Need sleek Gadgets and Gizmos? Check Out These Top 15 Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronics in UK 

Big tech manufacturers tend to release their products in high-end markets before rolling them out to other countries. The UK readily offers an attractive market and that’s why it has some of the sleekest gadgets and gizmos that other countries do not have. If you’re searching for a particular electronic, you won’t miss it in UK electronics stores. But finding the best online shopping sites for electronics in UK to suit your preferences and needs can be taxing.

 It’s almost difficult to tell whether the deal you’re getting is the best available in the market. That’s because there are too many electronics stores with captivating deals. How do you manoeuvre through to those with genuinely attractive deals on trendy gadgets and gizmos? 

15 Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronics In UK

We’ve curated this list of the top 15 UK electronics stores worth your time and attention. If you need a reliable electronics store with affordable trendy gadgets and gizmos, check out our top picks for incredible savings.

15. Maplin – Electronic tools and accessories store   

Maplin is more of an online store for tools and accessories. That means you won’t find electronics like TVs, computing hardware, and phones. But if you’re looking for semiconductors, optoelectronics, and electromechanical components, among other professional supplies, it’s a great place to begin your search.

Its collection of electronic products is somewhat limited, but they compensate for that by offering attractive deals, clearance sales, and gift cards. One area that Maplin excels at is offering audio equipment. There’s a wide range of audio products, from headsets, headphones, speakers, microphones, stage and studio equipment and more. 

14. Argos – Everything electronics

Argos ranks among the most popular and largest electronics stores in UK. It runs as a multi-channel retailer, with both online and local stores across the UK. If searching for electronics, especially home appliances, Argos offers some of the best deals. But you’ll also find a wide range of other electronics including computers and accessories, smartphones and tablets, smart devices, automotive electronics, and more.

 What makes it popular is that its customer reviews and ratings are authentic, unlike other online stores. This comes in handy to help you decide on a particular electronic brand. And in case your purchase didn’t turn out as much as your expectations, Argos has one of the simplest returns and refund policies. 


13. Currys - The king of deals 

Unlike Argos, Currys primarily focuses on tech electronics and that makes it the most revered by online shoppers. It’s one of the best online shopping sites for electronics in UK, offering a vast range of products, from gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones, TVs, and cameras, to home appliances and audio equipment. 

It’s also popular for an extensive range of renowned high-quality brands of electronics you can ever think of. Whether it’s Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Sony, or any brand, you’re sure to get the best deals from Currys.  Its many shoppers’ darling for its finance options, allowing you to spread the cost of expensive products over easily manageable instalments. 

12. - Shop trendy tech gadgets  

Are you a tech gadget enthusiast looking for trendy electronics to improve your lifestyle? is where you need to begin your search. This UK electronics store has one of the widest selection of gadgets, gizmos, and appliances. It’s a one-stop electronics store for home appliances, TV, audio equipment, computing equipment, smart devices, and smartphones, among others.

 The online store makes your search much easier as it categorises products based on type, brand, pricing, and many other facets. Navigating this electronics store is very easy, plus it offers a “deals” page where all products on offer are listed. also offers a Five Star membership feature where members get unique deals to help them save while shopping. With the membership, you’ll get up to 100 days of return on any product, better-discounted deals, and much more. 

11. Euronics - Home and kitchen appliances store 

Euronics is a well-established electronics retail group serving a network of autonomous electronics retailers across the UK. Think of this online electronics shop as a market where different traders avail their products for sale. The advantage of this is that every trader tries their best to woo shoppers, and that works to your advantage.

The product prices are highly competitive allowing you to shop high quality electronics at more affordable prices. Euronics offers lots of useful information on its products, including energy efficiency, which is useful when buying home appliances. Plus, you can utilise customer reviews and feedback on every product and retailer to help you shop for quality trusted brands. 


10. Richer Sounds – Shop the widest collection of entertainment electronics

Do you cherish entertainment and are always hunting for high-quality audio equipment? Richer Sounds excel at providing the best quality audio and home entertainment electronics. The site’s interface is nicely organized to portray an entertainment theme.
You don’t need to go elsewhere for Hi-Fi systems, home cinema setups, projectors, AV systems, TVs, and wireless speakers. Richer Sounds also has a special VIP club subscription where members get access to exclusive deals and save while shopping. These include huge discounts, 10% off clearance sales, 6 years guarantee on all items and more. 

9. John Lewis 

John Lewis is a popular department store offering a range of products but also has a comprehensive section of electronics. If you want a one-stop online store for electronics and equipment, this electronics shop excels at it. John Lewis offers various categories of electronic products, including TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets, and home appliances. 

This online store also offers a gaming section where you can shop the best gaming merchandise on the web, including gaming equipment, software, and accessories. Like most other best online shopping sites for electronics in UK, John Lewis also offers financing options with up to 24 months of payment plans. 

8. Appliance Direct 

Are you looking for high-quality and affordable home appliance sales deals? There’s no better place to find lucrative deals than Appliance Direct. As the name implies, this electronic shop mainly deals with home appliances, but also has other electronics on offer. Whether it’s a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, Acs, Dehumidifiers, TVs, or outdoor electronics, you’ll find it all at Appliance Direct. 

