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Top 35 Things to Buy from the UK to India

Top 35 Things to Buy from the UK to India

Want to know the top things to buy from the UK to India? We can help!

Millions of Indians visit the UK every year. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, the UK also attracts a lot of Indians for work and higher studies due to its vibrant job market, quality education, and diverse culture.

One of the most popular things to do in the UK for Indians is shopping for unique and high-quality products. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an expat, or simply want to shop for unique products from an online store, the UK offers a wide range of items that make excellent purchases.   

Here’s a comprehensive list of 35 things to bring from the UK to India-

35 Best Things to Buy from the UK to India


1. Designer Clothes

The UK is well-known for some of the top fashion brands, including Burberry, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and many more. From designer clothes to tailored suits and Harris Tweed jackets, the UK is a go-to shopping destination for every fashion aficionado.

2. Handbags

When shopping in the UK, luxury handbags from brands like Mulberry offer great style and quality. Apart from genuine handbags from top brands, you can also find an extensive range of replica designer handbags at amazing prices.

3. Classic Watches

Classic British watches from brands such as Christopher Ward and Bremont offer precision and elegance to serve as both functional timepieces and sophisticated fashion statements. If you want to buy gifts from the UK for India, these watches are definitely a great option.

4. Footwear

The UK is also home to many popular footwear brands. For instance, you can buy the iconic Dr. Martens boots, comfortable and stylish shoes from Clarks, and highly functional and equally stylish rainy-season boots from Hunter.

5. British Cufflinks

Stylish and elegant cufflinks from brands like Deakin & Francis are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any formal attire. They make excellent gifts for special occasions and are a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Food & Beverages

6. English Tea

English Tea

If you’re a fan of tea and love exploring different varieties, you’re sure to fall in love with the UK. Brands like Fortnum & Mason and Twinings offer an extensive range of English teas that are a delightful treat for tea enthusiasts.

7. Marmalade & Jams

English breakfasts are incomplete without a healthy dose of marmalade and jams. You can consider brands like Hartley’s, Mrs. Bridges, Mackays, and Wilkin & Sons to purchase delicious marmalades and jams in the UK.

8. Scottish Whiskey

Scotland produces some of the finest single malts in the world. If you are a whiskey connoisseur, brands like Macallan and Glenfiddich can be excellent choices.  

9. Chocolates

Love chocolates? You should definitely add them to your shopping list when you’re in the UK. From global favorites like Dairy Milk, Galaxy, and Lindt to local British brands such as House of Dorchester and Montezuma’s, the UK is a haven for chocolate lovers.

10. Shortbread Biscuits

Ever tried shortbread biscuits? If you’re searching for cheap things to buy in the UK for India, the traditional Scottish shortbread deserves a spot on your shopping list. These delicious and rich treats pair perfectly with tea.

11. Cheese

A selection of British cheeses, including cheddar, Red Leicester, and Stilton offer a delicious taste of the UK. These cheese products are perfect for gourmet food lovers and make delightful gifts.

Gadgets & Appliances

12. Smartphones

The latest smartphones from global brands are often made available in the UK before India. Be it the iPhone from Apple or the new Galaxy Series S from Samsung, you can get your hands on the latest smartphones in the UK. 

13. Amazon Kindle

The latest variants of Amazon’s popular Kindle e-readers are often available at better prices and with more accessories in the UK. Moreover, they are also often among the things cheaper in the UK than India. So, if you’re an avid reader shopping in the UK, don’t forget to buy one.  

14. Dyson Appliances

Dyson Appliances

Dyson is renowned for its innovative vacuum cleaners, hair styling tools, and air purifiers that are highly durable and efficient. While Dyson products are now available in India too, they are more expensive compared to the UK.

15. Raspberry Pi

If you’re a tech enthusiast, you’d know about Raspberry Pi. The small and affordable computer was developed in the UK and is commonly used for various projects, including building home automation systems and programming.

Homeware & Decor

16. Dining Ware

Dining ware and decorative pieces from brands like Wedgwood China are popular not only among the locals but even the tourists in the UK. Whether you want to purchase them for your home or as gifts for friends and relatives, the dining ware collection in the UK is sure to impress with its quality and craftsmanship.

17. Pottery

Looking for ways to add that rustic British countryside charm to your home? Handcrafted pottery is one of the most effective options. There are brands like Denby, Castleford Pottery, Emma Bridgewater, Aynsley China, and Dunoon that offer a wide collection of handcrafted pottery products.

