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KIWIANA: What Are They and How Do I Buy the Best Ones?

KIWIANA are the pride of New Zealand. These items include any objects or specific icons that are important to the locals and represent the cultural and historical heritage of New Zealand. This country’s people have always created a wide range of amazing art pieces. New Zealanders, known colloquially as Kiwis, enjoy showing the world their culture’s beauty, and Kiwiana is a big part of their culture.

If you’re new to New Zealand’s culture, then you might feel confused about what to buy, as there are a ton of great products of New Zealand’s local markets; KIWIANA stands on top of them. It’s a type of product that represents the culture and heritage of New Zealand. We’ll walk you through how to get the best Kiwiana and what exactly to look for.

ANZAC Biscuits

Let’s start wtih something to eat. The famous ANZAC biscuits are made throughout the world, but no one can match the original recipe’s taste. Originally made in both New Zealand and Australia, the entire world praises this biscuit’s recipe. Shoppers should look for oat-based biscuits among the best Kiwiana items.

NZ Rugby Team: All Blacks

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand. As a pastime, many Kiwis love to watch and play this sport. The New Zealand national rugby union team is known as the “All Blacks,” an icon of Kiwiana. The world-renowned team is well worth watching, and all their accessories, like the jerseys, hats, and more, represent them. Try grabbing an original price.


Black Singlet with Gumboots

Another big Kiwiana item is the black singlet with gumboots outfit. These clothes are very commonly seen in New Zealand. The boots are often a bright black color, a touch of New Zealand’s traditions and beliefs. As an attractive outfit, it’s a good buy for your wardrobe.


Bluebird Chips

This company was exclusive to the country until the advent of online delivery. The chips are still a favorite snack of New Zealand residents. Available in many flavors, the chips taste great. It’s no wonder the people of New Zealand eat them all the time! The main manufacturing unit is set up in Auckland, and most of the production is consumed by New Zealand. However, the company is owned by Pepsico, an American brand. 

Buzzy Bee Toy on a Pull-Along String

This toy is no ordinary item. A traditional toy to New Zealand, Kiwi kids have played with this cute bee for generations. Kids can pull the bee toy on wheels with a string from the bee’s face. The best part of the toy is that it has not changed since its creation in the 1940s. As a toy that has survived generations, kids still love to play with it. What better Kiwiana can you get? 


New Zealanders were probably the first people to change the concept of motor caravans (also known as campervans). Many Kiwis love to have caravans to travel all over the country sightseeing. New Zealand caravans are different from those seen around the world, with a special cultural touch. This vehicle might be a huge item on the list of Kiwiana, but it’s definitely worth the price.


Kiwi Corner Dairy

This store sells far more than dairy products and has some amazing treats. They ship their products worldwide so that their Kiwi friends everywhere don’t miss out on New Zealand dairy products. One of the best items they sell is their special chocolate bar. There are no better candy bars than the ones their store offers. If you have a sweet tooth, this may be the best Kiwiana choice for you.

Edmonds Baking Powder

Back in 1879, when everyone struggled with baking due to the lack of quality baking powder, TJ Edmonds created his premium brand of baking powder. One of the oldest brands in New Zealand, this company continues to produce excellent quality and trademark Edmonds baking powder. The country is very proud of the company and loves their products. Another piece of Kiwiana, Edmons sells a cookery book that comes with the best staple food recipes of New Zealand.

Eta Ripples Cut Chips (Chicken Flavor)

Here is another local snack that people love to eat. This one is a little different as the chicken flavor can be new for a lot of people. The company started in the ’70s, and they use home-grown potatoes from New Zealand to make every packet of chips. Easily found online, the chips are flavored with exotic spices from New Zealand.

Pounamu “Greenstone” Jewelry

Greenstone jewelry is made from special types of rocks that are only found in the southern province of New ZealandThe gem looks very different from all other types of jewelry found in the world, and the glint of that green luster will make you fall for the jewelry. The stone is also known as Pounamu and is very highly valued in New Zealand. This jewelry is a piece of beauty and is among the most precious exotic things found on any list of Kiwiana.



If you search for slippers or sandals in the local stores of New Zealand, then there is a high possibility you’ll end up buying the so-called Jandals. Jandals are basically the same type of shoe as floater slippers or slides with a bit of New Zealand touch. The styles and colors vary, making these a good souvenir for anyone to remember New Zealand.

New Zealand is full of surprises. People like to represent their local, exotic beauty. This list contains some of the best Kiwiana to buy so you can take something special from New Zealand home. Even if you want these items delivered to your country while sitting at home, you can use Jetkrate to get fast and safe deliveries of Kiwiana all over the world. We hope you got an idea of what and where to find the best Kiwiana in New Zealand from the blog. Happy shopping!
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