Here, you’ll have access to the biggest trusted appliance brands such as BOSCH, KENWOOD, AEG, LIEBHERR, Samsung, Hisense, and DeLonghi, among others. Appliance Direct has a good Trustpilot star rating of 4.5, meaning that other shoppers are satisfied with their products. Like other electronics stores UK, they have several payment options, including Amazon Pay, PayPal, PayPal CREDIT, MasterCard, VISA, and Maestro. 


7. Laptops Direct - Ultimate online store for computing hardware

Whether looking for a laptop for work, studies, or gaming, Laptops Direct is the best online shopping site for electronics in UK to start your search at. This online electronic store offers lucrative deals for students, making it easier to afford high-end laptops. 

Plus, you’ll get to choose from the largest trusted laptop brands, from ASUS, Apple, Acer, and Dell, to HP, Lenovo, and Razer. Other than hardware components, Laptops Direct also sells software such as Microsoft Office and anti-virus software to get you started with your new laptop. The site has a Trustpilot score of 4.5 stars and lots of payment options to choose from. 

6. Overclockers UK - one-stop gamers’ electronic store  

Overclockers UK is an online shopping haven for gamers and PC enthusiasts, offering the biggest collection of powerful gaming accessories. It has a simple yet appealing gaming theme, showcasing the different categories of electronics to its users. 

This electronics shop offers a wide range of PC systems, gaming consoles, laptops and accessories, VR accessories, cooling gadgets, peripherals, and more. If you’d like to build a gaming castle at home, you’ll also have access to many other accessories. These include gaming chairs, headphones, tables, PC cases, and more.  Overclockers UK accepts PayPal, Amazon Pay, American Express, and credit card payments. 

5. CCL – Gamer’s shopping paradise 

A sneak peek at CCL will immediately unleash the gaming theme portrayed by its simple, yet elegant interface. Almost everything displayed in this UK electronics store is about gaming, but it also offers other electronic gadgets and gizmos. 

CCL offers shoppers the chance to buy highly-priced computing hardware in monthly instalments at 0% interest. It’s also highly rated on Trustpilot, giving you more reason to trust its product quality. The store also has attractive deals and clearance sales on all product categories, making it easier to shop and save.  


4. Ebuyer – the marketplace for tech gurus 

For those into tech and gaming, there’s no better place to shop your gadgets and gizmos than ebuyer. It’s one of the best online shopping sites for electronics in UK. It offers the largest collection of computing hardware, gaming consoles and accessories, network and storage, smart devices, TV and audio, printing, and more.

 Ebuyer has built a reputation for itself due to a vast selection of products for tech gurus. Plus, its prices are highly competitive featuring special offers allowing you to affordably own high-end electronics. From time to time, they also offer clearance sales where selected items are sold with up to £50 discount. Unlike other electronic stores, it offers a community forum where tech gurus and gaming enthusiasts get advice and exchange ideas. 

3. Box – The online technology store  

Like Ebuyer, Box is another popular electronic stores UK for any lover of tech gadgets and gizmos. It’s a darling to many shoppers for its simplicity, easily navigable interface, and attractive deals. Products are categorised into departments, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. 

There’s a wide collection of computing hardware, gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets, printing equipment, and more. Plus, if you want a simpler way to buy high-quality electronics at affordable prices, you can take advantage of their bundle deals.  

Under this category, products that are often used together are bundled and given a discounted collective price. One such popular bundled deal is the Xbox Series X Console, Hogwarts Legacy Bundle, and Extra Wireless Controller.  With Box, you can shop any major brand products from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Xbox, Legion, and more. Although this electronics store offers a variety of technology gadgets, Box is among the best online stores for gaming enthusiasts. They also have the largest payment options to choose from, including Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. 

2. SCAN – shop the latest tech electronics 

As a tech gadgets lover, staying informed with the latest gadget and gizmos news is important. Scan is among the best online shopping sites for electronics in UK for anyone looking to shop for the latest tech gadgets. The online store has scooped numerous accolades from independent tech bodies including AEC Magazine, Hexus Recommended, Club386, and PC Pro. 

There’s a wide collection of high-end electronics to spice up your tech life, from computing hardware, gaming, mobile devices, smart devices, software, audio equipment, networking, peripherals, and more. The online store has everything for every tech lover. 

Scan also enjoys a huge customer base, thanks to its attractive 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot with over 33,000 customer reviews. Additionally, you can shop using the popular PayPal CREDIT payment option with 0% interest for up to 4 months. 


1.  Amazon UK

Amazon is the world’s leading online marketplace for literally anything you’d want to buy on the web. The UK version,, offers a vast selection of products including electronics.  If you’ve been struggling to find a particular electronic product in other UK stores, your search will come to an end on Amazon.  Here, third-party sellers from not just the UK, but around the world have their products listed for the UK markets. 

Plus, Amazon offers plenty of features such as Amazon Prime and Amazon Pay to make your shopping experience lovelier and more secure. The site also beats other stores for its notable Wishlist and Recommendations. You can build your Wishlist and get recommendations based on your search and purchasing history. Customer reviews are also excellent at guiding shoppers before making their purchase decisions. 


The UK ranks among the top global markets where electronics manufacturers prefer launching their products before rolling them to other countries. This explains why there’s an abundance of the best online shopping sites for electronics in UK. With a wide selection of products, competitive prices, and lucrative deals and discounts, it’s easier to find your quality gadgets, gizmos, and appliances at amazing rates. 

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