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Famous Products of New Zealand Local Markets

Products of New Zealand local market are famous worldwide—NZ markets are crowded with local vendors selling a wide variety of products, mainly manufactured locally in New Zealand. These markets are full of vibrant colors, and have just about everything you could ever need. Ranging from gifts to food items to NZ eco-friendly products, everything is readily available at a reasonable price. Not only are the products cheap, but most of these products in the local markets are worth their price. In the specialty markets, you won’t waste your money but instead find some great buys. The entire market is divided into many parts and sections. One should know several things before entering the New Zealand markets to get the best experience out of shopping.

Products of New Zealand Local Markets

New Zealand’s local markets have a diversified collection of products starting from farm-made agro products to freefrom food brands to eco-friendly sustainable products, and so on.

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Farmer’s Market & Farm-made Products

These types of markets are the most commonly found local markets in New Zealand. In many different cities, these markets have so much to offer. These markets showcase farmers’ fresh crops, farming, and kiwi wellness products. A farmer’s market is a perfect spot for tourists to taste and witness the staple food of the locals. Visiting these markets is a great experience. If you’re searching for a site to explore the food of New Zealand, these markets are a good start.

Farmer’s Market & Farm-made Products


New Zealand has a rich tradition of promoting handicrafts. The locals call these and other local products Kiwiana. The Kiwiana are a representation of the local culture through iconic items, including retail from their famous rugby team. If you are very eager to witness the main attractive features of these regional markets, then try visiting small stalls. The small stalls are owned by the local people who will give you a chance to see and buy things that might have historical, cultural significance. If you visit these markets, make sure you try to purchase handicrafts.

Gift Shops

The local people know that many visitors search for gifts and other items that represent or relate to New Zealand. Tourists want unique gifts for their family and friends. So there are many small gift shops and stalls in these markets. If you are looking for cheap gift options, then bring a big bag. You won’t see any other place that provides you with premium, quality gifts and commodities at fantastic price ranges.

District Influence

The basics of these markets in New Zealand will remain the same, but you will see minor differences when you change districts in the country. This change will not be the case when you visit malls and big brand outlets in the entire country, as you will get the same quality and products evenly. But the local markets do get influenced a lot by the locals and their specialties. So if you’re wondering if you should visit a local market but think “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,” then you’d be mistaken. It’s worth your time to try exploring every other district to get a taste of different localities. 

Art and Crafts

Now, this is a point where you need to be selective in New Zealand. Not all the local markets are good with art and crafts. If you don’t take time to research before you search, then you can end up spending at the wrong place on the incorrect item. On the other hand, many markets specialize in selling such items. Same as the farmer’s markets, sometimes you can find small arts and crafts markets in New Zealand. If by luck you do strike one of these markets, we highly recommend visiting the event. These markets are tiny in size, and you may find locating them hard. But the products on sale in these local markets are some of the best items local New Zealand markets have.


Greenstone (Pounamu)

A big point of attraction in all the markets is greenstone, also known as “pounamu.” This stone is only found in New Zealand and is considered very valuable among the expensive items in the country. Because the stone is a local product, many times, you can see small vendors in local markets selling greenstone ornaments for a comparatively lesser rate than big brand shops. If you are fond of jewelry, then there is a high possibility you will end up buying some of these beautiful-looking stones once you see them. If you are looking for a gift, especially for your loved one, this item might be the best thing from the local markets. You can also choose to buy some of these most wanted and proven NZ beauty products for your loved ones.


You can also find clothing material in the local markets. But there are lots of details you should consider when shopping for fabrics. First, the selection of premium fabric is a very tough job to do. The local markets are flooded with fabrics, and there are all kinds of fashionable items available in these markets. Searching and grabbing the best deals for your money is entirely in your hands. If you are unknown with the shopping process and not so good with the selection try these useful ways to Shop in New Zealand stores and boutiques. You can even take a local mate with you. The vendors don’t try to cheat local people. But overall, these places don’t always consider the trending value of their products.

On the other hand, the fabric salespeople can give you more than a product’s worth. Be very careful in what you pick from the local market. The best part of this product is that fabrics change with different localities and different seasons. So shopping depends on the time and place of your arrival in New Zealand. 

Don't Limit Yourself

Sometimes local markets can have different stuff than you usually expect. We are not claiming that everything out there will give you unique experiences. But most of the time, if something is famous in the market, that means it has something unique to offer. We always get recommendation comments for shoppers to go out of their comfort zones and try some interesting stuff.

It is worth saying that local New Zealand markets are exceptionally great with offering fascinating and new stuff that ranges from foods to clothes. If you live in a country far away from New Zealand, then shipping home the things you bought from the local market can become a challenging job. By keeping the above points in mind, one can get the best out of these markets. Moreover, international courier shipping is simple with Jetkrate. You can easily ship packages to your loved ones, friends, and clients who live abroad.

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