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How To Shop Luxury Fashion From Mytheresa UK and Ship Worldwide

How To Shop Luxury Fashion From Mytheresa UK and Ship Worldwide

Luxury isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for the few of us who understand it, there’s no limit to what we can do to own it. Mytheresa is a one-stop online luxury and fashion store that everyone wishes would be next door in their home country. Unfortunately, if that’s not the case, there are still several other ways to shop luxury fashion from Mytheresa UK.

This premier destination is popular for a reason. Apart from being the crème de la crème for exquisite jewellery, designer fashion, and accessories, its prices are one of the best. It’s one of the few online stores where you can shop designer brands like Valentino Garavani, Alexander McQueen, and Bottega Veneta without breaking the bank.

Fashionista’s Woes and How Mytheresa Helps Overcome Them

Staying on top of the latest trends isn’t easy – it comes with its own set of challenges that you’ll need to overcome. Like the fashionista you are, you must be prepared to go the length.

Limited Availability

As a fashion and luxury enthusiast, you’re not always going to find high-end designer brands in your country. A Dolce & Gabbana handbag with your desired colour and size won’t be easy to find just anywhere, and that’s what makes luxury expensive. But surprisingly, Mytheresa makes it easy to find this and many other leading designer fashion items.

Fake Brands

Those who understand fashion know how it can be frustrating to spend a fortune on a designer brand only to learn that it’s a fake. When shopping, you want an online store that deals with authentic Gucci, D&G, Dior, and the like. On Mytheresa, every designer item on sale is sourced directly from the brand, and this guarantees you that you’re buying genuine brands only.

Shipping Restriction

Mytheresa, like most other online luxury fashion stores, has shipping restrictions that make it challenging for international shoppers to access what they want. If your country is among those restricted, you can get Mytheresa purchases to UK forwarding address and ship to your country. We’ll talk about this shortly.

Fashion FOMO

Fashion FOMO
The fashion industry is rapidly and constantly evolving, with new brands and trends emerging every day. Keeping up with this can seem like a never-ending pursuit. The fear of missing out can become a real concern if your objective is to stay ahead of the curve. Haven’t seen the new Italian-made Loro Piana leather handbag? It’s on Mytheresa!

When you shop at Mytheresa online, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest fashion trends and updates as they unfold.

Exorbitant prices

In the world of fashion, there’s class for every taste and pocket depth. But how do you deal with the challenge of seemingly exorbitant prices? Finding an affordable online store, and Mytheresa is one. If you’ve done a comparison with other luxury online stores, you must have noticed that Mytheresa is cheaper. But why is Mytheresa cheaper? We’ll answer that in a moment, so keep reading.

What Makes Mytheresa a Darling to Fashionistas?

If you’re after luxury designer brands, there are several other online stores in the UK that you can shop from. However, most fashion seekers choose Mytheresa. In this section, we’ll look at those compelling reasons why this luxury online store is a darling to many fashionistas.

Mytheresa is comparatively cheaper

Back to the question, why is Mytheresa cheaper?  One of the reasons why Mytheresa is so popular among fashionistas is its comparatively low prices. This makes owning and indulging in authentic luxury brands easier.

Take, for instance, this D&G off-shoulder sequined gown on Mytheresa which goes for £5,550 at the time of writing this article. The same dress goes for $7,645, which is equivalent to more than £6,000 on Neiman Marcus.  You get to save more than £500 if you shop on Mytheresa.

Mytheresa has a more attractive price for its luxury and designer brands because they’re authorized by the brands. This allows them direct access to the products from the brand owners at a more affordable price. They then extend this goodwill to you, the buyer, by offering lower prices.

But if you’d like to get the prices even lower, take advantage of the Mytheresa discount codes, which you can use to get up to £200 off. Where do you get these discount codes? Through Mytheresa Gift Cards and Store Credit.

Easy to navigate

When looking for an item in an online store, the ease with which you find what you’re looking for makes you want to shop there again. The same goes for Mytheresa – its website is perfectly organized, allowing you to find just anything, from clothes, shoes, jewellery, and bags, to accessories.