18. Aromatherapy

From essential oils to aromatherapy products, brands like Absolute Aromas, Aromatherapy Associates, Naturally Thinking, and Oshadi Essential Oils offer some great choices.

19. Tea Sets

The Britishers are known for their love for tea. And what good is the tea if it isn’t served in charming tea sets? If you’re looking for things to buy from the UK to India, check out the extensive collection of tea sets from brands like Harrods, Wedgwood, Karaca, and Portmeirion Pottery.

20. Crystal Glassware

Brands like Royal Scot Crystal and Dartington Crystal offer exquisite glassware, including decanters, tumblers, and wine glasses. These pieces are perfect for entertaining and add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

21. Wool Blankets

British wool blankets are known for their warmth and quality. You can consider purchasing wool blankets from brands like Johnstons of Elgin and Abraham Moon & Sons as they can make a stylish addition to your home or even thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Beauty & Skincare

22. Makeup Products

Makeup Products

While several global cosmetic brands have forayed into the Indian markets, you can find better quality and a host of other brands in the UK. Whether you’re looking for lipsticks, foundations, or eyeshadow palettes, brands like Jo Malone, Lush, Charlotte Tilbury, and Rimmel London are a must-try.

23. Skincare Products

Looking for unique products to buy from the UK to India? There are several skincare brands such as No7 Skincare, Elemis, Molton Brown, and REN Clean that offer a variety of highly effective and unique skincare products, including moisturizers, cleansers, serums, exfoliators, and more.

24. Fragrances

In India, fake perfumes are a common issue. So, when you’re in the UK, you must check out genuine fragrances from leading brands like Jo Malone London, Miller Harris, Floral Street, Atkinsons, Clive Christian, and Medeau.

25. Body Wash and Shower Gels

Brands like Bath & Body Works offer a lot more product options in the UK compared to India. So, if you’re a fan of body washes and shower gels, you should definitely check out the extensive collection available in the UK.

Children’s Products

26. Traditional British Toys

Wooden toys and games from brands like Le Toy Van offer a nostalgic and charming play experience. They are perfect gifts for children and make lovely, timeless gifts.

27. Harry Potter Merchandise

From clothing to collectibles, Harry Potter merchandise from stores like the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a magical treat for fans.

28. Traditional British Games

Games like Backgammon, Monopoly, and chess with a British twist are great for kids and family gatherings alike. If you’re looking for things to buy from the UK to India, the traditional British games sure make for excellent keepsakes.

29. Baby Clothing

The UK is also home to several clothing brands for babies and kids. Brands like Boden, Frugi, Mori, Rachel Riley, Stella McCartney, and JoJo Maman Bebe offer high-quality clothing for babies and toddlers.

Miscellaneous Products

30. Souvenirs


If you want to purchase keepsakes for yourself or your family and friends, you can also browse British souvenirs like miniatures of the red telephone box, London bus models, or Union Jack memorabilia.

31. Vintage and Antique Items

If you searching for cheap things to buy in London, you can also explore the antique shops and markets to find unique and historical items that are often sold at highly affordable prices.

32. Vintage Vinyl Records

You can explore the UK’s rich musical history from iconic British artists and bands with vintage vinyl records. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a collector, you can visit a record shop to uncover hidden gems.

33. Scottish Kilts and Accessories

If you want to embrace Scottish heritage, you should check out the traditional kilt and accessories such as a sporran, sgian-dubh, and kilt pin.

34. Leather Goods

You can also invest in high-quality leather goods crafted in the UK, such as wallets, belts, and handbags. British leather artisans combine traditional craftsmanship with modern designs to offer timeless accessories that age beautifully.

35. Fine Art Prints

Adorn your walls with English fine art prints depicting landscapes, cityscapes, and iconic landmarks. From traditional oil paintings to contemporary prints, British art offers a diverse range of styles to suit any taste.

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1.  What should you buy from the UK to India?

Unique fashion items, luxury accessories, gadgets & appliances, and beauty products make great purchases from the UK to India.

2.  Are clothes expensive in the UK?

Clothes in the UK can vary in price, but there are options across the spectrum ranging from affordable to high-end designer brands.

3.  What is the best souvenir from London?

A classic souvenir from London can be a miniature red telephone box or a Union Jack memorabilia.

4.  How can I get products from the UK to India?

Jetkrate is one of the most convenient ways to get your products from the UK to India.

5.  What is the best gift from the UK?

English tea sets, luxury fragrances, or classic accessories like cufflinks are some of the best gifting options.

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