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Why is OnBuy So Cheap in the UK?

Why is OnBuy So Cheap in the UK?

Ever wondered why is OnBuy so cheap in the UK? The majority of the products on this UK-based e-commerce portal are considerably cheaper than Amazon and even eBay. And we’re talking about genuine products and not cheap copies.

But how come a platform that was only launched in 2016 can offer such deals? Let’s explore this in detail-

What is OnBuy?

OnBuy is a UK-based online marketplace launched in November 2016. It is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world with over 35 million products from leading brands as well as small-to-medium UK businesses across several categories.

OnBuy defines itself as a more transparent and fairer marketplace that aims to benefit the buyers and even the sellers. And according to our experience and hundreds of online reviews, it sure is delivering what it promises.

As a result, apart from the locals in the UK, OnBuy is also becoming a one-stop shopping destination for people all over the world who want to shop from UK-based brands.

Does OnBuy Sell Fake Products?

As the product prices are lower than other popular e-commerce platforms, it is common for a lot of people to think “Does OnBuy sell fake products?” Fortunately, that is not the case. Buyers can rest assured they are purchasing genuine products from leading global brands, including Apple, Samsung, Armani, Nike, Hugo Boss, and many more.

If you still don’t believe it, the platform also offers a generous 180-day OnBuy Protection where all the eligible products are automatically covered for up to 180 days. Under this policy, customers can make a claim if-

  • The products don’t reach your destination
  • The arrived order is faulty or damaged
  • The products are not the same as it was described
  • There is an issue with the refund

And based on the online reviews we checked, this is not a fake promise that many online stores make. According to customers, this 180-day protection from OnBuy works as advertised. In the rare case that there is an issue with your purchase, you can easily make a claim and get a refund without any hassles.

Can You Buy New Products from OnBuy?

Can You Buy New Products from OnBuy?

Of course! You can shop from over 35 million products at OnBuy. Some of the most popular product categories at OnBuy are-

  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Electronics & Technology
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Toys & Games
  • Cars & Automotive
  • Food & Drink
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Books, Movies & Music
  • Business, Office & Industrial Supplies

So, does OnBuy sell new products? Yes, OnBuy sells millions of new products. Moreover, it also has a separate section for certified renewed products where you can buy a wide range of products, especially IT products, at even cheaper prices. OnBuy has an extensive quality check process which the renewed products must go through before getting listed on the platform.

Why is OnBuy So Cheap in the UK? Here’s What Shoppers Should Know

If the products are new and not fake, how does OnBuy offer them at cheaper prices? It is mostly due to the commission it charges the sellers. For instance, an e-commerce platform like Amazon charges up to 15% commission on certain product categories. So, a seller must pay 15% to Amazon on every sale. Due to this, the seller lists the products at a higher price on Amazon.

But with OnBuy, the commission is mostly capped at 5%-7%, almost half of what Amazon charges. The sellers pass on these savings to the customers in the form of lower prices. This is also the reason why many leading sellers at OnBuy regularly offer great deals and discounts. Moreover, OnBuy won’t charge any shop fee to sellers that don’t sell products worth over £500 in the previous month.

So, if you want to buy cheap products from OnBuy, you should definitely do so no matter if you’re in the UK or any other part of the world. However, as OnBuy doesn’t offer international shipping, buyers from other countries often struggle with getting the products shipped to their countries. Well, we have a solution for that as well. Continue reading to find out.

What are the Top Reasons to Buy from OnBuy?

What are the Top Reasons to Buy from OnBuy?

Here are the reasons you should buy from OnBuy-

Wide Range of Products

No matter if you want to purchase the latest iPhone, smart television, furniture, watch, or apparel, OnBuy is a one-stop shopping destination. With millions of products spread over 15 categories, you can rest assured that OnBuy has everything you need from a leading online store. So, if you regularly shop from platforms like Amazon or eBay, you can easily switch to OnBuy for all your shopping needs.

30-Days Returns and 180-Days OnBuy Protection

OnBuy offers a hassle-free 30-day return policy. In case you don’t like the products, you can easily return them within 30 days. Moreover, as discussed above, it also offers 180-day OnBuy Protection where you can make a claim and receive a refund if there is anything wrong with the product. So, is OnBuy trustworthy? These generous policies make it one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms.