 Each of these items is also grouped according to the designer brands, making it even easier to find your ideal product. What’s more, there’s an easily accessible search box to find specifically what you’re after. 

Genuine designer and luxury brands

Putting your hard-earned money on a luxury product only to realize it’s not genuine can be frustrating. Luckily, with Mytheresa, you won’t need to worry about the authenticity of the brands. Mytheresa has authorization from the brands to sell the products in their online store. Plus, they have direct access to these luxury brands from the source, which eliminates the risk of dealing with counterfeits. Simply shop and get Mytheresa purchases to UK forwarding address, ready for shipping to your country.

Choose from 30+ designer brands

Are you a mainstream designer brand fan? You’ll find renowned names like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Givenchy and more. Want a designer brand that subtly portrays elegance? Browse top designer brands like Magda Butrym, Jacquemus, and Aquazurra.

Professional customer support service

One of the many reasons that make most people shop luxury fashion from Mytheresa UK is their customer-friendly approach. Their responses are friendly, professional, and on time. You won’t need to wait for days before receiving an email response.

Unlike most other online stores where only a contact form and an email are available, Mytheresa also has a 24/7 telephone line. This makes it easier to reach their customer support team for urgent requests, at any time of the day or night.

Discover Fashionista’s Little Secret - Shop Luxury From Mytheresa UK

Discover Fashionista’s Little Secret - Shop Luxury From Mytheresa UK

The biggest challenge for fashion lovers is limited availability and shipping restrictions. When shopping online, and you finally find what you’ve been looking for, there’s a possibility that Mytheresa doesn’t ship to your country. What happens if that’s the case? Most fashion lovers have a secret way of getting what they want from anywhere in the world – Jekrate’s parcel forwarding service.

What’s Jekrate’s Parcel Forwarding Service?

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve spotted Saint Laurent Cassandre hoop earrings on Mytheresa UK and are ready to place your order. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to your country. By using Jekrate, you can still shop luxury fashion from Mytheresa UK and have it delivered to your doorstep.

When you sign up with Jekrate, you’re assigned your own UK shipping address, allowing you to shop on Mytheresa and send the items to the address.  After receiving your goods, Jekrate consolidates and ships the package to your country, making sure you receive your package within 2 days. How convenient could that be?

Make great savings on shipping costs through consolidation

When shopping online, especially in a store that doesn’t ship to your country, it can be a very expensive undertaking when buying different items at different times. So how do you cut the shipping costs? Consolidation.

Jekrate allows you to shop on Mytheresa for as long as you want while sending the items to your UK address. When you’re done, your items are consolidated into a single package before shipping to your country. This has the advantage of cutting your shipping expenses by up to 20% if you were to ship items singly.

Fast reliable shipping to 200+ countries

Whether you’re located in a remote destination or a bustling city, you can still indulge in any luxury brand from Mytheresa UK. With more than 200 shipping destinations, Jekrate uses leading global shipping brands including DHL, FedEx, and New Zealand Post.

Protect Mytheresa purchases with shipping insurance

When you choose to work with Jekrate’s forwarding address and shipping service, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your goods. Jekrate has a flexible insurance cover and complete control of the shipping process. This ensures that everything is handled with clarity to avoid incurring any hidden charges. It also protects your package against loss and damage, guaranteeing safe delivery within 2 days.

Sign up For A Jekrate Account. Shop Mytheresa UK and Ship Worldwide

Mytheresa is a popular online store for luxury and designer brands, offering amazing prices on leading brands. If you’ve had your eyes on high-end luxury fashion and designer brands on Mytheresa, but couldn’t place an order due to lack of a shipping address, Jekrate can help.

When you sign up for a Jekrate account, you receive a UK address. This allows you to shop luxury fashion from Mytheresa UK and ship it to the address. Jekrate handles the rest to ensure your package reaches your country within 2 days. Go ahead and sign up on Jekrate today and experience luxury like never before.
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