International Product Shipping To USA From New Zealand

Are you having problems shipping to USA after buying from your beloved New Zealand store? If yes, then you are on the right page. Jetkrate offers all New Zealand store international customers an opportunity to ship New Zealand products to their hometown, in this case, to the United States of America.

What Are The Benefits Of Our International Shipping Service?

Our clients are our priority. So, we work hard to provide our customers lasting benefits. If you choose Jetkrate when shipping to USA from NZ, we guarantee you the following perks.

Affordable Shipping Rates

We like our clients to be happy with their parcels. So, we ensure that we give all our clients fair shipping rates. We adjust prices in real-time to guarantee the most affordable international shipping cost.

Bearable Transit Duration

Some shipping services took months to arrive at your destination. Thus, we only filter facilities that offer fast and secure shipping.

Flexible Shipping

We don't send packages immediately as we always wait for our clients' shipment approval. Just tell us when, how, and where you want to deliver your parcel, and we will do so happily. We can hold your packages up to 30 days, but you can request another 30-day extension at an additional cost if you want more extended time. 


Clients can also insure their packages to avoid hidden fees or higher charges during delivery. 

Free Estimation

Our website offers a free shipping calculator, which gives all existing clients and even potential customers to see the estimated shipping cost. You will have an idea of how much you'll spend on shipping. 


Checking packages to avoid international returns is also possible with us. We can open your order if you approve of it and take a picture so that you can see if it's to your liking or if it has any issues or damages. Additionally, we can combine multiple parcels into one to reduce your international shipping costs. However, there are terms and conditions in consolidating packages because there are items that we cannot combine

Prompt Customer Support

Our team is dedicated to assisting with all your concerns at any time of the day. Since we have clients worldwide, our Live Chat is open all day during business days. We also reply immediately to your email for hassle-free shopping and shipping. 


How Does Shipping To USA From NZ Work?

Generally, Jetkrate ships parcels to the United States of America the way we send packages to other parts of the world. The only difference would be the exact price and delivery time. So, how does it work?

International shipping to usa from new zealand

Account Registration

Clients must register an account to experience all our services. Registration is free. If someone says we are affiliated with them and asks for payment, please report it to us immediately, and we will take the corresponding action.

Shop Til You Drop

After registration, you will receive a local New Zealand address that you will use when you order at New Zealand stores online. Obtaining the address marks the time when you can comfortably add all the items you want to buy to your cart.

Email Confirmation

We will send you an email every time we receive your order in our warehouse. Many of our customers shop from different stores and wait until all orders are complete to reduce the international shipping cost. So, if you plan to buy many items from various New Zealand stores, it would be best to accumulate a specific amount before giving us a heads up for shipping. 

Delivery Day

When you approve the shipment, we will immediately send your parcel to your desired destination. Always remember to give updated contact information to avoid parcel loss or return to sender scenarios. 


International Product Shipping Services To USA From New Zealand

At this time, we are only offering three international shipping services. Many more facilities will be available when we switch to our other New Zealand warehouses. Although limited, we still guarantee our customers that we can handle your packages correctly and deliver them safely to their destination. Furthermore, all of our services accept multi-piece items for shipping, making them cost-effective and efficient. 

fedex dhl shipping service to usa from new zealand

FedEx International Priority

The most expensive shipping to USA from NZ is by FedEx International Priority. It takes five business days to arrive in the customer's country. Typically, clients selecting this courier will receive a tracking number and other shipping information for faster and accurate parcel locating. Each customer can choose to insure their packages at an extra cost. 

FedEx International Economy

The FedEx International Economy is a cheaper shipping method than FedEx International Priority, but with the same perks or advantages, such as tracking information and insurance. However, this takes longer than any other service. The transit time for this facility is eight business days. This is ideal for customers who are not in a hurry to receive their package. 

DHL Express Worldwide

This is the cheapest shipping service we offer to our clients. It is also the fastest way. Parcels delivered through DHL express typically come to another country within two business days, and clients receive them within three to five working days. Moreover, customers can choose insurance for their packages. You can also determine your parcel's current location through the tracking ID given to you. 


How Much Does Shipping To USA From New Zealand Cost?

Pricing depends on the country our customers live in. For the shipping to USA, the estimated cost starts from NZD 45.79. Price also varies based on the courier you chose and the items to ship. You can simply select the items on the list or enter your package dimensions to get a free estimate. We also ship large or bulk packages to the United States of America, and it would be best to contact our customer support for cost estimation.

Contact Jetkrate Today To Deliver Your Parcel To USA

For questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at You can also fill out our web form if you prefer. Moreover, our customer representatives are available 24 hours on business days via Live Chat if you want to talk with us directly.