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Best Ways to Shop New Zealand Stores and Boutiques

The Best Ways to Shop New Zealand Stores and Boutiques

New Zealand has very unique places to shop. Concerning fashion, the country will never let you down. One can find trendy and fashionable clothes all over the place. The biggest advantage of shopping in New Zealand is the availability of local brands and shops. The local shops provide you with an excellent collection of exotic fabrics, jewelry, shoes, and more. On the other hand, shopping in the country can be a little tricky. There are many products that might seem very attractive in the markets, but selecting the best ones possible can be a challenge. So keep a list of strategies in mind while shopping NZ stores and boutiques. To make the experience easier for you, we have listed some of the best ways to shop New Zealand stores and boutiques.

8 Best Ways to Shop New Zealand Stores and Boutiques

Check out these 8 most useful methods before you go shopping in New Zealand stores and boutiques. It can ease up your shopping process and save you a lot more money.


If you are reading this article before going to shop, then you are on track to make your shopping a great experience. If you are in the market without the proper research, are not familiar with the usual rates, or are not good at recognizing quality items, then you could end up buying the wrong product at a higher rate than usual. If possible, it is always better to shop from boutiques with someone who is aware of the locality. There are many guides easily available for this job. They can also help you to explore the best boutiques. Good research will help you locate the best places to shop with a limited budget.

New Zealand’s Christchurch is a hub of e-commerce stores and multinational brands with high-end fashionable clothing. Check out our guide on shopping on Christchurch eCommerce stores to explore the exotic collection of fabrics and clothwear.

Do Research

Keep an Eye on the Streets

While you will see big and branded shops in New Zealand, if you are looking for something different and special to the country, then it’s better to keep an eye out for the local sellers, especially on the streets. They can provide you with cheap, good, fashionable stuff. Even if you are already looking for boutiques, then it’s better to go for the small ones with limited stocks to get exclusive products. Especially in places such as Queensland, the streets are the place to look out for special items. No big brand can provide you with the exotic flavors of New Zealand’s fashion, so it’s better to search the streets in the best possible way. 

Consider Malls

New Zealand has plenty of malls. But if you are a big fan of shopping boutiques or New Zealand stores, then better to restrict yourself to the small businesses. In any case, if you are looking for branded stuff with big company names, then you can always visit these malls. Most of the malls are filled with brand outlets. Another reason for visiting is the limited section of the malls that deals with local fabrics. You sometimes even get a twist on the normal trends in the malls. For this reason, it’s not a bad option to shop. Also, malls offer more than just clothes, so one can enjoy other facilities, such as restaurants and movie theaters. Don’t count malls completely out. 

Don't Forget the Shopping Centers

New Zealand has many shopping centers to offer. These centers are basically like mini-malls with limited collections of items. Many of the stores have specially made clothes from local fabrics. You can find a number of boutiques and stores selling premium, quality products out there. However, for your information, the prices in these centers are often a little bit more than usual. On the other hand, the clothing stores can give you a guarantee of good, quality clothes. 

Be Patient and Search

The ground rule out there is to search and wait. Shopping specialty products is not a task you can do in a hurry, or else you might end up spending your money on junk. The beach streets have special stalls that give great options to shop. Try learning more about the famous stores where one can expect good products. Remember people out there are very friendly, and they love to show the best of their country to foreigners. So it’s a good option to try shopping with the locals. 

Don't Buy Based on a Salesperson’s Claims

Many tourists face the problem of falling for the words of the boutique owners. Basically, tourists are the easiest people to manipulate when they have very little knowledge of New Zealand’s local fashion trends and fabrics. Don’t buy something that makes you uncomfortable or that doesn’t suit you. Think before you buy, and go to the boutiques with a mindset that is very hard to manipulate.

Don't Buy Based on a Salesperson’s Claims

Don’t Count on Bargains

New Zealand is not a place where you benefit from bargaining. People are very strict with their prices, and most of the time they ask fair, genuine prices. But you might strike a lucky vendor that provides you with a discount. So try using the tourist card to get a reasonable bargain on your things from the boutique, but don’t rely on this tactic.

On the other hand, the fabric salespeople can give you more than a product’s worth. Be very careful in what you pick from the local market. The best part of this product is that fabrics change with different localities and different seasons. So shopping depends on the time and place of your arrival in New Zealand.

Too Fancy Can Cost You

New Zealand stores and boutiques have some of the best fancy products, but you may want to try avoiding them. If you are there to shop on a limited budget and want to save money yet buy good fabrics and other products, then try going for exclusive items that seem less fancy. The fancier you buy, the more you will have to pay; frankly, buying such things is not such a great deal. Stick to the basics and select the best products. However, if you don’t have a limited budget and prefer to treat yourself and spend lavishly, you can find excellent fancy items in New Zealand.

Shopping boutiques and New Zealand stores is a fun activity while traveling there. Try keeping all the points listed above in mind to get the best results from your shopping. After you shop till you drop, you may want to ship some items back home rather than travel with them. Sometimes, shipping items from New Zealand to different countries becomes difficult, but  Jetkrate can help you make sure everything you buy in New Zealand gets safely to you at home. A day exploring the streets of New Zealand is a brilliant option to get some great products to remember your travels. 

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