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Purchasing UK Fitness Equipment: Your Complete Guide

Managing your health and wellness is an everyday commitment, and you might find that purchasing UK fitness equipment can take you a step closer to your dream body. There are thousands of home exercise equipment available, and it could become challenging to choose what suits you. 

How can you pick the right fitness equipment for your home? What key considerations do you need to consider to buy home gym equipment UK? Consider details like the weight and size, additional accessories, and type of exercise machines that complements your routine.

Many consider UK the best place to buy gym equipment due to the variety it offers. If you haven’t considered shopping in the UK because of shipping restrictions, now you can with Jetkrate’s UK warehouse!  Shop anything from UK fitness equipment to cosmetics to vinyl records online in the UK and receive them on your doorstep.

Exercising based on expert advice

Professionals recommend adults aged 19-64 keep fit and active every day. Your weekly target should be 75 minutes of high-intensity activities, such as biking, brisk walking, or pushing the lawnmower. Alternatively, you can opt for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities like running, uphill biking, or swimming.

If you want to develop muscles, you can include yoga, push-ups, or weightlifting in your workout routine. These activities are repetitive and often have short rests in between each set.

For older people, staying active is still essential, although you might want to skip long exercise sessions. Instead, try performing a physical activity for 30 minutes a day for five days each week. Also, it will depend on how much exercise your body can handle.

Purchasing UK fitness equipment: Step by step guide

Are you planning to build a home gym or establish a training business? The United Kingdom does offer a wide range of coveted items; from home gym equipment, gym accessories to beauty products to health & wellness essential oils. Here’s a guide to choosing and buying the right fitness equipment UK.

Identify your training goals

When shopping for fitness equipment or gym equipment UK, the first step is to set clear goals for your preferred workout routine. Think about your long-term targets and create a plan based on what you want to achieve. Is there a sport you’re thinking of learning? Do you want to bulk up or get leaner? Do you aim to improve your strength or agility? 

You can then shop around for the right type of equipment based on the exercise or sport you want to practice.

UK fitness equipment: Dumbbells arranged on the floor

Ask these questions

Here are some questions worth pondering before purchasing UK fitness equipment.

Is it useful?

Some equipment looks stunning online, but not all of it can help you achieve your fitness targets. For example, you don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive rowing machine if you’re not planning to incorporate it into your routine anyway. Thus do your research to buy gym equipment.

Do I have the right motivation?

Before you buy that piece of equipment, ask yourself whether you are motivated enough to use it. Why buy a cardio-dance instructional video if you hate dancing? If you’re starting a workout, it is best to stick to an activity that you feel most comfortable doing. Take some time to master your routine before exploring new ways of keeping fit.

Is the product overly advertised?

Many gym equipment for home promise a boatload of benefits to buyers. Here’s one thing to remember before impulsively buying that item: the seller doesn’t know your goals. That means any guarantee they give does not 100% result in your fitness success.

Am I acquainted with anyone who uses the same equipment?

If you know people who already own the product, you can ask them for an honest review. They can tell you the actual pros and cons of equipment. That way, you don’t have to do a trial and error of your own, potentially costing you more along the way.

Are there less expensive alternatives?

Ads are often very effective in convincing you to buy that expensive equipment. However, you can probably do the exercise without that product. You should think twice before purchasing a product that is unbearably pricey, especially since you must consider shipping costs, too.

Set your budget

Every piece of equipment comes in a different price range. A lot of factors affect the cost, namely the brand, model, size, and type. Therefore, it’s essential to set your budget before you can even start browsing through that online store.

If you are a beginner who plans to work out at home, simple, small pieces like hand weights, exercise bands, and exercise balls are great initial purchases for you. Otherwise, you can shop for heavy machines that support your intense fitness journey.

Spending money shows your dedication to getting fit and healthy. However, you must set a budget that you can afford. It’s not worth prioritizing expensive equipment that messes up your finances.

Setting up your workout space

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have an extra room to set up a home gym. When you buy home fitness equipment uk, you must consider the space available for your workout session.

 Are you ready to buy your new set of fitness equipment? Here are some examples of products that you can have shipped from the UK to anywhere you are in the world.

Bare minimum essentials

  • Dumbbells. This small equipment is probably the first choice for people wanting to set up a home gym. It’s useful for several exercises for the core, upper body, and lower body, allowing you to build your muscles and improve your strength.
  • Adjustable bench. Even with a tiny workout area, you can fit an adjustable bench into the space. You can perform better exercises with the dumbbells when you have this versatile bench.
  • Resistance bands. These straightforward bands are some of the most inexpensive fitness equipment you can buy online. They are highly durable rubber bands that enhance the intensity of any workout.
  • Exercise mat. While this mat is not necessary for your home gym, you must purchase one if you plan on lifting heavier weights. They cushion the floor from damage and protect you from getting injured as well.
  • Foam rollers. You can improve your blood circulation and relieve muscle aches with foam rollers. They are inexpensive tools that you can use in your pre-workout or post-workout routine.
female fitness enthusiast

Advanced essentials

  • Barbell. Who says you must go to the gym when you want to perform squats or deadlifts? You can buy a barbell online along with a set of light plates to help you with your bodybuilding goals.
  • Kettlebells. This equipment comes in a variety of free weights and is comparably cheaper than other weightlifting products. You can use the kettlebell to add weights to your cardio training.
  • Squat rack. You can do bench exercises, squats, overhead presses, barbell rows, deadlifts, and lunges on your squat rack. You can save money if you opt for second-hand squat racks, or you can shop around for great deals in different online stores in the UK.
  • Cross trainer. If you want to go all out on your workout, having a cross trainer at home is a great investment for you. It can help you exercise both arms and legs, although it is expensive and takes up a lot of space.
  • Treadmill. With a treadmill, you can walk or run and improve your cardiovascular health without leaving your home. This equipment allows you to build your endurance and work your core.

Creating the space

Small-spaced home gym

If you only have your living room as the available workout space, it is best to use small products like resistance bands and dumbbells. That way, you can keep your comfort while also having the exercise essentials you need.

Medium-spaced home gym

Do you have an extra room to spare at home? It could be the perfect space for your home gym. You can use the area to set up gym equipment like a treadmill or rowing machine. Make your decision based on the available space and body part you want to work on. Then, you can consider purchasing UK fitness equipment, particularly the bigger ones.

Large-spaced home gym

You might be blessed with a huge space for your exercise needs, say a spacious garage. You can then fit multiple pieces of equipment at once, like a treadmill, cross trainer, and boxing bag altogether.

Garden gym

women doing exercise in her garden

If you like to perform your routine out in the sun, you can spare some space in your garden for your equipment. You might want to buy a weight bench that offers maximum benefits for your health and fitness. However, you must make sure that the product is durable enough to withstand the weather changes outside. Besides you can also opt for other outdoor fitness equipment uk for outdoor sessions. This set-up makes for an all-around workout for you!

Purchasing UK Fitness Equipment with Jetkrate

Are you eyeing to buy fitness equipment UK but you have no way of shipping it directly to your country? Jetkrate offers a wide range of services that allows you to shop from fitness equipment suppliers uk. We provide package consolidationrepacking, and different shipping-related services to make purchasing UK fitness equipment easier for you!

Once you register with us, you can start using the UK Jetkrate forwarding address we provide for you. You won’t have to reveal your private information when checking out in any online store!

Our warehouse in the United Kingdom can store your purchases for free for up to 30 days. We can then consolidate all your purchases into one package and send it to your real address. We offer large-item shipping internationally so you can shop for your heavy fitness equipment without worry!

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