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Top 13 Best Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers in the UK

Want to build your lash brand in the UK? The initial step you need to take is to find wholesale suppliers based in the UK. This blog post will equip you with the vital information you are looking for. We have compiled the best 13 wholesale lashes suppliers in the industry and have briefly described what they are offering. Each vendor listed below has a reputation for offering quality lashes at reasonable rates. Take a look to find the one that best fits your needs.

1. Mink & Co

Mink & Co. takes eyelashes to the next level by offering a fine selection of luxury mink lashes that are 100% cruelty-free. The collection has been designed to suit every eye shape and can be customized accordingly. The lashes offered by the company have a distinctive intricate cotton strip that promises comfort to the users and makes the eyelash application procedure easy. 

The company has the reputation for offering some of the finest lashes in the UK. It is one of the top eyelash vendors in the country selling lash extensions and applicators. The lashes are made to perfection and can be used at least 25 times. To maintain these lashes in good condition for a long time, the makers pack them in an elegant drawer to store these quality lashes, glue, and also lash applicators for reuse.   

Products: 3D lashes, faux lashes, two-tier lashes

Why choose Mink & co?

Provide a range of luxury mink lashes that are 100% cruelty-free 
Thick 100% vegan lashes 
Promise comfort while adding glamour to eyes at an affordable price 
They look natural compared to synthetic lashes 
They are lightweight and promise comfort even on a full day of wearing them 
Delicately made hand lashes that are sterilized and hypo-allergenic

2. Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect is an ideal place for any lash artist in the UK. If you are looking for a trusted eyelash vendor wholesale, then you cannot go wrong with Lash Perfect. The company was founded in 2006 by Beverly Piper in the United Kingdom. The company provides the best professional and retail products and training to the professional eyelash treatment market.  

Their lash extensions have been delicately crafted and do not pose any damage to natural lashes. They use formulated products such as medical-grade adhesives designed explicitly for use on eyelashes. They are international wholesale eyelash suppliers with distributions in over 35 countries worldwide.  

Products: Volume lashes, Mink lashes, Varia volume lashes, Russian volume lashes

Why choose Lash Perfect?

Best professional and eyelash treatment products 
Offer the finest quality products made from the best possible ingredients 
Beautiful lashes formulated using specialist treatments

3. Meidear

Are you looking for trusted eyelash vendors in the UK? Meidear has pioneered the production of false lashes in the past two decades. They have become a leader in the domain and also the leader supplier of false lashes. They provide a custom package with a private label option. 3D mink lash is their best offering. They are 100% handmade and are cruelty-free. 

Meidear is a professional wholesale eyelash supplier. Find lashes with any style you want from Meidear. The lashes are naturally tapered and much easy to apply and remove. These are also much safer than eyelash extensions and free from cancer-causing formaldehyde compounds.    

Products: 3D mink lashes, colored strip false lashes, Korea PBT silk eyelash extension, premade fan volume lashes, human hair strip eyelashes, feather eyelashes, fox eyelashes, horse eyelashes, bottom eyelashes, and more.

Why choose Meidear?

Easy to apply lashes that are naturally tapered 
Not chemically treated, healthy and natural 
Much safer than other eyelash extensions  
Free from cancer-causing formaldehyde compounds 
Over 20 years of production experience

4. Obeya

Obeya has been a leading eyelash extensions vendor in the UK for many years. The company has been offering A-class mink strip lashes and eyelash tools. Their 3D mink strip lashes are made of 100% real mink fur and are also 100% cruelty-free. They are best-selling in the UK and can be used over 20 times with proper care. 

The 3D curl designs promise long-lasting curvature. They sell hundreds of kinds of lashes styles, classical styles, dramatic and natural styles. The designs have been handmade by experienced craftspeople with over 10+ years of experience.    

Products: Eyelash extensions, Russian Lashes, 3D lashes& eyelashes tools, mink lashes, 3D mink strip lashes 

Why choose Obeya?