Instant Cashback on Every Purchase

OnBuy also regularly introduces amazing offers and discounts. For instance, currently, it is offering cashback on every purchase. Unlike most other online platforms, there are no catches or minimum spend limits for claiming the cashback. Simply make a purchase, receive cashback, and use the same for your next purchase.

Easy and Secure Checkout

To ensure customers have the best shopping experience, OnBuy has partnered with PayPal. So, you’ll have a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and even using the PayPal balance. Also, each transaction at OnBuy through PayPal is protected with advanced data encryption and security checks so that issues like fraud, identity theft, and email phishing can be effectively prevented.

OnBuy Doesn’t Sell Own Products

E-commerce platforms like Amazon also have a reputation for selling their products and undercutting the sellers listed on the platform. In a way, this negatively impacts the sellers. OnBuy does not sell its own products and ensures it won’t ever do it in the future. This is also one of the reasons why is OnBuy so cheap in the UK as it builds trust and brings more sellers to the platform.

What Products You Can Buy from OnBuy?

What Products You Can Buy from OnBuy?

Here are some of the products to buy from OnBuy-

Product Category


Top Brands

Health & Beauty

Health Care, Skin Care, Diet & Nutrition, Tattoos and Body Art, Shaving & Hair Removal

Seven Seas, Debutir, Lindens, Philips, CeraVe, Macushield, OlaPlex

Electronics & Technology

Mobile & Smart Tech, TV & Audio, Computer & Gaming, Batteries & Power

Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Amazon, Xiaomi, HP, Google, Sony, Windows

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Baby Clothes, Shoes, Luggage, Bags & Travel Accessories

Hugo Boss, Nike, Bing, Salomon, Skechers, Havaianas, Toms

Pet Supplies

Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Fish & Aquarium Supplies, Bird Supplies

Dr. Dog, Supplements Wise, Tetra, Whiskas, Halti, Hunter, Kong, Yeowww

Jewellery & Watches

Fashion Jewellery, Watches, Jewellery Accessories

Armani, Michael Kors, Tag Heuer, Skagen, Bulova, Festina, Pandora, Boss

Food & Drink

Fresh Food, Soft Drinks, Hot Beverages, Home Baking, Baby & Toddler Food

Pringles, Cadbury, Heineken, Costa Coffee, Calypso, Nescafe, Nestle

Home & Garden

Laundry, Cleaning & Storage, Kitchen & Home Appliances, Garden & Outdoor Living, , Cooking, Dining & Barware

Fiskars, Bristan, East of India, Weedol, Le Creuset, Denby, Paw Patrol Party Supplies

Baby & Toddler

Bathing & Changing, Baby Nursing & Feeding Supplies, Pushchairs, Prams & Travel

Koochi, Disney, Tectake, Venicci, Huggies, Bepanthen, VTech

How to Get OnBuy Products Shipped Internationally?

Now that you know why is OnBuy so cheap in the UK, the next important question is how to get these cost-effective products shipped internationally. Jetkrate is an easy and hassle-free solution to ship products from the UK to any country of your choice.

Simply create an account on Jetkrate, buy your products from OnBuy, and get them delivered to Jetkrate’s UK warehouse. We will then ensure your product reaches your international destination in as little as 2 days. With one of the best shipping rates and highly flexible shipping services, Jetkrate is your one-stop solution for all your international shipping needs.


1.  Is it safe to purchase from OnBuy?

OnBuy is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the UK. Rest assured, it is completely safe to purchase your favorite products from this online store.

2.  How does OnBuy offer cheaper products?

Compared to popular e-commerce portals like Amazon, OnBuy charges a considerably lower commission on sales. As a result, sellers can list their products at cheaper prices.

3.  Does OnBuy offer international shipping?

No, OnBuy does not offer international shipping. However, you can use Jetkrate to ship the products internationally.

4.  Are OnBuy products secondhand?

The cheaper prices often make people believe that OnBuy sells used products. However, that is not the case. You purchase new and genuine products from OnBuy. There is a separate section for renewed products.

5.  Does OnBuy have a returns policy?

Yes, OnBuy offers a hassle-free 30-day return policy. Moreover, all the purchases are covered under 180-day OnBuy Protection. 

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