Top 17 Best Online Craft Shops UK To Buy Quality Crafting Supplies

Are you an avid crafting enthusiast looking for the finest tools and materials to unleash your creativity? Finding the right crafting supplies can be the main stumbling block to reaching your full potential. Luckily, you can have access to the best online craft shops UK has to offer and save a big cost on your crafting expenses. 

The UK houses a plethora of astounding online craft shops that provide everything you need to liven up your crafting passion. Whether you are into knitting and sewing, or scrapbooking and painting, these top 17 craft supplies online shops got you covered. 

The Best Online Craft Shops UK for Novice and Expert Crafters

Whether looking for craft supplies for your little ones or yourself, there are plenty of art and craft supplies online UK shops to find what you are looking for.  Join us on this entrancing journey as we explore and discover the best UK craft shops. 

17. The Works 

The Works is one of the best online craft shops in the UK that caters to all types of crafting supplies, from wooden crafts, paper crafts, and embellishments, to knitting and stitching, and more. Its crafting supplies are specially curated for skilled crafters but they also have a kids’ section to cater to juniors.

 Like most other online stores in the UK, The Works also has clearance sales and deals sections where shoppers can get amazing deals at affordable rates. 

16. Hobbycraft

Like The Works, Hobbycraft is among the leading online craft shops UK, offering great art and craft supplies at competitive prices. The site is popular for its wide range of exhilarating crafting materials and tools for various crafts, such as papercraft, sewing, knitting, clay modelling, and more. 

One amazing feature of Hobbycraft is that it also offers project ideas through its Hobbycraft Club and workshop. Club members stand a chance to receive up to 15% off and exclusive vouchers on all crafting products. 


15. Crafty Arts 

Are you a DIY crafting projects enthusiast? Crafty Arts ranks among the best online craft supplies UK shops offering diverse crafting supplies for various disciplines. The product range covers items used for drawing, painting, sketching, papercraft, sewing, knitting, and much more. 

Some of the materials on offer include acrylic, oil, brushes, canvases, and watercolour paints, among others. And if you are just getting started and don’t know what to venture into, Crafty Arts has in-person and virtual art and craft workshops to help you find your niche. 

14. The Range 

When you visit The Range, it’s easy to assume that it’s a regular online store for all items except art and craft supplies. Surprisingly, this shop is a multi-category online retailer that also offers an extensive selection of art and craft supplies. 

The craft supplies online shop has a variety of materials and tools to meet the needs and interests of all crafting skill levels. You’ll find a large collection of supplies for scrapbooking, papercraft, die cutting, sewing, activity books and more. What makes The Range stand out is that it’s a haberdashery, offering the largest collection of sewing materials for dressmaking and other fabric-related DIY projects. 

13. Love Crafts 

Unlike other craft shops online UK, Love Crafts has a niche of its own, delving into sewing. Simply put, it’s a modern haberdashery with an extensive collection of everything for knitting and sewing. The online store has a simple interface, with categorised sections for ease of finding products. 

Love Crafts offers crafting materials such as yarn, knitting and stitching tools, embroidery kits, fabric, and more. Plus, there are plenty of crafting ideas and workshops to help you learn and improve your craft. 

12. Create and Craft

Create and Craft is all about helping aspiring crafters develop their hobbies and experienced ones to climb to the next level. The online craft supplies UK shop achieves this by offering a wide collection of art and craft supplies. Although the site’s niche is not readily visible when you visit, it offers several categories that you can explore to find what you need. 

Some of these supplies include mosaic kits, diamond painting, glass crafting, cosmetic making, candle making, soap making, pottery and more. Create and Craft also offers plenty of knitting and sewing supplies such as crochet hooks, knitting kits, wool and yarns, and more. You’ll also get plenty of books and resources to help you expand your crafting skills.



As the name suggests, is among the best online craft shops UK for fabric and sewing supplies. The online store offers a wide range of products to suit those interested in or doing quilting and sewing projects. 

The site’s selling point is its simplicity with properly laid-out sections to help you find anything for sewing projects. Some of the fabrics on offer include French terry, Ribbing fabrics, linen, silk, denim, corduroy, viscose, cotton, muslin, and jersey. 

10. Baker Ross 

Are your little crafting enthusiasts always pestering you to get them crafting supplies? Baker Ross offers a great deal of kids’ art, craft, and educational supplies. With a wide selection of art materials, craft kits, and party supplies, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. 

Luckily, the site has categorised sections that make it easier to find what you need. Any school-going kids and toddlers will learn from lots of fun and creative art ideas from Baker Ross’s Creative Station.  

9. Etsy UK 

We all know Etsy for its personalised items from enthusiastic creators, from clothing, ornaments, and jewellery, to art and craft. Etsy UK is a great marketplace connecting buyers to solo sellers with unique handcrafted items and crafting supplies. 

On Etsy UK, you will discover exclusive supplies, vintage finds, and personalised crafting items sold by small-scale crafters and artisans in the UK. If you’re building a unique crafting skill and need one-of-a-kind ideas and supplies, Etsy UK is the place to start your search. 

