailers might not offer direct international shipping or might have limited shipping options available. This can restrict your choices and possibly lead to higher shipping costs. Not just that, there are other disadvantages to not using the parcel forwarding service.

Complex Process

Some people and expatriates ask their friends or relatives living in the UK to purchase clothing on their behalf. This is certainly one way to avoid shipping restrictions, but it isn’t an effective method of purchasing. First, you need to send money to the UK resident. While international money transfers have come a long way in recent years, there is still the matter of currency conversion.

You also need to know how much the parcel will cost your friend or relative to post. This person can usually only determine cost at the local post office. Not only does the weight of the parcel play a part in the shipping cost, but you also need to specify whether you want your parcels sent by expedited posts, such as by air or sea. The communication involved is both frustrating and time-consuming. Things eventually get more difficult when you look for suitable homeware deals in UK and get it delivered to your destination.

Costly Postage Expenses

Imagine you want to buy clothing for all your family. A nice dress for yourself, some trousers or shirts for your husband, some clothing items for your children or teenagers from Uk based online shoe stores to match your outfit. Even if you were to spread these purchases out over months, the cost of having a friend or family member post them to you could become quite expensive. If you added up the postage and handling costs for multiple items, you might be surprised to learn that the money you spent to receive your clothing would actually be the equivalent of another item of clothing.

Buying Cloth using Jetkrate

Lack of Customs Assistance

When purchasing clothes directly from UK stores without the assistance of any professional shipping service like jetkart, you may face challenges related to customs procedures and regulations. Handling customs declarations and ensuring compliance with import laws, can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

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Start Shopping Your Favourite UK Clothing Labels Today

There’s no need to wait to start shopping from your favourite UK retailers. With all the advantages of using Jetkrate in mind, sign up for your free Jetkrate account today.

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