Leading supplier of eyelashes for many years
A-class mink strip lashes and tools
Made from 100% real mink fur and 100% cruelty-free
Can be used over 20 times with proper care

5. Eylure

Eylure has been a trusted manufacturer and wholesaler of eyelashes for about 70 years. They majorly deal with eyelash extensions. Initially, the idea of two brothers, Erick and David, began working in the film industry as make-up artists. However, they did not receive better remuneration and decided to create a side business to keep them going. 

During their time in the industry, the pair discovered an opportunity in the market. In this quest, they started providing high-class, quality products in the form of Eylure and are now a leading wholesale eyelash supplier. 

Products: All kinds of lashes: Naturals, Wispy, Dramatic, Luxe, Definition, and Colored Lashes


Why choose Eylure?

Leading wholesale eyelash suppliers 
Radiantly defined lashes
Handmade and reusable for up to 5-10 wears
Delicate and elegant 
Criss-crossed and textured finish

6. The Eyelash Emporium

The eyelash emporium started at the iconic pinewood studio in London, United Kingdom. Since then, their focus has been to give the best result that appeals to their customers. The Eyelash Emporium is a one-stop destination for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash extension training. They also provide the highest training to students to be perfect in the field of eyelash extensions. 

The brand has been raising the bar very high as one of the trusted eyelash vendors wholesale. They are an award-winning brand of the prestigious Beauty Guild Award of Excellence. They also undertook 5-year training in eyelash extensions. The team merges creativity and passion for developing unique lashes that fit the market demand.       

Products: Empress lashes, pre-made lashes, classic lashes, volume lashes, pre-made lashes

Why choose the Eyelash Emporium?

Show-stopping lashes with eyelash emporium eyelash extensions 
Lashes created by leading lash specialists 
Light, super-soft, and silky lashes 
Holds the curl
Lashes can be used to create a range of different lash looks  
All the lashes are 100% synthetic 
The products have not been tested on animals

7. Lash Base

The company has over 10 years of experience in the lash industry. They offer a range of innovative products and lash education. You have plenty of options to choose from while looking for a leading eyelash wholesale UK.  They are the leading professional eyelash extension supplier. They have everything in stock a lash artist could need. They have the best eyelash extensions on the market. Lash Base is an award-winning brand delivering top customer service along with the highest quality lash extension products. 

Products: Single length lashes, mixed length lashes, pre-made fans, short lashes, mega volume, natural lashes, matte lashes, colored lashes, and more

Why choose the Lash Base?

One of the most successful lash extension brands in the UK
They offer everything a lash artist could ever want or need to succeed in the business
They provide top-notch customer service along with the highest quality products 
Denser and darker appearance 
Strong curls, soft and light lashes

8. Lash Art

Lash Art is an elite lash manufacturer and supplier in the UK. The company is unique to its very core. They develop products based on their intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process. If you are looking to buy eyelashes in bulk, then you cannot go wrong with Lash Art. The company has partnered with the leading companies in their respective fields whether they are material suppliers, molding specialists, or polymer laboratories.

The company recently announced ’antibacterial’ lash extensions which imply that all their fibers will suppress the growth of bacteria. They also received an increasing demand from professional makeup artists for express lash applications which lead to the relaunch of its EyeEnvy brand which includes strip lashes and cluster lashes. Their greatest breakthrough is the brand new range of adhesives designed to respond better to different environments and boost superior performance in terms of curing time, elasticity, and retention.        

Products: Noir volume lashes, cashmere lashes, wonder lashes, faux mink lashes, premade lash fans extensions, long stem lashes, fluffy layered lashes, and more

Why choose Lash Art?