8.  The Crafty Kit Company

Crafting, if well executed can turn from a hobby into a profession. And The Crafty Kit Company is all about turning your crafting hobby into a career. They provide a wide range of supplies including craft kits, felting materials, Moomin kits, and sewing and knitting kits among others.

 The craft shops online UK not only provide high-quality art and craft supplies but also provides learning material for both novices and experts. The company’s kits come with everything including materials and instructions needed to get “crafty.”


7. CraftStash

As their watchword “Everything Papercraft” goes, CraftStash is built to suit crafters who specialise in paper crafting and card making.  There’s everything you need to create artistic paper crafts, from high-quality cardstock, and dies, to stamps and embellishments.

Apart from its excellence in paper craft supplies, CraftStash also offers a great choice of crafting supplies for sewing, knitting, painting, and digital crafting. Plus, they have a section dedicated to crafting for occasions, offering lots of creative ideas to craft for special events such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Occasionally, CraftStash also offers its products on clearance sale, enabling you to shop quality art and craft supplies at incredibly low prices. 

6. The Knitting Network  

Haven’t found the best online craft shops UK to buy your knitting supplies? No worries! The Knitting Network is a popular go-to online store for knitting enthusiasts. With a wide category of knitting yarns, needles, patterns, and accessories, it’s easier to find what you need in this store. 

The site has lots of knitting supplies from popular brands around the UK, which you can shop and ship to your country for a unique knitting experience. Whether you’re just getting started or already are a skilled knitter, there are plenty of supplies to suit all types of projects you have in mind. 

5. The Bead Shop 

The single fascinating thing about art and craft is that it’s not limited to any facet. If you’re into jewellery and ornament making, you’ll find plenty of high-quality supplies at The Bead Shop. As the name implies, this art and craft supplies online UK store offers a wide variety of beads for crafters. 

Their supplies make it easier to be a little more creative as the beads are available in various shapes, colours, materials, and sizes. Whether you need glass, metal, pearl, ceramic, or wooden beads, you’ll find them at The Beads Shop. Other than that, they also offer a comprehensive selection of jewellery-making tools, mats, glue boards, and more. 


4. Art and Craft Factory

Art and Craft Factory is a one-stop craft shop online UK for any sort of art and craft supplies. It’s a great online store with a variety of tools and supplies such as brushes, paints, canvases, clay, feathers, fabrics, threads, and more. 

Sometimes getting started with a new craft can be daunting if you don’t know what to do. Art and Craft Factory knows this, and that’s why they have an inspiration page where crafting masterpieces are posted to inspire budding crafters. Here, you can explore a variety of crafts made by others and borrow ideas to make your own. 

3. Craftelier

Craftelier is a family-owned crafting company that started in Spain in 1983 under the name “Bellas Artes” but expanded into the UK and other European countries. Today, it’s among the best online craft shops UK, known for a myriad of crafting supplies for different disciplines. They have lots of supplies for card making, scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, mixed media, and much more.

 Craftelier offers a dedicated section for cutting machines and crafting supplies, suited for die-cutting enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll also find many other sophisticated electronic cutting machines with higher precision. Take advantage of their regular clearance sales to shop for the highest quality crafting supplies and ship them to your country at affordable rates.

2. The Sewing Studio

The Sewing Studio is one of the best online craft shops UK for sewing and knitting enthusiasts. They offer an unconventional selection of sewing patterns, haberdashery, and fabrics. You’ll also find high-quality sewing machines, tools, and accessories making it a one-stop online shop for sewists.

 Other than providing high-quality supplies for sewing, The Sewing Studio also inspires sewists to up their sewing game. There are plenty of video tutorials, free sewing patterns, quilting classes, and blog content to help your perfect your craft. 


1. The Little Crafty Bugs Company

Are you looking for kids’ art and craft supplies and creative project ideas? The Little Crafty Bugs Company is the best store you need to shop for craft supplies online. They cover a wide selection of crafting supplies for kids, including craft kits, foam shapes, stickers, sewing and knitting tools, and more. 

That’s not all. This UK craft online store excels in one sector that most other stores don’t; floristry. If you’ve been searching for an exclusive crafting idea, their floristry section will inspire you. There are lots of tools, supplies and ideas to aid in making attractive crafts for special occasions.

The Little Crafty Bugs Company also has an adults’ craft section where you’ll get every sort of crafting supply you need. Explore the thousands of crafting supplies on this site and shop your favourites. 

Summing it up

Crafting enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for where to buy high-quality art and craft supply need to look into the UK online stores. The 17 best online craft shops UK we’ve discussed offer everything you could ever need to make your crafting dreams come to life. 

Whether you’re into sewing, knitting, drawing, jewellery making, card making, paper crafting, or floristry, these online craft shops UK offers the best supplies you can ever get. One little secret to slashing shipping costs to your country is to consolidate your purchased supplies into a single package. Use Jetkrate’s forwarding address as your UK delivery address and have your package delivered to you anywhere in the world.