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Everything You Should Know About Forwarding Parcels from New Zealand

Everything You Should Know About Forwarding Parcels from New Zealand

Some items and products are only available in New Zealand stores. These merchants might offer everything you want to buy, yet don’t ship to your location. Does this mean you have to cancel your order? Absolutely not! At Jetkrate, we offer a user-friendly solution. We are the leading marketer in shopping and shipping packages from New Zealand. In this blog, we have come through everything you should know about forwarding parcels from New Zealand.

How Does Jetkrate Work?

You might be wondering how Jetkrate operates! We work according to your request and you are in total control of your package when you use Jetkrate. It’s as if you are sending parcels internationally from New Zealand on your own. All you need to do is tap, select, and click. When you create an account with Jetkrate, you obtain your New Zealand shipping address, which you can use on all merchants from New Zealand.

You will receive an email confirmation once your package arrives at your suite in Jetkrate’s warehouse. After that, you can select how and where you want us to send your package. So, how can we be of help?
Take a look at the detailed steps below to use Jetkrate in forwarding parcels from New Zealand internationally.

  1. Register for a free Jetkrate account.
  2. Verify your account. We will send a confirmation to your registered email address.
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Enter your account details: shipping address and billing address.
  5. Access your New Zealand address from your dashboard or at the top of Jetkrate’s page. 
  6. Purchase your desired items from any New Zealand store. Remember to use your New Zealand shipping address when you check out for your order. 
  7. Wait for your package to arrive at Jetkrate’s warehouse.
  8. Upon arrival, you can choose to forward the items or store them in your suite until you finish all your New Zealand purchases.
  9. Jetkrate will then process forwarding your parcel. This includes legal documents and invoicing you the final cost. Repacking and consolidating, if necessary, also happens in this stage.
  10. Jetkrate will ship your package to you.
  11. Wait for delivery.
How Does Jetkrate Work

You can always track and manage your packages online when you create an account with us. So, don’t worry if your parcel takes a little bit longer to arrive at your doorstep. The transit delay may be due only to customs or weather. Moreover, we will notify you of every movement your package makes.


Many retailers pack items in an oversized box that incurs additional charges. Instead of that, Jetkrate provides repacking services to transfer your items into smaller packages to reduce your shipping costs. However, terms and conditions will still apply to this service.


We often receive multiple parcels from only one recipient. This may result in higher shipping costs, as each item is considered a separate shipment. So, we offer package consolidation services to reduce your forwarding expenses. We can combine the items into one box to be treated as a single load.

Photographic Services

We do not open parcels unless we suspect one to contain prohibited items. We will only open and inspect your package at your discretion. If you want us to check that the items delivered in our warehouse are correct and undamaged, we can do so. We will send the photos to your email and wait for your response.

We do not open parcels unless we suspect one to contain prohibited items. We will only open and inspect your package at your discretion. If you want us to check that the items delivered in our warehouse are correct and undamaged, we can do so as we deliver parcel photography service. We will send the photos to your email and wait for your response.

Parcel Shipping Costs

The cost of forwarding packages from New Zealand depends on various factors, such as your chosen courier, the package’s volumetric weight, and Jetkrate fees. Our experts are working diligently 24/7 to give you the best shipping rate at the time of your request.
You can use our free shipping calculator to obtain an estimate of how much it will cost you. Please note that this estimated cost is subject to change as we determine its actual weight at the time of our dispatch. Also, Jetkrate fees will apply.

How Does Jetkrate Ship Packages?

We ship packages to over 200 countries worldwide, including the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

FedEx International Priority FedEx International Economy DHL Express Worldwide
Fast shipping time Standard transport time Speedy delivery time
Most expensive shipping rate Less expensive shipping rate Cheapest shipping rate
Tracking details Tracking details Tracking details
Insurance Insurance Insurance
Multi-piece delivery Multi-piece delivery Multi-piece delivery
Ships up to 30 kg Ships up to 30 kg Ships up to 30 kg

All couriers require a signature on delivery to avoid package loss. If you haven’t received your orders within the given time frame, please contact us directly. 
Note: We do not allow you to use your own courier when using Jetkrate to send your parcels. We are responsible for arranging your package’s courier, and all you need to do is select among the given transportation choices.

Reminders That Every Jetkrate Customer Must Consider

Although sending parcels global is easy through Jetkrate, it still requires detailed attention and consideration. Some packages may get lost or damaged along the way. Keep the following considerations in mind when you forward packages. 

Taxes and Duties

Do you have to pay a tax and duty when sending parcels internationally from New Zealand? Put simply, all imported goods have corresponding taxes and duties depending on your package’s destination, as well as your item’s nature and value. Check the appropriate tax and duty payables of the country where you are sending your parcels. 

We can do the paperwork needed to send parcels globally on your behalf. Please note that we rely on the information you provide, and we value disclosure. Therefore, it is essential for you to declare accurate information about your package for convenient customs clearance and consignment or postage purposes. 

Moreover, we do not compensate for package loss or damage if your declared value or item is different from what you notified us the first time. Please also remember that failure to submit legal documentation when shipping international parcels can result in criminal charges and penalties. 

Prohibited Items

As part of your responsibilities, you should always abide by the laws, rules, and regulations concerning parcel forwarding. One of these practices is to ensure that the New Zealand government does not prohibit the items you are sending. 

Sending restricted items overseas is subject to severe offenses and penalties. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or cost of prohibited and restricted items. So, always check our complete list of banned articles to avoid delays and further problems.
Examples of prohibited items:

•   Ammunitions and weapons like bullets, grenades, and catapults
•    Bleaches and poisons like cyanide, chlorine, and weed killers
•    Flammable solids and liquids like aerosols and charcoals
•    Valuables like gift cards, vouchers, and traveler’s cheques
•    Items like drugs, untreated furs and skins, and batteries

There are prohibited items that we can still send but with special packaging requirements. Here is a couple of such articles:

•    Lithium-ion and Lithium-ion polymer batteries
•    Electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, and cameras

If these are prohibited, can I still send one of these items internationally? Technically, yes. You can still ship electronic devices and Lithium-ion batteries internationally, as long as it meets specific requirements such as the following:

•    Each Lithium-ion cell must be at a maximum of 20 watts/hour.
•    Each Lithium-ion battery must be at a maximum of 100 watts/hour.
•    Devices, especially with batteries, must be switched off and wrapped well enough to survive a 1.2 m drop.

If you still have questions and concerns about our services, please do not hesitate to email us or contact our customer service representatives via Live Chat.

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