Manufacturer of antibacterial lashes and fluffy layered lashes
Products developed by a team of lash designers and dedicated craftsmen 
Gentle natural lashes that are cruelty-free
Cater to diverse consumer demands 
The team has intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process

9. The Little Lash Company

The company is a reputed name in the wholesale eyelashes industry in the UK. The founder is an award-winning lash extensions specialist. If you are looking to buy eyelashes in bulk, then you cannot go wrong by choosing this best eyelash extensions company in the industry. 

They offer different types of eyelashes for all eye shapes and sizes. The lashes are super fine and made with 3-5D lashes, perfect for clients who love a fluffy appearance. The lashes appear to be like a strip and can be custom-made to your desire.         

Products: Classic lashes, hybrid lashes, Russian volume lashes, lash lift extensions, and more

Why choose The Little Lash Company?

Owned by award-winning lash extension specialist 
Specializes in the best lash extensions and expert lash training in Birmingham 
Choose from different types of eyelashes for all eye shapes and sizes 
Lashes are super fine and deliver a fluffy experience

10. Doll Beauty

Doll Beauty is the most trusted brand in the UK when it comes to eyelashes. They focus on delivering quality lashes in the industry. They provide a wide range of false eyelashes that are fun, light, flirty, and natural to meet all your diverse needs.  

Products: faux mink lashes

Why choose Doll Beauty?

Available in a wide range of designs and styles 
The lashes are light and natural 
Provide high-quality beauty products 
Have experience of 10 years in the industry 
One of the leading biggest beauty brands

11. Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream is the leading eyelash brand in the UK. The lashes they offer are cruelty-free, thin, and light in weight. The lashes provide the clients with the greatest comfort and are also easy to apply. Whether you opt for strip or individual lashes, Peaches & Cream offers you perfection and an ultra-glamorous appearance. The eyelashes are for all eye shapes and sizes. Faux mink lashes are their best-selling offering.

Products: faux mink lashes


Why choose Peaches & Cream?

Range of affordable lashes 
Suitable for all eye shapes and sizes
All their lashes are 100% cruelty-free 
Thin and light in weight

12. Invogue Lashes

This company is known for its quality, hand-made lashes. Their lashes are ultra-light and mimic your natural lashes. They use a flexible lash band which makes the application entirely easy. They also use different styles for fitting to different eye shapes and sizes. 

Products: volumise lashes, glamourize lashes, signature lash collection

Why choose Invogue lashes?

Affordable, synthetic lashes that are hand-crafted
Range of false eyelashes that will help add glamour, length, and volume 
Range of styles to enhance any look

13. Salon System Wholesale Lashes

This is the top beauty brand in the UK. They offer quality beauty products along with high-quality lashes. Their eyelash brands include extensions, strips, and individual lashes. If you are looking for the latest lash trends, then the brand will offer you everything you need at wholesale prices.

Products: Strip lashes, Individual lashes, faux mink lashes

Why choose Salon System Wholesale Lashes?

Offer eyelashes as per the latest trends 
The lashes add depth and definition to any eyes
Minimal effort due to ease of application
The perfect lash for a natural look and for adding volume 
Offer a premium range of faux mink lashes

Remarkably low prices on products 
They stock all the latest and the newest cosmetics on the market 
One of the largest online beauty retailers in the UK selling at wholesale rates


How do I find a vendor for my eyelashes?

You always need to look for trusted sources that would introduce you to the best vendors in the industry. Our recommendations are offered after thorough research of the market segment.  

If you are not a manufacturer, then you will have to procure eyelashes from a trusted vendor selling them for reasonable prices. We have provided you a list of trusted companies selling eyelashes wholesale. You can connect to them and crack a deal to set up your eyelashes business. 

The beauty industry has rapidly grown in the past few years. Eyelashes are much in demand and are going to fetch you decent profits if you procure the products from wholesale vendors at the right prices. It is best to do your research on the top vendors to purchase quality products at reasonable rates. 

France, South Korea, China, Japan, and the USA are the leading manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care goods. However, you will come across several manufacturers in your country of residence to purchase quality lashes.

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